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FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products (CTP) maintains an account on Twitter at https://twitter.com/FDATobacco, but neither this page nor Twitter generally are government web sites. Twitter is operated by a third party, and FDA’s Privacy Policy (fda.gov/privacy) does not apply to Twitter.

CTP will collect minimal personally identifiable information from Twitter users if they wish to be added to CTP’s e-mail subscription list. This information is limited to users’ names, Twitter user names, and e-mail addresses. CTP will provide this information to a third party, GovDelivery, to manage subscriptions to CTP’s e-mail distribution list. CTP will not engage in any other collection, use, or disclosure of personal information through its Twitter account.

The privacy and security of any information you provide via Twitter to CTP will be governed by Twitter’s privacy and security policies. If you post your tweets publically, any person or organization may view any information you choose to post. Please be cautious when sharing any personal or sensitive information over Twitter with CTP.

More information about CTP and FDA’s oversight of tobacco products is available at http://www.fda.gov/tobacco-products, and more information about FDA’s privacy practices is available at the link to FDA’s Privacy Policy, above.

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