Submitted 75-Day Premarket Notifications for New Dietary Ingredients

The spreadsheet available for download from this page contains a list of publicly displayable New Dietary Ingredient Notifications (NDINs) that we have reviewed to date. For each NDIN, there is a link to information at relevant to that notification. The notifications are organized by the NDIN number and are sortable and searchable by:

  • NDIN number;
  • ingredient name;
  • name of the party that submitted the notification;
  • date of submission;
  • and date of FDA’s response.

The information for each NDIN that is available using this website is the same information that is available through FDA’s Division of Dockets Management (Dockets) and at However, some of these notifications contain copyrighted material that can only be obtained through a Freedom of Information (FOI) request or viewed in person at the Dockets Public Reading Room. Please see FDA’s FOI website for more information on how to view materials in person or to submit a FOI request.

Note: The entries without an active link are in the process of being posted on Please check back for updates.

Download List of NDINs
1995 to the Present
(XLSX, 108 KB)

Recent Updates to the List of NDINs

For your convenience, the following are entries that have recently been updated.

New Dietary Ingredient Notification #Name of New Dietary IngredientFirmDate of SubmissionDate of FDA's Response
1017Vege-Ca-scentAscentin LLC3/30/20175/5/2017
1027Solanum dulcamara extractEcuaBIRM Cia, Ltda4/28/20177/5/2017
1031VegcascentAscentin LLC5/10/20177/6/2017
1040Fibraceb (Allium cepa)Biomeb6/1/20178/8/2017
1042Shea OleinVermont Soap6/12/20178/22/2017
1043DeVertigoTai L. Guo, PhD, DABT6/21/20178/24/2017
1049Lactobacillus Coryniformis CECT5711Biosearch S.A.11/14/20171/16/2018
1050AB Free kavaKuality Herbceutics11/15/20171/19/2018
1051Uva ursiNuna Med LLC11/15/20171/19/2018
1052Bio-HericiumTomilab LLC11/16/20171/19/2018
1053Bupleurum falcatum LinneAribio Co. Ltd.11/17/20171/19/2018
1054Agave salmiana sap concentrateAGMEL S.A. DE C.V.11/20/20171/19/2018
1055Camellia sinensisPureGrab, LLC.12/3/20171/30/2018
1056Lactobacillus paracaseiKatsuragi Sangyo, Co.12/14/20172/22/2018
1059Deep Ocean Minerals ConcentrateTaiwan Yes Deep Ocean Water Co., LTD12/19/20173/1/2018
1060Korean Red Ginseng ExtractKorean Ginseng Corporation12/22/20173/5/2018
1061Lactobacillus fermentum SBS-1Danisco USA, Inc12/22/20173/5/2018
1062Nicotinamide Riboside ChlorideChromaDex, Inc12/27/20173/7/2018
1064Creatine acesulfameSweet Nutraceuticals1/11/20182/8/2018
1065Refined Shrimp Peptide ConcentrateMarealis AS2/6/20184/17/2018
1066Freeze dried chicken bone powderPerformance by Science LLC2/7/20184/19/2018
1068Coriander seed oilSeppic Inc3/1/20185/7/2018
Moringa oleifera
Farmer Fem Limited3/16/20185/14/2018


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