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Regulatory Fish Encyclopedia (RFE) Disclaimer for use of Images and Data

  1. THE IMAGES AND DATA in the REGULATORY FISH ENCYCLOPEDIA (RFE) are considered the property of the United States Government and may be used for personal, research, or educational purposes. These images and data may not be copyrighted for resale or commercial purposes.
  3. The images and data presented in the Regulatory Fish Encyclopedia (RFE) have been obtained by the FDA for these specific specimens of these specific species. Where possible, authentication of species by experts outside of FDA has been obtained for the specimens presented. Users outside of the FDA must utilize these data at their own risk. In addition users outside of the FDA must validate their own use of any images or protocols herein. FDA cannot be responsible for these user validations.
  4. Note: The scientific classification of a species may be reviewed by fishery taxonomists, and their review may result in a scientific name change for a species. These scientific name (Latin binaries) changes may be indicated on the RFE pages, or by searching the Seafood List, but will not be changed on the tagged image files. The validity of a scientific name for any species may be checked by consulting taxonomic references such as ITIS (Integrated Taxonomic Information system). Any outdated or invalid scientific names will remain in this database denoted as invalid with a citation and link to the (current) valid nomenclature. Different taxonomic sites may make these changes at different times. References citing the Regulatory Fish Encyclopedia or data therein should take the following form:
    "Regulatory Fish Encyclopedia: U.S. Food and Drug Administration, 1993-2016"
    Also please reference the photographer(s) as listed on the image files.
  5. For additional Information on Use of RFE images and data, contact:
    • Dr. Fred Fry (E-mail); CFSAN/ORS, (240) 402-1976
    • Dr. Brad Tenge, (E-mail); SPRC, currently ITS (Datamgt), (425) 487-5424
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