Tobacco Products

Compliance & Enforcement

To protect the health of future generations, FDA closely monitors retailer, manufacturer, importer, and distributor compliance with Federal tobacco laws and regulations and takes corrective action when violations occur.

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Compliance Check Inspections

FDA conducts inspections of tobacco product retailers to determine a retailer's compliance with federal laws and regulations, including The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, as amended by the Tobacco Control Act, and our rules and regulations.

Results from compliance check inspections of tobacco retailers are available in a searchable retailer inspection database.

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The database lists which inspected retailers received a warning letter, a civil money penalty, a no-tobacco-sale order, or were found to have no observable violations. You can search by tobacco retailer name, city, state, zip code, or decision date. You can also search using an interactive map by state or region. Those businesses where FDA has completed compliance check inspections will be displayed as pins on the map.

Note: Absence of a retail establishment from this database does not imply compliance with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

Warning Letters

We issue warning letters to traditional “brick and mortar” retail stores nationwide as well as online retailers and manufacturers the first time a tobacco compliance check inspection reveals a violation of the federal tobacco laws and regulations that FDA enforces. Failure to promptly and adequately correct all violations and ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations may lead to enforcement actions, including Civil Money Penalties or No-Tobacco-Sale Orders.

If you have any questions about warning letters, contact the Center for Tobacco Products at 1-877-CTP-1373 or via email to the address listed in your warning letter: or

Civil Money Penalty Complaints

A Civil Money Penalty (CMP) Complaint is used to initiate an administrative legal action against a retailer that can result in a fine, called a Civil Money Penalty.

FDA issues Civil Money Penalty Complaints--listed in the searchable database--to tobacco retailers when subsequent violations are observed during a compliance check inspection.

Civil Money Penalty Complaints issued recently can be downloaded below; earlier Complaints can be found in the searchable database.

You can submit the Acknowledgement Form and pay your Civil Money Penalty online.

