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Status of White Oak Campus Facilities




The Office of Facilities Engineering and Mission Support Services (OFEMS) will check conditions at FDA Headquarters buildings/sites, including the White Oak Campus, throughout the day and provide building-specific updates as needed. Please use caution while driving or walking as surfaces remain icy. Please use extreme caution while traveling throughout the campus.  Please assume icy conditions may be present and we recommend using the 2nd floor bridges to get from building to building. Be especially careful walking in covered walkways, in garages, and in the entry ways of the buildings because wet shoes can be slippery.  Please note that the top decks of parking garages at White Oak are very difficult to treat and manage, and many times may need to be closed to ensure adequate time to remove snow and/or treat to ensure the temperature supports effective treatment to mitigate hazardous conditions. For your own safety, please do not access the top decks of garages, if they are marked as closed.



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