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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Tobacco Products

Compliance & Enforcement

FDA conducts compliance check inspections of tobacco product retailers to determine a retailer's compliance with federal laws and regulations, and generally issues Warning Letters for first-time violations. FDA generally issues civil money penalties for violations found on subsequent inspections.   


Inspection Reports Database

Results from compliance check inspections covering cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products are available:

  • Search the inspection database to find lists of retailer Warning Letters and Civil Money Penalty Complaints issued by FDA and a list of inspected establishments where no violations were observed.
  • The establishments where Compliance Check Inspections have been completed will be displayed as pins on a map, based on the search results. Information regarding the specific Compliance Check Inspections can be viewed by zooming in and selecting the individual pins.
  • Search by tobacco retailer name, city, state, zip code, and decision date.  

Absence of a retail establishment from this list does not imply compliance with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.


Why is This Important?

Retailers play a role in protecting the health of America’s youth by not selling, marketing, or advertising cigarettes or smokeless tobacco products to underage children and adolescents.  

Tobacco use causes more than 400,000 deaths each year, and, because a large majority of Americans start smoking before reaching the age of 18, many of these deaths can be prevented by discouraging young people from initiating tobacco use.





Warning Letters

A Warning Letter is the agency’s advisory action that is used to achieve prompt voluntary compliance with the law. FDA generally issues Warning Letters, displayed in a searchable database, to tobacco retailers generally the first time violations are observed during a compliance check inspection. 

Find all other Warning Letters issued by CTP at FDA’s main Warning Letters page.


Civil Money Penalty Complaints

A Civil Money Penalty (CMP) Complaint is used to initiate an administrative legal action against a retailer that can result in the imposition of a fine, called a Civil Money Penalty. 

FDA generally issues Civil Money Penalty Complaints, displayed in a searchable database, to tobacco retailers when subsequent violations are observed during a compliance check inspection.

Civil Money Penalty Complaints issued during the past 45 days can be downloaded below.  Earlier Complaints can be found in the searchable database.


