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  1. Advancing Regulatory Science

Priority Area 5: Harness Diverse Data through Information Sciences to Improve Health Outcomes

3 Images representing DNA Cod Analysis, Stethoscope Listening to a Computer Chip, Identifying Alzheimer Disease from Data

FDA receives a vast amount of information from a variety of sources, including product submissions, adverse event reports, de-identified patient data from health care providers, and results from surveys and basic scientific research.

Successful integration and analysis of data from these and other disparate sources would provide knowledge and insight not possible from any one source alone. The following BAA-funded research projects are tapping new opportunities to realize the enormous potential of these data sources to enhance public health.

Extramural Research Funded through the BAA
  1. Mining Social Media for Adverse Event Surveillance
  2. FDA Information Repository for Academic Institutions
  3. Advanced Analytics Proof of Concept
  4. A Pilot Research Project to Evaluate How Best to Make Datasets Available via a Web Portal
  5. Does Variation in the Physical Characteristics of Generic Drugs Affect Patients’ Experiences? A Proposal to Survey Pharmacists and Patients
  6. Systematic Risk Assessment of Human Exposure to Tobacco Products Using Computational Models
  7. Enhancing Tobacco Surveillance through Online Monitoring
  8. Informatics Innovation Initiative
  9. Elastic Technical Computing for Analyzing Whole-Genome Sequencing Data from Food-borne Bacteria
  10. A Cloud Platform for Evaluating Next Generation Sequencing-Based Diagnostic Test Pipelines
  11. Transforming Research Through eSource and Standards
  12. Improving the Efficiency and Rigor of Pharmacovigilance at FDA
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