For more information about CMPs view our guidance documents and webinars

RetailerDate Issued
Yon H Kim and Inson Kim d/b/a Blaine Mini Mart / Shell08/03/15
Indus Petroleum Corp. d/b/a Clark / On the Go08/03/15
JHA and R, Inc. d/b/a D and R Food Market08/03/15
Discount Beverage Center of Lee County, Inc.08/03/15
Easy Mart Inc. d/b/a Easy Mart Food Mart08/03/15
Harman Restaurants, Inc. d/b/a Etna Green Mini Mart / Marathon08/03/15
New River Exxon, LLC d/b/a Exxon08/03/15
The Kroger Co. d/b/a Fred Meyer 2508/03/15
Hudson Group (HG) Retail, LLC d/b/a Hudson News 57208/03/15
SUZK Corporation d/b/a Marathon08/03/15
Monroe's Market, LLC08/03/15
Gibbs Oil Company Limited Partnership d/b/a Phillips 6608/03/15
Dave Coleman d/b/a Pioneer Express08/03/15
RPCS, Inc. d/b/a Price Cutter 2408/03/15
Rapp's Short Stop, Inc. d/b/a Rapp's Short Stop / Mileage08/03/15
George's Smoke Shop, LLC08/03/15
Smokes 4 Less 6 Inc. d/b/a Smokes 4 Less08/03/15
Speedway LLC d/b/a Speedway 802308/03/15
Om Gas Mart Inc. d/b/a Sunoco08/03/15
Rajaa Alian d/b/a Sunoco08/03/15
M and R United, Inc. d/b/a Sunshine Express 251 / Shell08/03/15
West Ventures, Inc. d/b/a The Pit Stop08/03/15
Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc. d/b/a Winn-Dixie 253308/03/15
Nile Corporation d/b/a AMPM / Hassan Mini Market08/04/15
Avenel Service Station, Inc. d/b/a Avenel BP08/04/15
Petra Oil, Inc. d/b/a Bates BP Amoco08/04/15
Murphy Fuel Inc. d/b/a BP Shop / Super Save BP08/04/15
Standard Petroleum Company d/b/a Central Village Shell08/04/15
Clearwater Petroleum LLC d/b/a Citgo / Stop and Shop 308/04/15
T and M Compass Cove LLC d/b/a Compass Cove Gift Shop08/04/15
Eastwold Smoke Shop, Inc.08/04/15
Family Dollar Stores of Texas, LLC d/b/a Family Dollar Store 535208/04/15
Gas Hopper II LLC d/b/a Gas Hopper Convenience Store08/04/15
Go-Mart, Inc. d/b/a Go-Mart 2708/04/15
Hudson Group (HG) Retail, LLC d/b/a Hudson News 57408/04/15
The Kroger Co. d/b/a Kroger Fuel Center08/04/15
La Mexicana Supermarket, Inc. d/b/a La Chari Meat and Produce08/04/15
M and A Petro, Inc. d/b/a Lehigh Express08/04/15
Onkar Petroleum LLC d/b/a Marathon08/04/15
Adam Food Inc. d/b/a McKenzie's Food Fare Market / McKenzie's BB-Q and Market08/04/15
Minutemen Food Mart, Inc. d/b/a Minutemen Market08/04/15
Donald G. Lantz and Rose Ann Lantz d/b/a Rosie's Food and Gas08/04/15
Sue's Superette LLC08/04/15
Wal-Mart Stores East LP d/b/a Wal-Mart 587608/04/15
Wal-Mart Stores East LP d/b/a Wal-Mart Store 290008/04/15
Wal-Mart Stores East I, LP d/b/a Wal-Mart Supercenter 18908/04/15
AP Restaurant II LLC d/b/a Watermark08/04/15
Trent Investments, Inc. d/b/a Wes-T-Go 3108/04/15
Pejona, Inc. d/b/a Westview Liquors08/04/15
Seong Kong, Inc. d/b/a 63rd Market and Grill / 7608/05/15
JSP-Heran2, Inc. d/b/a 7-Eleven Store 32895A08/05/15
A.L. Prime Energy Consultant, Inc.08/05/15
Sri Sri LLC d/b/a Beach Food Mart08/05/15
Blue Nile Food Market Group Inc. d/b/a Blue Nile Food Store08/05/15
Syan Two Inc. d/b/a BP Gas Station08/05/15
Cayuga Food Market and Deli Inc.08/05/15
Central Grocery, LLC08/05/15
Charles Woytik d/b/a Corner Package Store08/05/15
Dolgencorp, LLC d/b/a Dollar General Store 671508/05/15
Khadija Magueri d/b/a Family Food Market08/05/15
