Tobacco Products

Compliance & Enforcement

To protect the health of future generations, FDA closely monitors retailer, manufacturer, importer, and distributor compliance with Federal tobacco laws and regulations and takes corrective action when violations occur.

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Compliance Check Inspections

FDA conducts inspections of tobacco product retailers to determine a retailer's compliance with federal laws and regulations.

Inspections determine a retailer's compliance with, among other things:

Inspection Reports Database

Results from compliance check inspections of tobacco retailers are available in the searchable inspection database.

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The database will let you know which inspected retailers received a civil monetary penalty, a warning letter, or were found to have no observable violations. You can search by tobacco retailer name, city, state, zip code, or decision date. You can also search using an interactive map by state or region.  Those businesses where compliance check inspections have been completed will be displayed as pins on the map.

Note: Absence of a retail establishment from this database does not imply compliance with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

Warning Letters

FDA generally issues Warning Letters, which can also be found in the searchable database, to tobacco retailers the first time violations are observed during a compliance check inspection. (The Center for Tobacco Products (CTP) issues other Warning Letters as well. Find these here.)

Information on No-Tobacco-Sale Orders To Retailers

Under the law, the FDA may pursue an NTSO against retailers that have a total of five or more repeated violations of certain restrictions within 36 months. Retailers receiving an NTSO complaint from the FDA may either enter into a settlement agreement with the agency that results in a final order issued by the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) or choose to go to a full hearing before an ALJ.

In determining the period of a No-Tobacco-Sale Order, the FDA takes into account the nature, circumstances, extent, and gravity of the violations and, with respect to the violator, ability to pay, effect on ability to continue to do business, any history of prior such violations, the degree of culpability, and such other matters as justice may require.

NTSO Complaints issued by FDA can be downloaded below. The dates of the orders issued by the ALJ as a result of settlements reached between retailers and FDA are available in the table below. Retailers are prohibited from selling regulated tobacco products at the specified location during the period of the NTSO.

As new NTSO actions are initiated against retailers, new information will be posted to this webpage.

Retailer State Date of Complaint NTSO Start Date* NTSO End Date*
E and S Oil Company OK 05/09/16    
MFA Petroleum Company d/b/a Break Time 3028 MO 10/26/15 12/22/2015 01/11/2016
Family Food Market, Inc. MI 10/26/15 12/23/2015 01/14/2016
Mon-Jan Corporation d/b/a Monaghan’s Pub MD 10/26/15 12/24/2015 01/10/2016
C and C Supermarket, LLC NJ 10/26/15 01/02/2016 01/24/2016
Horizon Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a 95th Mobil and Food Mart IL 10/26/15    
Kat Party Store, Inc. d/b/a Mr. Grocer Liquor Store MI 10/26/15    
Thais Mini Market, LLC d/b/a I and S Grocery Inc. NJ 10/26/15  03/25/2016  04/17/2016
Yemco Fuel, Inc. and Nakeeb Hassan d/b/a Marathon MI 10/26/15  04/28/2016  05/21/2016

*Fields without information indicate that cases are still pending.

FDA plans to conduct unannounced compliance check inspections during the period of the NTSO for the limited purpose of confirming the retailer’s compliance with the NTSO Order and that they are not selling regulated tobacco products.  Because the scope of these inspections is limited, their results are not included in the searchable inspection database.

For more information about NTSOs view our guidance documents and webinars.

Civil Money Penalty Complaints

A Civil Money Penalty (CMP) Complaint is used to initiate an administrative legal action against a retailer that can result in the imposition of a fine, called a Civil Money Penalty.

FDA issues Civil Money Penalty Complaints, found in the searchable database, to tobacco retailers when subsequent violations are observed during a compliance check inspection. 

Civil Money Penalty Complaints issued during the past 45 days can be downloaded below; earlier Complaints can be found in the searchable database.

To submit the Acknowledgement Form and pay your Civil Money Penalty please use this link.

For more information about CMPs view our guidance documents and webinars.

