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Mammography Facilities with Revoked MQSA Certificate (Capitol Radiology, LLC 06-30-22)

A facility* with a revoked certificate may not perform mammography until it is recertified under the MQSA and implementing regulations.

Name and Address of Facility with Revoked Certificate

Capitol Radiology, LLC
dba Laurel Radiology Services
7350 Van Dusen Rd.
Suite B-10
Laurel, MD 20707

Facility ID Number


Current Status


Effective Dates of Certificate Revocation

May 6, 2022 through May 6, 2024

Names of Facility Owners and/or Operators

Individuals** listed below may not own or operate a facility* that requires a MQSA certificate during the two years following revocation of the facility's certificate. In this case, the two years is effective from May 6, 2022 through May 6, 2024.

Doriann Thomas, M.D.
Larry McKenney

* 21 CFR 900.2(q) - Facility means a hospital, outpatient department, clinic, radiology practice, mobile unit, office of a physician, or other facility that conducts mammography activities, including the following: Operation of equipment to produce a mammogram, processing of the mammogram, initial interpretation of the mammogram, and maintaining viewing conditions for that interpretation. This term does not include a facility of the Department of Veterans Affairs.

** 42 U.S.C. 263b(i)(3) (see also 21 CFR 900.11(c)(4)) - No person who owned or operated a facility at the time of the facility's MQSA certificate revocation may, within 2 years of the revocation of the certificate, own or operate a facility that requires an MQSA certificate.

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