Date IssuedRetailer
16-Dec-13Christy’s Fuel LLC
4-Aug-14Breaux’s Foodland, Inc. d/b/a Breaux’s Foodland
4-Aug-14JR’s Gas and Grocery, LLC / Belinda Stockman d/b/a JR’s Grocery / Citgo
4-Aug-14Magic Supplies II Inc. d/b/a Make N Connections / Boostmobile
4-Aug-14Thrifty Payless, Inc. d/b/a Rite Aid 6234
4-Aug-14JM Murad, Inc. d/b/a West End Liquor Store
5-Aug-14Brady’s Bar, Inc.
5-Aug-14123 Tobacco Inc. d/b/a Discount Tobacco and More
5-Aug-14JC’s Cigarette Outlet, LLC d/b/a JC’s Mini Mall
5-Aug-14UMNA, Inc. / Muhammad Khatana d/b/a Lansdowne Citgo / Kwike Mart Food Store
5-Aug-14Donna Mae Rhoads d/b/a Town and Country Tap
6-Aug-14Pavin Chittiwuttinon d/b/a 7-Eleven 34280
6-Aug-14Cumberland Farms, Inc. d/b/a Cumberland Farms 6668
6-Aug-14Damen, Inc. d/b/a Damen Food and Liquor
6-Aug-14Dazzle Convenience Inc. d/b/a Dazzle Convenience and Deli
6-Aug-14Jif-E-Mart Of Waldron, Inc. / Gary Ashford d/b/a Jif-E-Mart / Exxon
6-Aug-14Leebo’s Stores, Inc. d/b/a Leebo’s 9
6-Aug-14Al-Waasio LLC d/b/a Princess Plaza Citgo
6-Aug-14Rite Aid of MD Inc. d/b/a Rite Aid 00355
6-Aug-14Harvey Couch d/b/a Golf Links Shell / Superstop
8-Aug-14Barbara Reed d/b/a Cromwell General Store
8-Aug-14E Z Food Mart, Inc. / Traci McCain d/b/a E Z Food Mart
8-Aug-14General Equities, Inc. d/b/a Food Bag 543
8-Aug-14Satsang, Incorporated d/b/a I-40 BP
8-Aug-14OOM Enterprises, Inc. / Samba Chalise d/b/a Kirkland Convenience Store
11-Aug-14Bahra’s Market LLC / Youssef Bahra d/b/a Bahra’s Market
11-Aug-14Miani, LLC / Vivane Naira Von Der Heydt d/b/a BP
11-Aug-14Tahoe Management 8, LLC d/b/a J and J’s Mountaineer Mart
11-Aug-14SRPH Gasoline Inc. d/b/a SRPH Breakplace Conoco/Rocket Mart
11-Aug-14Tri and Tri States Enterprises Inc. d/b/a Sams Market
12-Aug-14Buriege, Inc. d/b/a Bobben’s Supermarket
12-Aug-14Jasbir I Enterprise Inc. / Love Minhas d/b/a Brazas Cut Rate Liquors
12-Aug-14Coldspring BP Inc.,
12-Aug-14B.P. and J.P., Inc. and Mary Jo Potter d/b/a Josephine’s
12-Aug-14JMT Corp. / Harbeer Tiwana d/b/a Loon Lake Expressmart
12-Aug-14West Missouri Tobacco Alliance Inc. d/b/a Main Street Tobacco and Gifts
12-Aug-14Fateh Petroleum Inc. d/b/a Marathon Food Mart
12-Aug-14Race Supermarket Inc.
12-Aug-14ARS-Fresno LLC d/b/a Shell
13-Aug-14Sienna Ventures, Inc. d/b/a 7-Eleven 27641
13-Aug-14Faisal Brothers Inc. d/b/a Havenwood BP
13-Aug-14Phatfillups LLC d/b/a BP Temperance
13-Aug-14Jai Sikotar Maa, LLC / Nick Brahmbhatt d/b/a Road Runner
13-Aug-14Abbas Willimatic LLC d/b/a Sam’s Food Stores / Citgo
13-Aug-14Chintan Inc. d/b/a Smokey’s Tobacco
15-Aug-14Buatoom, Inc. d/b/a 7-Eleven 23860
15-Aug-14B and B Food Store, LLC d/b/a B and B Food Mart
15-Aug-14Sadguru, Inc. / Nisita Patel d/b/a Bob’s Food Mart
15-Aug-14Angelo J. Nunez d/b/a Clean and Friendly Convenience
15-Aug-14Rick Wright d/b/a Cox and Wright Food Center
15-Aug-14K Singh Gasoline LLC d/b/a Express Fuel
15-Aug-14Vikas Patel d/b/a Bi-Fast
15-Aug-14Food Lion, LLC d/b/a Food Lion 916
15-Aug-14JR Oil Inc. d/b/a Jiffy Food Marts / Phillips 66
15-Aug-14C Store, L.L.C. d/b/a Selah Mini Mart and Smoke Shop
18-Aug-14Dana Robinson d/b/a 903 Discount Beverage
18-Aug-14Floco Foods Inc. d/b/a Carls IGA Food Center
18-Aug-14Erl’s Market, Inc., d/b/a Erl’s Market
18-Aug-14Simpreet Inc. d/b/a Highway 135 BP
18-Aug-14Cob Investment Management, LLC / Linda Hansen d/b/a Lu’s Smoke Shop
19-Aug-14MT Food and Gas LLC / Tuheen Bhuiyan d/b/a Tee’s One Stop / Conoco