Retailer Date Issued
Yon H Kim and Inson Kim d/b/a Blaine Mini Mart / Shell 08/03/15
Indus Petroleum Corp. d/b/a Clark / On the Go 08/03/15
JHA and R, Inc. d/b/a D and R Food Market 08/03/15
Discount Beverage Center of Lee County, Inc. 08/03/15
Easy Mart Inc. d/b/a Easy Mart Food Mart 08/03/15
Harman Restaurants, Inc. d/b/a Etna Green Mini Mart / Marathon 08/03/15
New River Exxon, LLC d/b/a Exxon 08/03/15
The Kroger Co. d/b/a Fred Meyer 25 08/03/15
Hudson Group (HG) Retail, LLC d/b/a Hudson News 572 08/03/15
SUZK Corporation d/b/a Marathon 08/03/15
Monroe's Market, LLC 08/03/15
Gibbs Oil Company Limited Partnership d/b/a Phillips 66 08/03/15
Dave Coleman d/b/a Pioneer Express 08/03/15
RPCS, Inc. d/b/a Price Cutter 24 08/03/15
Rapp's Short Stop, Inc. d/b/a Rapp's Short Stop / Mileage 08/03/15
George's Smoke Shop, LLC 08/03/15
Smokes 4 Less 6 Inc. d/b/a Smokes 4 Less 08/03/15
Speedway LLC d/b/a Speedway 8023 08/03/15
Om Gas Mart Inc. d/b/a Sunoco 08/03/15
Rajaa Alian d/b/a Sunoco 08/03/15
M and R United, Inc. d/b/a Sunshine Express 251 / Shell 08/03/15
West Ventures, Inc. d/b/a The Pit Stop 08/03/15
Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc. d/b/a Winn-Dixie 2533 08/03/15
Nile Corporation d/b/a AMPM / Hassan Mini Market 08/04/15
Avenel Service Station, Inc. d/b/a Avenel BP 08/04/15
Petra Oil, Inc. d/b/a Bates BP Amoco 08/04/15
Murphy Fuel Inc. d/b/a BP Shop / Super Save BP 08/04/15
Standard Petroleum Company d/b/a Central Village Shell 08/04/15
Clearwater Petroleum LLC d/b/a Citgo / Stop and Shop 3 08/04/15
T and M Compass Cove LLC d/b/a Compass Cove Gift Shop 08/04/15
Eastwold Smoke Shop, Inc. 08/04/15
Family Dollar Stores of Texas, LLC d/b/a Family Dollar Store 5352 08/04/15
Gas Hopper II LLC d/b/a Gas Hopper Convenience Store 08/04/15
Go-Mart, Inc. d/b/a Go-Mart 27 08/04/15
Hudson Group (HG) Retail, LLC d/b/a Hudson News 574 08/04/15
The Kroger Co. d/b/a Kroger Fuel Center 08/04/15
La Mexicana Supermarket, Inc. d/b/a La Chari Meat and Produce 08/04/15
M and A Petro, Inc. d/b/a Lehigh Express 08/04/15
Onkar Petroleum LLC d/b/a Marathon 08/04/15
Adam Food Inc. d/b/a McKenzie's Food Fare Market / McKenzie's BB-Q and Market 08/04/15
Minutemen Food Mart, Inc. d/b/a Minutemen Market 08/04/15
Donald G. Lantz and Rose Ann Lantz d/b/a Rosie's Food and Gas 08/04/15
Sue's Superette LLC 08/04/15
Wal-Mart Stores East LP d/b/a Wal-Mart 5876 08/04/15
Wal-Mart Stores East LP d/b/a Wal-Mart Store 2900 08/04/15
Wal-Mart Stores East I, LP d/b/a Wal-Mart Supercenter 189 08/04/15
AP Restaurant II LLC d/b/a Watermark 08/04/15
Trent Investments, Inc. d/b/a Wes-T-Go 31 08/04/15
Pejona, Inc. d/b/a Westview Liquors 08/04/15
Seong Kong, Inc. d/b/a 63rd Market and Grill / 76 08/05/15
JSP-Heran2, Inc. d/b/a 7-Eleven Store 32895A 08/05/15
A.L. Prime Energy Consultant, Inc. 08/05/15
Sri Sri LLC d/b/a Beach Food Mart 08/05/15
Blue Nile Food Market Group Inc. d/b/a Blue Nile Food Store 08/05/15
Syan Two Inc. d/b/a BP Gas Station 08/05/15