Fadi Malki, Inc. d/b/a First Street Mobil/Snack Shop08/05/15
Fleetwing Corporation d/b/a Fleetwing Food Mart 00108/05/15
Food Lion, LLC d/b/a Food Lion 115208/05/15
Fruitland Market LLC08/05/15
Adnan, Inc d/b/a Gulf08/05/15
Joe Turenne d/b/a Joey's Mob Scene08/05/15
The Pantry, Inc. d/b/a Kangaroo Express 49208/05/15
Latinos Market LLC08/05/15
Cheong Chew d/b/a Parkway Deli / Phillips 6608/05/15
Lee and S Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a Rose's Gas and Grocery08/05/15
GPM Southeast, LLC d/b/a Scotchman 313308/05/15
St. Pete Shell Inc.08/05/15
Scrivener Oil Company, Inc. d/b/a Signal Food Store08/05/15
Claytongage, Inc. d/b/a Smoke Time Sam's08/05/15
Lincass Limited Inc. d/b/a South Side Market08/05/15
Anh V. Pham d/b/a Super A Store08/05/15
Tim Gardner Groceries LLC d/b/a The Store08/05/15
Walgreen Co. d/b/a Walgreens 342908/05/15
Whistlin' Jack Lodge, Inc08/05/15
7-Eleven, Inc. d/b/a 7-Eleven Store 3498808/10/15
Rvsona, Inc. d/b/a 7-Eleven Store 36000A08/10/15
Alpha and Omega Food Market LLC08/10/15
Ziyadeh, Inc. d/b/a Anderson Mini Market08/10/15
Adam Francis Jackson d/b/a Bailey's Corner Store08/10/15
Ska Inc d/b/a Belltown Smoke Shop08/10/15
Bottom's Up, Inc. Party Store d/b/a Bottoms Up Liquor08/10/15
Par Mar Oil Company d/b/a Par Mar Store 21 / BP08/10/15
Casey's General Stores, Inc. d/b/a Casey's General Store 154508/10/15
Community Mini-Markets Inc.08/10/15
Dash Convenience Inc. d/b/a Dash Convenience Mart08/10/15
Del Prado Gas and Food Mart LLC08/10/15
El Mercado De San Carlos, Inc.08/10/15
Super America, LLC d/b/a Everyday Stores08/10/15
Laizu Petroleum Inc. d/b/a Gas Kwik08/10/15
L and J Bonnell's Gas and Grocery, Inc. d/b/a Marathon08/10/15
Doris Formeta d/b/a Mi Bodega Latina Grocery08/10/15
Munchee's Express, Inc. d/b/a Munchee's Express II08/10/15
D. Skiles Corporation d/b/a Pioneer Market08/10/15
Aarav United LLC d/b/a Quick Stop08/10/15
Haris Quick Stop L.L.C. d/b/a Super Quick Stop08/10/15
James M. Davenport d/b/a Tobacco Road08/10/15
Countryside Convenience Inc. d/b/a Ultimate Wine and Cigars08/10/15
Sai Ram - Watling Road, LLC d/b/a Xpress Zone08/10/15
Zoom Mini Mart, Inc.08/10/15
Azteca Montura, Inc. d/b/a Azteca Supermarket08/11/15
IM International Corporation d/b/a Broadway Shell08/11/15
CHS Inc. d/b/a Cenex Zip Trip 1708/11/15
FOH Gas Mart, L.L.C. d/b/a Clark08/11/15
Crossroads Pantry, Inc.08/11/15
Hashim Petroleum LLC d/b/a Delta08/11/15
J and S Sales of Chippewa Falls, LLC d/b/a Express Mart08/11/15
Fruth Pharmacy, Inc. d/b/a Fruth Pharmacy Oakwood Road08/11/15
HAC, Inc. d/b/a Homeland Store 20008/11/15
Tran My Tieu d/b/a Lien Phong Food Market08/11/15
Private Brand Services, Inc. d/b/a Marathon Gas / PBS Party Store08/11/15
Mercado Acapulco LLC08/11/15
Central Florida Petroleum LLC d/b/a Orange Sunoco08/11/15
Outagamie Co-op Services Inc. d/b/a Plainfield Travel Plaza08/11/15
Sweiti Inc. d/b/a Quick Pick / Marathon08/11/15
The Spinx Company, Inc. d/b/a Spinx 26608/11/15
Satnam Oil Corporation d/b/a Stop n Shop08/11/15
Shankara Enterprises LLC d/b/a Sunhouse Petroleum08/11/15
Floridan Foods, "LLC" d/b/a The Green Store Food Mart 10708/11/15
Ekraj Inc. d/b/a Thompson's Grocery08/11/15
Two Farms, Inc. d/b/a Royal Farms Store 11108/11/15
