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  1. Performance Standards: Radiological Health Program

Product Codes for Radiation-Emitting Electronic Products: Help

1. I have tried searching and it comes back with no records found

Answer - shorten string you are looking for; For best results, enter only a portion of the word for which you want to search (e.g., bio, diag, image, pack, and smith).

2. I get an error screen when I submit a query

Answer - please notify us of the problem or try again later

3. When searching using a Date form field, how do I get all records before (or after) a particular date?

Answer - by placing a date only in the first date field, only records after the given date will be returned. Similarly, when the particular date is entered only in the second date field, only records before the given date are returned.

4. I want more information that appears to be available in your databases. How would I go about getting it?

Answer - submit a Freedom of Information (FOI) request.

5. Do I need to fill in all the fields when doing a query?

Answer - No. Enter only the information that you are sure applies to what you want to find. If you are uncertain about dates, or a value we recommend that you do not fill it in. Leaving all the fields blank will result all data for the first 500 records to be displayed. Select the CLEAR button to remove all of the search criteria from the search page.

6. I don't know what some of the fields mean.

Answer - Consult specific information on that database by selecting the More About Product Codes link.

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