Cayuga Food Market and Deli Inc. 08/05/15
Central Grocery, LLC 08/05/15
Charles Woytik d/b/a Corner Package Store 08/05/15
Dolgencorp, LLC d/b/a Dollar General Store 6715 08/05/15
Khadija Magueri d/b/a Family Food Market 08/05/15
Fadi Malki, Inc. d/b/a First Street Mobil/Snack Shop 08/05/15
Fleetwing Corporation d/b/a Fleetwing Food Mart 001 08/05/15
Food Lion, LLC d/b/a Food Lion 1152 08/05/15
Fruitland Market LLC 08/05/15
Adnan, Inc d/b/a Gulf 08/05/15
Joe Turenne d/b/a Joey's Mob Scene 08/05/15
The Pantry, Inc. d/b/a Kangaroo Express 492 08/05/15
Latinos Market LLC 08/05/15
Cheong Chew d/b/a Parkway Deli / Phillips 66 08/05/15
Lee and S Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a Rose's Gas and Grocery 08/05/15
GPM Southeast, LLC d/b/a Scotchman 3133 08/05/15
St. Pete Shell Inc. 08/05/15
Scrivener Oil Company, Inc. d/b/a Signal Food Store 08/05/15
Claytongage, Inc. d/b/a Smoke Time Sam's 08/05/15
Lincass Limited Inc. d/b/a South Side Market 08/05/15
Anh V. Pham d/b/a Super A Store 08/05/15
Tim Gardner Groceries LLC d/b/a The Store 08/05/15
Walgreen Co. d/b/a Walgreens 3429 08/05/15
Whistlin' Jack Lodge, Inc 08/05/15
7-Eleven, Inc. d/b/a 7-Eleven Store 34988 08/10/15
Rvsona, Inc. d/b/a 7-Eleven Store 36000A 08/10/15
Alpha and Omega Food Market LLC 08/10/15
Ziyadeh, Inc. d/b/a Anderson Mini Market 08/10/15
Adam Francis Jackson d/b/a Bailey's Corner Store 08/10/15
Ska Inc d/b/a Belltown Smoke Shop 08/10/15
Bottom's Up, Inc. Party Store d/b/a Bottoms Up Liquor 08/10/15
Par Mar Oil Company d/b/a Par Mar Store 21 / BP 08/10/15
Casey's General Stores, Inc. d/b/a Casey's General Store 1545 08/10/15
Community Mini-Markets Inc. 08/10/15
Dash Convenience Inc. d/b/a Dash Convenience Mart 08/10/15
Del Prado Gas and Food Mart LLC 08/10/15
El Mercado De San Carlos, Inc. 08/10/15
Super America, LLC d/b/a Everyday Stores 08/10/15
Laizu Petroleum Inc. d/b/a Gas Kwik 08/10/15
L and J Bonnell's Gas and Grocery, Inc. d/b/a Marathon 08/10/15
Doris Formeta d/b/a Mi Bodega Latina Grocery 08/10/15
Munchee's Express, Inc. d/b/a Munchee's Express II 08/10/15
D. Skiles Corporation d/b/a Pioneer Market 08/10/15
Aarav United LLC d/b/a Quick Stop 08/10/15
Haris Quick Stop L.L.C. d/b/a Super Quick Stop 08/10/15
James M. Davenport d/b/a Tobacco Road 08/10/15
Countryside Convenience Inc. d/b/a Ultimate Wine and Cigars 08/10/15
Sai Ram - Watling Road, LLC d/b/a Xpress Zone 08/10/15
Zoom Mini Mart, Inc. 08/10/15
Azteca Montura, Inc. d/b/a Azteca Supermarket 08/11/15
IM International Corporation d/b/a Broadway Shell 08/11/15
CHS Inc. d/b/a Cenex Zip Trip 17 08/11/15
FOH Gas Mart, L.L.C. d/b/a Clark 08/11/15
Crossroads Pantry, Inc. 08/11/15
Hashim Petroleum LLC d/b/a Delta 08/11/15
J and S Sales of Chippewa Falls, LLC d/b/a Express Mart 08/11/15
Fruth Pharmacy, Inc. d/b/a Fruth Pharmacy Oakwood Road 08/11/15
HAC, Inc. d/b/a Homeland Store 200 08/11/15
Tran My Tieu d/b/a Lien Phong Food Market 08/11/15
Private Brand Services, Inc. d/b/a Marathon Gas / PBS Party Store 08/11/15
