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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Tobacco Products

Compliance & Enforcement

FDA conducts compliance check inspections of tobacco product retailers to determine a retailer's compliance with federal laws and regulations, and generally issues Warning Letters for first-time violations. FDA generally issues civil money penalties for violations found on subsequent inspections.   


Inspection Reports Database

Results from compliance check inspections covering cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products are available:

  • Search the inspection database to find lists of retailer Warning Letters and Civil Money Penalty Complaints issued by FDA and a list of inspected establishments where no violations were observed.
  • The establishments where Compliance Check Inspections have been completed will be displayed as pins on a map, based on the search results. Information regarding the specific Compliance Check Inspections can be viewed by zooming in and selecting the individual pins.
  • Search by tobacco retailer name, city, state, zip code, and decision date.  

Absence of a retail establishment from this list does not imply compliance with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.


Why is This Important?

Retailers play a role in protecting the health of America’s youth by not selling, marketing, or advertising cigarettes or smokeless tobacco products to underage children and adolescents.  

Tobacco use causes more than 400,000 deaths each year, and, because a large majority of Americans start smoking before reaching the age of 18, many of these deaths can be prevented by discouraging young people from initiating tobacco use.





Warning Letters

A Warning Letter is the agency’s advisory action that is used to achieve prompt voluntary compliance with the law. FDA generally issues Warning Letters, displayed in a searchable database, to tobacco retailers generally the first time violations are observed during a compliance check inspection. 

Find all other Warning Letters issued by CTP at FDA’s main Warning Letters page.


Civil Money Penalty Complaints

A Civil Money Penalty (CMP) Complaint is used to initiate an administrative legal action against a retailer that can result in the imposition of a fine, called a Civil Money Penalty. 

FDA generally issues Civil Money Penalty Complaints, displayed in a searchable database, to tobacco retailers when subsequent violations are observed during a compliance check inspection.

Civil Money Penalty Complaints issued during the past 45 days can be downloaded below.  Earlier Complaints can be found in the searchable database.