TJTJ, Inc. d/b/a Village Liquor Shoppe08/11/15
Walgreen Co. d/b/a Walgreens 633108/11/15
Zenex International Group, LLC d/b/a Zenex Gas N Go / Sunoco Food Mart08/11/15
S and S Investment Group, Inc. d/b/a 7-11 Store 24333A08/12/15
Sheng Hui Lin d/b/a Asian Cuisine08/12/15
Asu Food Mart II, LLC d/b/a Asu Food Mart II / Marathon08/12/15
Chilhowee Grocery, LLC08/12/15
Clark Marathon, Inc. d/b/a Chum's Store / Tobacco Depot08/12/15
Mac's Convenience Stores LLC d/b/a Circle K08/12/15
Expressway Food Mart, LLC d/b/a Expressway Food Mart 208/12/15
Family Dollar Stores of Pennsylvania, Inc. d/b/a Family Dollar 657508/12/15
Bezzi, Inc. d/b/a Handy's Liquor08/12/15
S and A Investment, Inc. d/b/a Inn Mart08/12/15
J. Woodard, Inc. d/b/a J and J's Pronto08/12/15
American Drug Stores LLC d/b/a Jewel Osco 319208/12/15
Neighbors Food Store, Inc.08/12/15
Ken Kelley d/b/a Oak Grove Piggly Wiggly08/12/15
The Kroger Co. d/b/a Pay Less Fuel Center J-82708/12/15
Publix Super Markets, Inc. d/b/a Publix 066308/12/15
Witco, Inc. d/b/a Quik E Food Store08/12/15
Magnolia Sosa d/b/a Ricardo's Grocery Store08/12/15
Johnson Oil Company of Gaylord d/b/a S and K Foods / Marathon08/12/15
Santoshi Ma Corporation d/b/a S and S Discount Beverage08/12/15
Gas and More 2, Inc. d/b/a Shell08/12/15
Ken Peterson d/b/a Shop Qwik08/12/15
Southeast Fuel, L.L.C. d/b/a Sun Gas Station08/12/15
Scratch LLC d/b/a The Double Up08/12/15
Korner Store, LLC d/b/a The Korner Store08/12/15
United Cigar, LLC d/b/a United Cigar Store08/12/15
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. d/b/a Wal-Mart 74708/12/15
Lobo's Lounge, Inc. d/b/a Washington Square Package Store08/12/15
Danny Yaldo LLC d/b/a Wintersburg General Store08/12/15
Yosef Grocery Mart Inc.08/12/15
R Ali Prime Incorporated d/b/a AL Prime Energy08/17/15
Darji Enterprise, Inc. d/b/a Amstar08/17/15
Caldwell Confectionery LLC08/17/15
Campus Shop LLC08/17/15
Christina Beverage, Inc.08/17/15
Gas Station Management Inc. d/b/a Circle K08/17/15
Fenkell Gas and Go, LLC d/b/a Citgo08/17/15
Seakaytee Incorporated d/b/a Eddie's Bar and Grill08/17/15
Mini Pet Mart, Inc.08/17/15
S and R Petro, Inc. d/b/a Mystik08/17/15
Alexandria Team Inc. d/b/a New York Fried Chicken08/17/15
Poojan, Inc. d/b/a Pee Dee Grocery08/17/15
Pilot Travel Centers LLC d/b/a Pilot Travel Center 33708/17/15
Jovan Skaricki d/b/a Plaza Mini Mart08/17/15
Jeffrey Faulhaber d/b/a Presque Isle Superette08/17/15
Lehal Associates, Inc. d/b/a Quality Gas / Citgo08/17/15
Federico Rodriguez d/b/a Rodriguez Mini Market 308/17/15
Roll N Tobacco, LLC d/b/a Roll'n Tobacco08/17/15
Safeway Inc. d/b/a Safeway Fuel Station08/17/15
Safinco International Inc. d/b/a Safinco08/17/15
Brownsville Foods, Inc. d/b/a Shop N Save08/17/15
AMC Huron Co., Inc. d/b/a South Side Convenience Store08/17/15
Durga Fuel Stop Inc. d/b/a Trenton Hess08/17/15
Whitten's Feed and Seed, Inc.08/17/15
Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc. d/b/a Winn-Dixie 67608/17/15
Big D. Oil Co.08/18/15
Sajid Ayub d/b/a BP08/18/15
Mark Italiya d/b/a BP-Carrick / Fueland BP 22808/18/15
Nabou, Inc. d/b/a Carmen's Liquor and Deli08/18/15
RDK Ventures LLC d/b/a Circle K 674508/18/15
Vishwakarma by Jashka, LLC d/b/a Cocoa Beach Sunoco08/18/15