Mercado Acapulco LLC 08/11/15
Central Florida Petroleum LLC d/b/a Orange Sunoco 08/11/15
Outagamie Co-op Services Inc. d/b/a Plainfield Travel Plaza 08/11/15
Sweiti Inc. d/b/a Quick Pick / Marathon 08/11/15
The Spinx Company, Inc. d/b/a Spinx 266 08/11/15
Satnam Oil Corporation d/b/a Stop n Shop 08/11/15
Shankara Enterprises LLC d/b/a Sunhouse Petroleum 08/11/15
Floridan Foods, "LLC" d/b/a The Green Store Food Mart 107 08/11/15
Ekraj Inc. d/b/a Thompson's Grocery 08/11/15
Two Farms, Inc. d/b/a Royal Farms Store 111 08/11/15
TJTJ, Inc. d/b/a Village Liquor Shoppe 08/11/15
Walgreen Co. d/b/a Walgreens 6331 08/11/15
Zenex International Group, LLC d/b/a Zenex Gas N Go / Sunoco Food Mart 08/11/15
S and S Investment Group, Inc. d/b/a 7-11 Store 24333A 08/12/15
Sheng Hui Lin d/b/a Asian Cuisine 08/12/15
Asu Food Mart II, LLC d/b/a Asu Food Mart II / Marathon 08/12/15
Chilhowee Grocery, LLC 08/12/15
Clark Marathon, Inc. d/b/a Chum's Store / Tobacco Depot 08/12/15
Mac's Convenience Stores LLC d/b/a Circle K 08/12/15
Expressway Food Mart, LLC d/b/a Expressway Food Mart 2 08/12/15
Family Dollar Stores of Pennsylvania, Inc. d/b/a Family Dollar 6575 08/12/15
Bezzi, Inc. d/b/a Handy's Liquor 08/12/15
S and A Investment, Inc. d/b/a Inn Mart 08/12/15
J. Woodard, Inc. d/b/a J and J's Pronto 08/12/15
American Drug Stores LLC d/b/a Jewel Osco 3192 08/12/15
Neighbors Food Store, Inc. 08/12/15
Ken Kelley d/b/a Oak Grove Piggly Wiggly 08/12/15
The Kroger Co. d/b/a Pay Less Fuel Center J-827 08/12/15
Publix Super Markets, Inc. d/b/a Publix 0663 08/12/15
Witco, Inc. d/b/a Quik E Food Store 08/12/15
Magnolia Sosa d/b/a Ricardo's Grocery Store 08/12/15
Johnson Oil Company of Gaylord d/b/a S and K Foods / Marathon 08/12/15
Santoshi Ma Corporation d/b/a S and S Discount Beverage 08/12/15
Gas and More 2, Inc. d/b/a Shell 08/12/15
Ken Peterson d/b/a Shop Qwik 08/12/15
Southeast Fuel, L.L.C. d/b/a Sun Gas Station 08/12/15
Scratch LLC d/b/a The Double Up 08/12/15
Korner Store, LLC d/b/a The Korner Store 08/12/15
United Cigar, LLC d/b/a United Cigar Store 08/12/15
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. d/b/a Wal-Mart 747 08/12/15
Lobo's Lounge, Inc. d/b/a Washington Square Package Store 08/12/15
Danny Yaldo LLC d/b/a Wintersburg General Store 08/12/15
Yosef Grocery Mart Inc. 08/12/15
R Ali Prime Incorporated d/b/a AL Prime Energy 08/17/15
Darji Enterprise, Inc. d/b/a Amstar 08/17/15
Caldwell Confectionery LLC 08/17/15
Campus Shop LLC 08/17/15
Christina Beverage, Inc. 08/17/15
Gas Station Management Inc. d/b/a Circle K 08/17/15
Fenkell Gas and Go, LLC d/b/a Citgo 08/17/15
Seakaytee Incorporated d/b/a Eddie's Bar and Grill 08/17/15
Mini Pet Mart, Inc. 08/17/15
S and R Petro, Inc. d/b/a Mystik 08/17/15
Alexandria Team Inc. d/b/a New York Fried Chicken 08/17/15
Poojan, Inc. d/b/a Pee Dee Grocery 08/17/15
Pilot Travel Centers LLC d/b/a Pilot Travel Center 337 08/17/15
Jovan Skaricki d/b/a Plaza Mini Mart 08/17/15
Jeffrey Faulhaber d/b/a Presque Isle Superette 08/17/15
