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Request an Industry Account Manager (IAM) for CTP Portal

Note: CTP Portal is not used for Registration and Product Listing. Go to Tobacco Registration and Product Listing (TRLM) website to learn how to submit Registration and Product Listing.

In order to use the new CTP Portal for regulatory submissions, you will need to request, in writing, an established designee, the Industry Account Manager (IAM), to be created as your first CTP Portal account. Once that account is created, the IAM will serve as the administrator who will manage all of the CTP Portal user accounts for your organization. The IAM is the only one who can:

  • create user accounts
  • manage user accounts 
  • deactivate user accounts
  • reset user accounts
  • unlock user accounts

To protect the confidentiality of the information within your CTP Portal user account, carefully consider the above responsibilities when selecting an IAM for your organization. The selected IAM will manage the CTP Portal user accounts for your organization, including user accounts the IAM may create for an external attorney or other agent. If an attorney or agent no longer represents your organization, the IAM for your organization is responsible for deactivating that person’s CTP Portal user account to prevent further access.

Accounts in CTP Portal will only exist for the tobacco manufacturers as defined under section 900(20) of the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Act (PL 111–31), not for companies that may represent them. An IAM will administer the user accounts under separate tobacco manufacturer accounts, for each tobacco manufacturer they represent. For example, if you are an agent and serve the role of IAM for multiple tobacco product manufacturers, you will have and be responsible for managing a separate user account for each tobacco product manufacturer you represent.

How do I request an IAM?

Complete the following and mail to CTP Document Control Center (DCC):

Note: Request should be on company letterhead, if available.

The IAM can be an employee of the applicant or an agent. However, the IAM Request Cover Letter must be signed by the authorized representative (a person who is a corporate or executive officer with signatory powers, a general partner, proprietor, or a duly authorized representative that has the authority to sign contracts, permits, applications, and other documents in the company's name) from the applicant manufacturer. That is, it cannot be the signature of the Agent. The signature of the applicant is required to show permission has been given to the agent to represent them.

For your convenience, two sample responses have been created for each situation and are available below:

Send the IAM Request by mail to CTP Document Control Center (DCC):

  1. Mail the signed IAM request and Rules of Behavior document to CTP:

    Center for Tobacco Products
    Document Control Center
    Building 71, Room G335
    10903 New Hampshire Avenue
    Silver Spring, MD 20993-0002

  2. CTP will notify the person designated as the IAM via email after we have created the CTP Portal IAM account.
  3. Follow the directions in the email to complete the set up of the IAM. You are now ready to administer CTP Portal user accounts for others in your organization to submit documents to and exchange messages with CTP.

For further assistance, please contact the CTP Help Desk for electronic submissions by email at CTPeSub@fda.hhs.gov.

*Applicant may include tobacco manufacturers, importers, or sponsors that submit regulatory documents to FDA, not representatives thereof.