Date Issued Retailer
6/2/2014 Evergreen Convenient Food, Inc.
6/2/2014 Food Lion, LLC d/b/a Food Lion 1597
6/2/2014 Suraj Trading Corporation d/b/a Foods Unlimited
6/2/2014 Gadd's Super Market, Inc. d/b/a Gadd's IGA Foodliner
6/2/2014 Joseph Ballance d/b/a JB's Store
6/2/2014 IZE Corporation d/b/a Kwik Way 755
6/2/2014 Citiport Fuel, Inc. d/b/a Mobil
6/2/2014 Pahk Beverages LLC d/b/a P. Westside Liquors
6/2/2014 Roundman's LLC d/b/a Roundman's Convenience Store
6/2/2014 Oscar Mendoza d/b/a The Brother's Market
6/2/2014 Three Sons Plaza, LLC d/b/a Von's Express
6/2/2014 General Mercantile, Food and Gas, LLC d/b/a Winzz Gas and Goods
6/2/2014 Kandlbinder, Inc. d/b/a Zephyr Express / Bluff Road Station
6/3/2014 7 Express, Inc.
6/3/2014 Trio Investment Partner, Inc. / Hindpreet Singh d/b/a Beverage Tobacco Zone
6/3/2014 J and A Petroleum Inc. / Autar Chahal d/b/a BP
6/3/2014 Carlile Corporation d/b/a Daily Stop Grocery
6/3/2014 S. Hari Singh MGT Inc. d/b/a Gulf
6/3/2014 Harold's Liquor, LLC
6/3/2014 Jamuna Trade, Inc. d/b/a Moe's Corner
6/3/2014 A J Oil Corporation d/b/a Shell Food Mart / Ogden Finley Shell
6/3/2014 Q Superette K, Inc. / Soudabeh Khalili d/b/a Q Superette
6/3/2014 Shah Corp. I, Inc. d/b/a Royal Pizza House
6/3/2014 Scotty's Convenience Center Inc.
6/3/2014 Tasami Inc. d/b/a The Village Pub
6/10/2014 Accokeek Gas and Go Inc.
6/10/2014 Jo and Su, Inc. d/b/a D and K Grocery
6/10/2014 P S Q Inc. / Steve Qarana d/b/a Harry's Opdyke Market
6/10/2014 J and P Flash, Inc. d/b/a Flash Market 396
6/10/2014 Kat Party Store, Inc. / Khalid Mosa d/b/a Mr. Grocer Liquor Store
6/10/2014 P and R Investments, Inc. d/b/a Phil's One Stop / Marathon
6/10/2014 Moe's LLC d/b/a Phillips 66 / Downtown 66
6/10/2014 HJJA, Inc. d/b/a Rainbow Market
6/10/2014 HJR Oil, Inc. d/b/a Rickers 57/BP
6/10/2014 Omar Trading, Inc. d/b/a Sam's Food Store
6/10/2014 Emanuel IV, LLC / Sami Said d/b/a Orchard Shell Food Mart
6/10/2014 Raed Iwais / Rafat Iwies d/b/a Sunoco
6/10/2014 Mackenzie III LLC d/b/a Tobacco Depot/Discount Tobacco
6/11/2014 Jilan Corporation / Shawn Allos d/b/a Alcapone Market
6/11/2014 MKA Fuel Inc. d/b/a Citgo
6/11/2014 Nurul Enterprise, LLC d/b/a Food Land / Citgo
6/11/2014 Giant of Maryland LLC d/b/a Giant Food 166
6/11/2014 Two Farms, Inc. d/b/a Royal Farms Store 34
6/11/2014 Pearl S and G, Inc. d/b/a Smoke and Gifts
6/11/2014 Tobacco Zone LLC
6/17/2014 V Sel All, Inc. / Anik Sikka d/b/a 7 Eleven 19926
6/17/2014 BJJK, Inc. d/b/a Bill's Market
6/17/2014 G Incorporation / Ajaib Kang d/b/a Highway 62 Food Mart / Valero
6/17/2014 US Petro Inc. d/b/a CountryMark
6/17/2014 Alkhouri, Inc. / Michael G. Alqazaha d/b/a Farah's Food Market
6/17/2014 Shree Investments, Inc. d/b/a George's Country Place / George Truck Stop and Subway
6/17/2014 MAPCO Express, Inc. d/b/a Mapco Express 3181
6/17/2014 Mon Jan Corporation / Jack Milani d/b/a Monaghan's Pub
6/17/2014 Gary Schramer d/b/a Twin Liquors
6/18/2014 Houston Mini Mart, Inc. / Mike Ajrouche d/b/a Citgo
6/18/2014 RSH, Inc. d/b/a Ferndale Shell
6/18/2014 530 Kenwood Inc. / Mohammad Mian d/b/a Perez Grocery
6/18/2014 PAJCO, Inc. d/b/a Rhodes 101 Convenience Stores 135 / Rhodes 101 Stop 135
6/18/2014 Town Services, LLC d/b/a Morgans BP / S Mart
6/18/2014 Chatha II Ventures Inc. / Navinder Singh d/b/a Shoppers Discount Liquors
6/18/2014 The Smoke House LLC
6/18/2014 Hussein Yassine d/b/a Valero
6/20/2014 GPS Oil Inc. / Avtar Singh d/b/a BP Food Mart
6/20/2014 MFA Petroleum Company d/b/a Break Time 3028
6/24/2014 Bubaloo and Jamal Corp / Arshad Tahir d/b/a 7-Eleven 32975
6/24/2014 H and A Mart Inc. / Abe Daher d/b/a BP
6/24/2014 Julius Shemami d/b/a Carmen's Liquor
6/24/2014 Juan Antonio Guevara d/b/a Don Juan's 2
6/24/2014 Gayatri Mini Mart, Inc. d/b/a Gloria's Mini Mart
6/24/2014 Lynn A. Holloway d/b/a Holloway Gas Mart
6/24/2014 Hung Long Asian Market Inc. / Con and Willie Vong d/b/a Hung Long Asian Market / White Center Supermarket
6/24/2014 Andrew, Inc. / Eddie and Rita Hermez d/b/a In N Out
6/24/2014 Kroger Limited Partnership l d/b/a Kroger J-929 Fuel Center
6/24/2014 Ross Oil Corporation d/b/a Leerjak Travel Center
6/24/2014 Yatco, Inc. d/b/a Lincoln Street Gulf
6/24/2014 Khaled Mohamad d/b/a Marathon
6/24/2014 Pavkovich Enterprises, LLC / John H. Pavkovich II d/b/a Red Onion Lounge
6/24/2014 Santiago Sosa d/b/a Sosa Food Market
6/24/2014 Harold Roberts and Sherry Roberts d/b/a Twin Pine Package Store / Twin Pine One Stop
6/25/2014 Albion Food Mart Inc. d/b/a Citgo
6/25/2014 Arcadia Sporting Goods, Inc.
6/25/2014 Casey's Marketing Company d/b/a Casey's General Store 1059
6/25/2014 Baltan, Inc. d/b/a Dawson's Liquors
6/25/2014 GSPC Inc. / Preet Singh d/b/a Southington Hess
6/25/2014 Milldale Ventures, LLC d/b/a Milldale Mobil
6/25/2014 Sai Ram Grocers Inc. / Rasik Patel d/b/a Rout Mart
6/25/2014 Akeel and Brothers Inc. / Arshad Mahmood d/b/a Easton Shell
6/25/2014 Jimmy's Gas and Go, LLC / Alan Harajii d/b/a Sunoco
6/25/2014 Aldad Inc. / Hussein Mokdad d/b/a Tobacco Star
6/27/2014 T and C Mini Market, Inc. / Mark Tran d/b/a 4th Avenue Food Mart
6/27/2014 Bayside Market, Inc.
6/27/2014 Jeffrey Mini Mart, Inc. / Ali Naji d/b/a BP
6/27/2014 The Pantry Inc. d/b/a Kangaroo Express
6/27/2014 Town and Country Grocers of Fredericktown, Missouri, Incorporated d/b/a Town and Country Supermarket
6/30/2014 1 Stop Express, Inc. / David Deddens d/b/a 1 Stop Express
6/30/2014 BE Inc / Sam Alkula d/b/a Beltsville Exxon
6/30/2014 Woodward Detroit CVS LLC d/b/a CVS/Pharmacy 8216
6/30/2014 ND Petroleum Inc. d/b/a Fast Track
6/30/2014 Miraj 3, Inc. d/b/a J and P Flash Market 392/Citgo
6/30/2014 Joe Turenne d/b/a Joey's Mob Scene
6/30/2014 Hoots Convenience Store, Inc. d/b/a MFA Oil
6/30/2014 Woodmoor Service Center, Inc. / Shoukat Ali d/b/a Woodmoor Shell


Federal Laws and Regulations

Compliance check inspections determine a retailer's compliance with, among other things:

  • The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, as amended by the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act.
  • The Regulations Restricting the Sale and Distribution of Cigarettes and Smokeless Tobacco to Protect Children and Adolescents, found at Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 1140 (21 C.F.R. Part 1140).