Lehal Associates, Inc. d/b/a Quality Gas / Citgo 08/17/15
Federico Rodriguez d/b/a Rodriguez Mini Market 3 08/17/15
Roll N Tobacco, LLC d/b/a Roll'n Tobacco 08/17/15
Safeway Inc. d/b/a Safeway Fuel Station 08/17/15
Safinco International Inc. d/b/a Safinco 08/17/15
Brownsville Foods, Inc. d/b/a Shop N Save 08/17/15
AMC Huron Co., Inc. d/b/a South Side Convenience Store 08/17/15
Durga Fuel Stop Inc. d/b/a Trenton Hess 08/17/15
Whitten's Feed and Seed, Inc. 08/17/15
Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc. d/b/a Winn-Dixie 676 08/17/15
Big D. Oil Co. 08/18/15
Sajid Ayub d/b/a BP 08/18/15
Mark Italiya d/b/a BP-Carrick / Fueland BP 228 08/18/15
Nabou, Inc. d/b/a Carmen's Liquor and Deli 08/18/15
RDK Ventures LLC d/b/a Circle K 6745 08/18/15
Vishwakarma by Jashka, LLC d/b/a Cocoa Beach Sunoco 08/18/15
El Padrino Liquors, Inc. d/b/a County Liquors 08/18/15
JK Stop and Go Inc. d/b/a Express Mart 08/18/15
Family Produce Terminal Inc. 08/18/15
Norfolk Avenue Market Inc. d/b/a Forest Park Market 08/18/15
Rebco Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a Geneva Faststop / Citgo 08/18/15
Arabo Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a Graham's Party Shoppe 08/18/15
Hess Corporation d/b/a Hess 21516 08/18/15
Murph and Doyle, Inc. d/b/a In N Out Food Stores 08/18/15
Mustafa Leyla d/b/a La Central 08/18/15
Atty's Parti Expo, Inc. d/b/a Parti Expo 08/18/15
Sahib Thiara, Inc. d/b/a Peakview Wine and Spirits 08/18/15
Gwendolyn J. Johnson d/b/a R and G Corner Store 08/18/15
Nick's Gas and Auto Repair, Inc. d/b/a Riverview Mobil 08/18/15
Route 60 Fine Wine and Spirits LLC d/b/a Route 60 Liquor Fine Wine and Famous Beer Cave 08/18/15
SK Grocery Inc. d/b/a S and K Food Market 08/18/15
State International Investment Corporation d/b/a Stop and Shop Food Store 08/18/15
Gratiot Gas and Mini Mart, Inc. d/b/a Sunoco 08/18/15
Vasai Inc. d/b/a Sunoco 08/18/15
Akshay Investments LLC d/b/a Akshay Food Mart / Chevron 08/19/15
G7 Oil Corporation d/b/a BP Shop 08/19/15
DeBono's Inc. d/b/a DeBono's Stop and Go 08/19/15
Haris Choudhury d/b/a Discount Food Store Plus 08/19/15
Family Dollar Stores of Florida Inc. d/b/a Family Dollar Store 7668 08/19/15
Food Lion, LLC d/b/a Food Lion 1047 08/19/15
HKV Gilbertson Liquor, Inc 08/19/15
TMT Enterprizes, LLC d/b/a Keys Liquor Store 08/19/15
Dr. Watson's, Inc. d/b/a Liquor 08/19/15
D and M Entertainment, Inc. d/b/a Little River City 08/19/15
In Chul Lee and Hye Jung Lee d/b/a Parks Place / Shell 08/19/15
P and R Investments, Inc. d/b/a Phil's One Stop / Phillips 66 08/19/15
Abdy T. Ahmed d/b/a Polo One Stop 08/19/15
RPM Prospects, L.L.C. d/b/a Roundhouse Liquors 08/19/15
Naheeda 1, Inc. d/b/a Saving Spot / VP Racing Fuels 08/19/15
Vent Gas, Inc. d/b/a Shamrock 08/19/15
Big D. Oil Co. d/b/a Sinclair / Big D. Oil 08/19/15
Sexton Holdings, L.L.C. d/b/a Stop N Shop 08/19/15
Holden Brattle Market, Inc. d/b/a The Brattle Stop Market 08/19/15
Big C Properties LLC d/b/a The Jug Liquor Store 08/19/15