19-Aug-14Michael Laycock d/b/a Country Porch Convenience Stores
19-Aug-14F and F Grocery, Inc. d/b/a F and F IGA Foodliner
19-Aug-14American Choice, LLC d/b/a George Street Deli
19-Aug-14Houchens Food Group, Inc. d/b/a Save-A-Lot 23568
19-Aug-14Soprano’s Supermarket, LLC / Michael Chad Soprano d/b/a Soprano’s Supermarket
19-Aug-14Happy Times Discount Beverages, Inc. / Don Podrebarac d/b/a Southern Spirits
19-Aug-14Treehouse Lounge of Bloomington, Inc. / Gary W. Biddle d/b/a Treehouse Lounge
19-Aug-14Samuel Lee Pruitt, Jr. d/b/a U Tote Em Convenience Store
19-Aug-14Walgreen Co. d/b/a Walgreens 4527
20-Aug-14Param LLC, d/b/a BP / Spinx Easley 443
20-Aug-14Town and Country Grocers of Fredericktown MO, Inc. d/b/a County Mart
20-Aug-14Stamford Gas LLC d/b/a Global
20-Aug-14Speedway LLC d/b/a Speedway 9750
20-Aug-14Walgreen Eastern Co., Inc., d/b/a Walgreens 10695
22-Aug-14Westmont Citgo Inc. d/b/a Ameri Store / Westmont Citgo
22-Aug-14Chun Yong Kim and Eui Chul Kim d/b/a J’s Quick Stop
22-Aug-14Larry M. Beilfuss d/b/a Larry Michael’s Club and Café
22-Aug-14Oak Grove Liquors, Inc.
22-Aug-14River Stop Mt Gallant LLC d/b/a River Stop Food Mart
22-Aug-14Sam Esmail d/b/a Shell Super Stop 2
22-Aug-14Karim Fayek Rantisi d/b/a Tip Top Market
26-Aug-14US Super Saver, Inc. / Hazem Youssef d/b/a Convenient Express / BP
26-Aug-14Skyline Petro, Inc. / Ibrahim Hakkani d/b/a BP
26-Aug-14Calhoun’s Foods, LLC d/b/a Calhoun’s Food Rite
26-Aug-14Mac’s Convenience Stores LLC d/b/a Circle K 7210
26-Aug-14Lard LLC d/b/a Raider Station
26-Aug-14DE and S Inc. d/b/a Reisterstown Plaza Exxon
26-Aug-14Robison and McIver, Inc.
26-Aug-14HS Emmanuels, Corp. / Soo H. Kim d/b/a Ohop Valley Grocery / Shell
26-Aug-14Satmauli LLC d/b/a Short Trip
26-Aug-14State Line Spirits and Beverage, Inc. d/b/a State Line Supercenter
26-Aug-14Randall’s Food and Drugs LP d/b/a Tom Thumb 2570
26-Aug-14Virginia Villarreal d/b/a Villarreal’s Grocery
26-Aug-14David B. Waller d/b/a Waller’s Market
26-Aug-14West Seattle Tobacco Company LLC d/b/a West Seattle Smoke Company
27-Aug-14D E Pebbles, Inc. / Greg Pebbles d/b/a Shipley Do-Nuts / Exxon
27-Aug-14Ri Min Zheng d/b/a Happy Wok Chinese Restaurant
27-Aug-14Kwik Stop, LLC, d/b/a Kwik Stop Mobil
27-Aug-14Gas Trax LLC d/b/a Planet Food Mart
27-Aug-14Craig Steven Forbes d/b/a 3 Way Grocery
29-Aug-14Canyon Crest Liquuor, Inc. d/b/a Canyon Crest Liquor
29-Aug-14Gutierrez and Espinal, LLC
29-Aug-14Leaf Cafe, LLC / Pierre Estopey and Tim May d/b/a Leaf Cafe
29-Aug-14Jaymanville LLC d/b/a Manville Food and Tobacco
29-Aug-14FIS Corporation d/b/a Patagonia Market
29-Aug-14Sophia and Rob Enterprises, LLC d/b/a Rob’s Convenience Store
29-Aug-14Schnuck Markets, Inc. d/b/a Schnucks 173
29-Aug-14Uzan LLC d/b/a Smoker’s Discount World
29-Aug-14Sullivan Road Quik Mart, Inc. / Dexter and Bernadine Stalls d/b/a Sullivan Road Quik Mart / Exxon


Federal Laws and Regulations

Compliance check inspections determine a retailer's compliance with, among other things:

  • The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, as amended by the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act.
  • The Regulations Restricting the Sale and Distribution of Cigarettes and Smokeless Tobacco to Protect Children and Adolescents, found at Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 1140 (21 C.F.R. Part 1140).