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FDA Alert on “Healthy Beauty” Angel Formula Intended for Infants and Children by Moor Herbs

December 23, 2021


Parents and caregivers of infants who consume infant formula.


“Healthy Beauty” Angel Formula manufactured by Moor Herbs based out of Detroit, MI.

Distribution: All customer orders are purchased through the company’s retail location or website: https://moorherbs.com.

Moor Herbs Angel Formula


The FDA advises parents and caregivers to stop using and buying Moor Herbs Angel Formula since the product does not meet the agency’s infant formula nutrition, food labeling, and other requirements. This product is marketed as an infant formula (i.e., products intended as a complete or partial substitute for human milk for children 12 months old and younger), but the required pre-market infant formula notification for this product has not been submitted to the FDA.

Summary of Problem and Scope

The FDA purchased a sample of Moor Herbs Angel Formula and testing determined that the product did not meet specific nutrition and labeling requirements for infant formula, even though it is marketed as such. When the product was tested, the iron, sodium, and potassium content were well over the maximum allowed, which could potentially lead to iron overload and/or electrolyte imbalances. In addition, the product did not have vitamin D, and a vitamin D deficiency can potentially lead to rickets, a softening and weakening of bones.

The company continues to manufacture products without a state license, and they are not registered with the FDA, a requirement for companies manufacturing infant formula. In addition, the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development seized Moor Herbs products in August 2021 and placed a cease-and-desist order on the company. However, Moor Herbs continued to sell its products, violating the order.

At this time, no adverse events associated with the use of this product have been reported to the FDA.

FDA Actions

Following a discussion with the company on December 22, 2021, the FDA is working with Moor Herbs to voluntarily recall the product. The FDA is issuing this Public Health Advisory to alert consumers to avoid purchasing “Healthy Beauty” Angel Formula and to discard any of these products they may have in their homes.

Recommendations for Consumers

Parents and caregivers of infants who have purchased Moor Herbs Angel Formula should discontinue use and throw the product away. The FDA encourages consumers to report any problems with this product to the agency (see directions below).

Parents and caregivers of infants who have used these products and are concerned about the health of their child should contact their health care provider.

Reporting Problems to the FDA

To report a complaint or adverse event (illness or serious allergic reaction), you can:

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