El Padrino Liquors, Inc. d/b/a County Liquors08/18/15
JK Stop and Go Inc. d/b/a Express Mart08/18/15
Family Produce Terminal Inc.08/18/15
Norfolk Avenue Market Inc. d/b/a Forest Park Market08/18/15
Rebco Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a Geneva Faststop / Citgo08/18/15
Arabo Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a Graham's Party Shoppe08/18/15
Hess Corporation d/b/a Hess 2151608/18/15
Murph and Doyle, Inc. d/b/a In N Out Food Stores08/18/15
Mustafa Leyla d/b/a La Central08/18/15
Atty's Parti Expo, Inc. d/b/a Parti Expo08/18/15
Sahib Thiara, Inc. d/b/a Peakview Wine and Spirits08/18/15
Gwendolyn J. Johnson d/b/a R and G Corner Store08/18/15
Nick's Gas and Auto Repair, Inc. d/b/a Riverview Mobil08/18/15
Route 60 Fine Wine and Spirits LLC d/b/a Route 60 Liquor Fine Wine and Famous Beer Cave08/18/15
SK Grocery Inc. d/b/a S and K Food Market08/18/15
State International Investment Corporation d/b/a Stop and Shop Food Store08/18/15
Gratiot Gas and Mini Mart, Inc. d/b/a Sunoco08/18/15
Vasai Inc. d/b/a Sunoco08/18/15
Akshay Investments LLC d/b/a Akshay Food Mart / Chevron08/19/15
G7 Oil Corporation d/b/a BP Shop08/19/15
DeBono's Inc. d/b/a DeBono's Stop and Go08/19/15
Haris Choudhury d/b/a Discount Food Store Plus08/19/15
Family Dollar Stores of Florida Inc. d/b/a Family Dollar Store 766808/19/15
Food Lion, LLC d/b/a Food Lion 104708/19/15
HKV Gilbertson Liquor, Inc08/19/15
TMT Enterprizes, LLC d/b/a Keys Liquor Store08/19/15
Dr. Watson's, Inc. d/b/a Liquor08/19/15
D and M Entertainment, Inc. d/b/a Little River City08/19/15
In Chul Lee and Hye Jung Lee d/b/a Parks Place / Shell08/19/15
P and R Investments, Inc. d/b/a Phil's One Stop / Phillips 6608/19/15
Abdy T. Ahmed d/b/a Polo One Stop08/19/15
RPM Prospects, L.L.C. d/b/a Roundhouse Liquors08/19/15
Naheeda 1, Inc. d/b/a Saving Spot / VP Racing Fuels08/19/15
Vent Gas, Inc. d/b/a Shamrock08/19/15
Big D. Oil Co. d/b/a Sinclair / Big D. Oil08/19/15
Sexton Holdings, L.L.C. d/b/a Stop N Shop08/19/15
Holden Brattle Market, Inc. d/b/a The Brattle Stop Market08/19/15
Big C Properties LLC d/b/a The Jug Liquor Store08/19/15
Fresh Start Convenience Stores, Inc. d/b/a The Valley Corner08/19/15
Rick and Linda Grimlie d/b/a Toronto 1 Stop08/19/15
Manjit Minimart LLC d/b/a Uni-Mart08/19/15
MMJJWS Corp. d/b/a 7-Eleven Store 29301A08/20/15
Chuck Wagon Charlie's, Inc08/20/15
Jay Siddhi Vinayak Inc. d/b/a Discount Liquor and Tobacco08/20/15
Baran Celik d/b/a Exxon Gas Station08/20/15
SIF Oidak Development Authority d/b/a Soda Stop08/20/15
JM Companies, Inc. d/b/a SuperAmerica ShortStop08/20/15
Asia Supermarket, LLC d/b/a Wallingford Food Land08/20/15
5th Avenue Liquors, Inc.08/24/15
Country Stores, Inc. d/b/a BJ's Country Store08/24/15
Brandon Liquors, Inc.08/24/15
C C Patel LLC d/b/a Carousel Deli and Pizzeria08/24/15
Curtis R. Childress d/b/a Childress Cash and Carry08/24/15
Country Acres Market, Inc.08/24/15
Go-Mart, Inc. d/b/a Go-Mart 3408/24/15
Julissa's Meat Market LLC08/24/15
Kum and Go, L.C. d/b/a Kum and Go 48308/24/15
Lee Liquor Inc.08/24/15
The R. R. Enterprises LLC d/b/a Midway Gas and Food08/24/15
Minitman, Inc. d/b/a Minitman Food and Fuel08/24/15
S and L Businesses, Inc. d/b/a Modern Liquors08/24/15