Fresh Start Convenience Stores, Inc. d/b/a The Valley Corner 08/19/15
Rick and Linda Grimlie d/b/a Toronto 1 Stop 08/19/15
Manjit Minimart LLC d/b/a Uni-Mart 08/19/15
MMJJWS Corp. d/b/a 7-Eleven Store 29301A 08/20/15
Chuck Wagon Charlie's, Inc 08/20/15
Jay Siddhi Vinayak Inc. d/b/a Discount Liquor and Tobacco 08/20/15
Baran Celik d/b/a Exxon Gas Station 08/20/15
SIF Oidak Development Authority d/b/a Soda Stop 08/20/15
JM Companies, Inc. d/b/a SuperAmerica ShortStop 08/20/15
Asia Supermarket, LLC d/b/a Wallingford Food Land 08/20/15
5th Avenue Liquors, Inc. 08/24/15
Country Stores, Inc. d/b/a BJ's Country Store 08/24/15
Brandon Liquors, Inc. 08/24/15
C C Patel LLC d/b/a Carousel Deli and Pizzeria 08/24/15
Curtis R. Childress d/b/a Childress Cash and Carry 08/24/15
Country Acres Market, Inc. 08/24/15
Go-Mart, Inc. d/b/a Go-Mart 34 08/24/15
Julissa's Meat Market LLC 08/24/15
Kum and Go, L.C. d/b/a Kum and Go 483 08/24/15
Lee Liquor Inc. 08/24/15
The R. R. Enterprises LLC d/b/a Midway Gas and Food 08/24/15
Minitman, Inc. d/b/a Minitman Food and Fuel 08/24/15
S and L Businesses, Inc. d/b/a Modern Liquors 08/24/15
801 Last Resort, Inc. d/b/a North Third 08/24/15
Conant Express, Inc. d/b/a Pelzer's Liquor / Pelzer's Party Store 08/24/15
Poulson/Beach Enterprises, LLC d/b/a Perham BP 08/24/15
Safeway Inc. d/b/a Safeway 1864 08/24/15
Mohammad Iqbal d/b/a Sam's Food Stores 08/24/15
Chul, Inc. d/b/a Silver Hill Plaza Exxon 08/24/15
Nick Gas Inc. d/b/a Sunoco 08/24/15
N A H Petroleum Inc. d/b/a Sunoco 08/24/15
Jamie S. Segarra d/b/a The Phat Italian Market and Deli 08/24/15
L and S Mart Inc. d/b/a Valero 08/24/15
Walgreen Co. d/b/a Walgreens 9031 08/24/15
Walgreen Arizona Drug Co. d/b/a Walgreens 9840 08/24/15
N and N Petroleum, Inc. d/b/a AL Prime Energy 08/25/15
Allsup's Convenience Stores, Inc. d/b/a Allsup's 76 / Conoco 08/25/15
Athalia Inc. d/b/a Arco AM PM / Athalia 08/25/15
RGA Foods LLC d/b/a Budd Lake Shell / Food Mart 08/25/15
Heartland Cooperative Services d/b/a Cenex Convenience Store 08/25/15
Dina Monster, Inc. d/b/a DC's Downtown 08/25/15
Dolgencorp, LLC d/b/a Dollar General 12250 08/25/15
BigFoot Properties X, LLC d/b/a Edmonds BigFoot Java 08/25/15
Ferg's Sports Bar and Grill, Inc. 08/25/15
Gritz Liquors LLC 08/25/15
H.E.B., Inc. d/b/a H-E-B Food Store 22 08/25/15
F G and A, Inc. d/b/a Holiday House Wine Shoppe 08/25/15
SC Petroleum Incorporated d/b/a Hoosier Mart / Washington Shell 08/25/15
Jack's Place Two Inc. d/b/a In a Flash / Jack's Place 08/25/15
Lil Country Store LLC d/b/a Li'L Country Store / Conoco 08/25/15
Colvin Oil Company d/b/a Morgan Lane Chevron 08/25/15
Murphy Oil USA, Inc. d/b/a Murphy USA 6962 08/25/15
Number One Casino, Inc 08/25/15
Jack Petroleum Corporation d/b/a Phillips 66 08/25/15
Philly Deli Delight Inc. 08/25/15
Pasadena Shell, Inc. d/b/a Rally 233 08/25/15
J.W. Sandri, Inc. d/b/a Sandri Stop Smart 381 08/25/15
Michigan and Livernois Gas and Minimart, Inc. d/b/a Shamrock 08/25/15
