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2021 Scientific Computing Days - Posters

Poster Title Authors Contact
Stop re-drawing chemicals!  Implementation of Computer-Readable Chemical Structure Format for Drug Impurities Barbara Scott, David Green, Marlene Kim, Naomi Kruhlak, Tyler Peryea, David Skanchy Barbara.Scott@fda.hhs.gov
OCS Data Central: The single, modernized, fully automated solution study platform improves quality data accessible for scientific review Matthew Wiley, Jack Slattery Matthew.Wiley@fda.hhs.gov
Missing Field Alert Reports: An Interactive Portal Analyzes their Distribution Joshua Born, Ye Li, John Wan Joshua.Born@fda.hhs.gov
Using Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning to Enhance Quality Surveillance Taylor Henderson, Tingting Wang, Cong Wu, John Wan Taylor.Henderson@fda.hhs.gov
Leveraging Crowdsourcing on PrecisionFDA and Synthetic Data to Improve Veteran Healthcare Elaine Johanson, Holly Stephens, Ezekiel Maier Holly.Stephens@fda.hhs.gov
Detecting somatic variants in acute myeloid leukemia tumor-only samples using the HIVE DRAGEN pipeline Sean Smith, Michael Colgan, Luis Santana-Quintero, Konstantinos Karagiannis  Sean.Smith@fda.hhs.gov
HELIX (Hybrid Environment for Longitudinal health Information eXchange) – A  multifactor platform approach enabling the One Health Mission Chetan Paul, Erika Killian Erika.Killian@fda.hhs.gov
Sample size planning for developing class-imbalanced classifiers for high-dimensional data with an application in patient phenotyping using clinical narratives Sai Dharmarajan, Satabdi Saha, Jae Joon Song Sai.Dharmarajan@fda.hhs.gov
Scaling Big Data and Computations on HPC Clusters Mike Mikailov, Fu-Jyh Luo, Stuart Barkley, Dillip Emmanuel, Xian Wu, Trinity Cheng, Tsach Mackey, Kenny Cha, Nicholas Petrick Mike.Mikailov@fda.hhs.gov
An Ensemble Machine Learning and Graph Networks Approach to Identify Biomarkers Responsible for Immune Related Adverse Events Using Germline Mutation Data Kamil Kural, Emma Scott, Sean Smith, Luis Santana-Quintero, Ilya Mazo, Julia Beaver, Konstantinos Karagiannis Kamil.Kural@fda.hhs.gov
BRisk and GREAT: Rapid Risk Assessment for Transfusion-Transmitted Infectious Diseases on AWS Hong Yang, Jason Claeys, Mark O. Walderhaug, Richard Forshee, Ying Huang, Guangfan Zhang, Leslie Eberhardt, Rebecca Kahn Rebecca.Kahn@fda.hhs.gov
scRNASeq Based Identification and Profiling of Leishmania Parasitized Host Cells in a Murine Model Konstantinos Karagiannis, Sreenivas Gannavaram, Luis Santana-Quintero, Hira Nakhasi Konstantinos.Karagiannis@fda.hhs.gov
Validating NEST’s Active Surveillance Approaches Using Blinded, Synthetic Medical Device Performance Datasets Alexandra Cha, Jacqueline Puigbo, Daniel Canos Alexandra.Cha@fda.hhs.gov
The HIVE pipeline to measure HIV variant diversity to predict time since infection Ilya Mazo, Luis Santana-Quintero, Konstantinos Karagiannis, Indira Hewlett, Viswanath Ragupathy Ilya.Mazo@fda.hhs.gov
TGx-GAN: Conditional Generative Adversarial Network for Transcriptomic Profile Inference in Toxicogenomics Xi Chen, Weida Tong, Zhichao Liu Xi.Chen@fda.hhs.gov
Methods for Characterizing Temporal Patterns of Prescription Opioid Utilization Elin Cho, Yuting Xu, Jae Joon Song, Yueqin Zhao, Rose Radin, Grace P. Chai, Yong Ma, Shekhar Mehta, Meilan Chen, Kyle Lee, Corinne Woods JaeJoon.Song@fda.hhs.gov
Structure-Data File from Sponsors Submissions Promotes Rapid Chemical Registration and Computational Analyses Marlene Kim, Tyler Peryea, Barbara Scott, David Green, Naomi Kruhlak Marlene.Kim@fda.hhs.gov
Scaling Public Health Response Capabilities to Address the Demands of the COVID-19 Pandemic Reagan Kelly, John Phan, Joseph Dell, Barry Henderson Suresh.Kishore@fda.hhs.gov
Use of Natural Language Processing Text-Mining for Identification of Differences in the OVERDOSAGE Section of Prescription Drug Labeling for Drugs with the Same Active Ingredient V2 Chidiebube Nzeako, Eric Brodsky, Adrita Ashraf, Keith Burkhart Chidiebube.Nzeako@fda.hhs.gov
FDA’s Enterprise Multifaceted Ecosystem Platform: A Potential Use Case and LRT-tool based on R-library Jyoti Zalkikar, Lan Huang, Swati P. Kulkarni Jyoti.Zalkikar@fda.hhs.gov
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