801 Last Resort, Inc. d/b/a North Third08/24/15
Conant Express, Inc. d/b/a Pelzer's Liquor / Pelzer's Party Store08/24/15
Poulson/Beach Enterprises, LLC d/b/a Perham BP08/24/15
Safeway Inc. d/b/a Safeway 186408/24/15
Mohammad Iqbal d/b/a Sam's Food Stores08/24/15
Chul, Inc. d/b/a Silver Hill Plaza Exxon08/24/15
Nick Gas Inc. d/b/a Sunoco08/24/15
N A H Petroleum Inc. d/b/a Sunoco08/24/15
Jamie S. Segarra d/b/a The Phat Italian Market and Deli08/24/15
L and S Mart Inc. d/b/a Valero08/24/15
Walgreen Co. d/b/a Walgreens 903108/24/15
Walgreen Arizona Drug Co. d/b/a Walgreens 984008/24/15
N and N Petroleum, Inc. d/b/a AL Prime Energy08/25/15
Allsup's Convenience Stores, Inc. d/b/a Allsup's 76 / Conoco08/25/15
Athalia Inc. d/b/a Arco AM PM / Athalia08/25/15
RGA Foods LLC d/b/a Budd Lake Shell / Food Mart08/25/15
Heartland Cooperative Services d/b/a Cenex Convenience Store08/25/15
Dina Monster, Inc. d/b/a DC's Downtown08/25/15
Dolgencorp, LLC d/b/a Dollar General 1225008/25/15
BigFoot Properties X, LLC d/b/a Edmonds BigFoot Java08/25/15
Ferg's Sports Bar and Grill, Inc.08/25/15
Gritz Liquors LLC08/25/15
H.E.B., Inc. d/b/a H-E-B Food Store 2208/25/15
F G and A, Inc. d/b/a Holiday House Wine Shoppe08/25/15
SC Petroleum Incorporated d/b/a Hoosier Mart / Washington Shell08/25/15
Jack's Place Two Inc. d/b/a In a Flash / Jack's Place08/25/15
Lil Country Store LLC d/b/a Li'L Country Store / Conoco08/25/15
Colvin Oil Company d/b/a Morgan Lane Chevron08/25/15
Murphy Oil USA, Inc. d/b/a Murphy USA 696208/25/15
Number One Casino, Inc08/25/15
Jack Petroleum Corporation d/b/a Phillips 6608/25/15
Philly Deli Delight Inc.08/25/15
Pasadena Shell, Inc. d/b/a Rally 23308/25/15
J.W. Sandri, Inc. d/b/a Sandri Stop Smart 38108/25/15
Michigan and Livernois Gas and Minimart, Inc. d/b/a Shamrock08/25/15
Smokin' Joe's Tobacco Shop, Inc08/25/15
T and J Management Inc. d/b/a Truck Border Chevron08/25/15
Un-Dun, LLC08/25/15
Mili Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a 7-Eleven08/26/15
Aubrey's, Inc. d/b/a Barley's Taproom08/26/15
Albert S. Fox d/b/a Bottle Shop08/26/15
Casey's General Stores, Inc. d/b/a Casey's General Store 326008/26/15
Village Pantry, Inc. d/b/a Village Pantry / Chevron Food Mart08/26/15
J.E.S.R. Foods, Inc. d/b/a Dairy Mart 73608/26/15
Digger's Dugout, Inc08/26/15
Dolgencorp, LLC d/b/a Dollar General 57008/26/15
East End Kitchen and Market, LLC08/26/15
Hitesh Mehta d/b/a Edgewood Liquor Grocery and Deli08/26/15
Pilot Travel Centers LLC d/b/a Flying J 60908/26/15
Pilot Travel Centers LLC d/b/a Flying J Store 75908/26/15
Gage Hill Farm, LLC08/26/15
Gilmore's Meadow, Inc08/26/15
One Stop Convenience Stores, Inc. d/b/a Grampian One Stop08/26/15
Zoila Menendez d/b/a Have a Cigar08/26/15
Ideal Supermarket LLC08/26/15
JC's Cigarette Outlet, LLC d/b/a JC's Mini Mall08/26/15
Elsa Nunez d/b/a La Esquina Grocery / La Gran Parada Market08/26/15
Mahendra Inc. d/b/a Lucky's Tobacco08/26/15
Don Knotts, Inc. d/b/a Parole Exxon08/26/15
ADIUM Oil Company, Inc. d/b/a Petro Plus08/26/15
Kentucky Lake Oil Company, Inc. d/b/a Pocket's Store 608/26/15
Two Farms, Inc. d/b/a Royal Farms Store 908/26/15
Jai Ambe Food Mart, Inc. d/b/a Savannah Mart08/26/15