Smokin' Joe's Tobacco Shop, Inc 08/25/15
T and J Management Inc. d/b/a Truck Border Chevron 08/25/15
Un-Dun, LLC 08/25/15
Mili Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a 7-Eleven 08/26/15
Aubrey's, Inc. d/b/a Barley's Taproom 08/26/15
Albert S. Fox d/b/a Bottle Shop 08/26/15
Casey's General Stores, Inc. d/b/a Casey's General Store 3260 08/26/15
Village Pantry, Inc. d/b/a Village Pantry / Chevron Food Mart 08/26/15
J.E.S.R. Foods, Inc. d/b/a Dairy Mart 736 08/26/15
Digger's Dugout, Inc 08/26/15
Dolgencorp, LLC d/b/a Dollar General 570 08/26/15
East End Kitchen and Market, LLC 08/26/15
Hitesh Mehta d/b/a Edgewood Liquor Grocery and Deli 08/26/15
Pilot Travel Centers LLC d/b/a Flying J 609 08/26/15
Pilot Travel Centers LLC d/b/a Flying J Store 759 08/26/15
Gage Hill Farm, LLC 08/26/15
Gilmore's Meadow, Inc 08/26/15
One Stop Convenience Stores, Inc. d/b/a Grampian One Stop 08/26/15
Zoila Menendez d/b/a Have a Cigar 08/26/15
Ideal Supermarket LLC 08/26/15
JC's Cigarette Outlet, LLC d/b/a JC's Mini Mall 08/26/15
Elsa Nunez d/b/a La Esquina Grocery / La Gran Parada Market 08/26/15
Mahendra Inc. d/b/a Lucky's Tobacco 08/26/15
Don Knotts, Inc. d/b/a Parole Exxon 08/26/15
ADIUM Oil Company, Inc. d/b/a Petro Plus 08/26/15
Kentucky Lake Oil Company, Inc. d/b/a Pocket's Store 6 08/26/15
Two Farms, Inc. d/b/a Royal Farms Store 9 08/26/15
Jai Ambe Food Mart, Inc. d/b/a Savannah Mart 08/26/15
NBS, Inc. d/b/a Smoker Friendly 2 08/26/15
Stripes LLC d/b/a Stripes 7123 08/26/15
W. W. Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a The Lamp Lounge 08/26/15
Tip Top, Inc. d/b/a Tip Top / Clark 08/26/15
Shreeyamuna, LLC d/b/a Woodside Mini Mart 08/26/15
Raj Patel d/b/a 7 Eleven Store 2405 27731D 08/31/15
All Family Deli and Grocery LLC 08/31/15
Kutumb Sales, Inc. d/b/a BP 08/31/15
Mac's Convenience Stores LLC d/b/a Circle K 2304 08/31/15
Kara Corp. d/b/a Convenient Food Mart 3875 08/31/15
Hyong S. Han d/b/a Discount Store 08/31/15
Gerry's Variety, Inc. d/b/a Gerry's Variety and Trackside Cafe 08/31/15
Hegge's Enterprises Inc. d/b/a Hegge's Chevron 08/31/15
Thanvi, Inc. d/b/a International Cigar and Tobacco 08/31/15
Jif-E-Mart of Waldron, Inc. d/b/a Jif-E-Mart / Exxon 08/31/15
JR Oil Inc. d/b/a Jiffy Mini Mart 2 08/31/15
ESB and KCA Inc. d/b/a Jimmy's Deli Market and Teriyaki 08/31/15
South Side Bar, Inc. d/b/a Keg 'N Kork Bar 08/31/15
Keystone Petroleum Inc. d/b/a Keystone Food Mart 08/31/15
Inaya LLC d/b/a McCrory Grocery 08/31/15
Mega-X IV, LLC 08/31/15
Henry W., Inc. d/b/a Roxbury Shell 08/31/15
Two Farms, Inc. d/b/a Royal Farms Store 49 08/31/15
Ajay Mataji LLC d/b/a Sterling Liquors 08/31/15
Strickland's One Stop, Inc. d/b/a Strick's One Stop 08/31/15
University Mart Inc. d/b/a Sunoco 08/31/15
Shree Devi Enterprise of Cape Coral Inc. d/b/a Vapin In The Lee Discount Tobacco / Party Tobacco and Grocery 08/31/15
Walgreen Co. d/b/a Walgreens 10117 08/31/15
Walgreen Co. d/b/a Walgreens 11525 08/31/15

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