NBS, Inc. d/b/a Smoker Friendly 208/26/15
Stripes LLC d/b/a Stripes 712308/26/15
W. W. Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a The Lamp Lounge08/26/15
Tip Top, Inc. d/b/a Tip Top / Clark08/26/15
Shreeyamuna, LLC d/b/a Woodside Mini Mart08/26/15
Raj Patel d/b/a 7 Eleven Store 2405 27731D08/31/15
All Family Deli and Grocery LLC08/31/15
Kutumb Sales, Inc. d/b/a BP08/31/15
Mac's Convenience Stores LLC d/b/a Circle K 230408/31/15
Kara Corp. d/b/a Convenient Food Mart 387508/31/15
Hyong S. Han d/b/a Discount Store08/31/15
Gerry's Variety, Inc. d/b/a Gerry's Variety and Trackside Cafe08/31/15
Hegge's Enterprises Inc. d/b/a Hegge's Chevron08/31/15
Thanvi, Inc. d/b/a International Cigar and Tobacco08/31/15
Jif-E-Mart of Waldron, Inc. d/b/a Jif-E-Mart / Exxon08/31/15
JR Oil Inc. d/b/a Jiffy Mini Mart 208/31/15
ESB and KCA Inc. d/b/a Jimmy's Deli Market and Teriyaki08/31/15
South Side Bar, Inc. d/b/a Keg 'N Kork Bar08/31/15
Keystone Petroleum Inc. d/b/a Keystone Food Mart08/31/15
Inaya LLC d/b/a McCrory Grocery08/31/15
Mega-X IV, LLC08/31/15
Henry W., Inc. d/b/a Roxbury Shell08/31/15
Two Farms, Inc. d/b/a Royal Farms Store 4908/31/15
Ajay Mataji LLC d/b/a Sterling Liquors08/31/15
Strickland's One Stop, Inc. d/b/a Strick's One Stop08/31/15
University Mart Inc. d/b/a Sunoco08/31/15
Shree Devi Enterprise of Cape Coral Inc. d/b/a Vapin In The Lee Discount Tobacco / Party Tobacco and Grocery08/31/15
Walgreen Co. d/b/a Walgreens 1011708/31/15
Walgreen Co. d/b/a Walgreens 1152508/31/15
Haan Corporation d/b/a Shell Food Mart08/31/15
RetailerDate Issued
Theresa Davidson d/b/a 7-Eleven09/01/15
Acme Markets, Inc. d/b/a Acme Markets 778609/01/15
CJK Market, Inc. d/b/a Aston Market09/01/15
Tom Hancock d/b/a Bair's Grocery09/01/15
Cheapy Smokes, LLC09/01/15
SM Beer and Wine, Inc. d/b/a Crown Beer Wine and Food Store / Crown Drive Thru09/01/15
Wal-Mart Stores Texas, LLC d/b/a Cypress Wal-Mart Supercenter 509109/01/15
Edge Water Services, Inc. d/b/a Edgewater 7-Eleven / Xtra Fuels09/01/15
Hackettstown Food LLC d/b/a Express Mart09/01/15
Gregory Thomas d/b/a Food-N-Fuel / Tesoro09/01/15
Kasy Inc. d/b/a Kenny's Market / Buscemis Pizza and Subs09/01/15
Kholoud Hamdi d/b/a LA Smoke Shop09/01/15
Pjay Two, Inc. d/b/a Marathon09/01/15
I 94 Petroleum Inc. d/b/a Mobil Mart09/01/15
Park N' Pak Smoke Shop, LLC d/b/a Park-N-Pak Mini Mart and Deli09/01/15
Fred Meyer Stores, Inc. d/b/a Quality Food Center 85109/01/15
Thomas Richard Schmidt d/b/a Schmidty's Superette09/01/15
George Kalamaras d/b/a Spiro's Delta09/01/15
H and S Realty and Property Inc. d/b/a Sunoco09/01/15
State Fair Gas, Inc. d/b/a Sunoco09/01/15
Ku and Shim, Inc. d/b/a The Store09/01/15
J.M. Tobacco, LLC d/b/a Tobacco Express09/01/15
Volt Petroleum Inc. d/b/a USA Petro09/01/15
Hamdani LLC d/b/a Valero / Foodmart09/01/15
Fly Store, Inc. d/b/a West Laramie Fly Store / Conoco09/01/15
Rithvik Corporation d/b/a 7-Eleven Store 2377009/02/15
The Bradlin Group Inc. d/b/a Buy Rite Liquor and Wine09/02/15
Larry Presher d/b/a C and L Quick Stop09/02/15
Woodland Gas and Convenience, Inc. d/b/a Calumet09/02/15
Petro Limited, Inc. d/b/a Citgo09/02/15
2K Express No 3 Inc. d/b/a Citgo09/02/15
Country Pride Cooperative, Inc. d/b/a Country Pride Coop / Cenex09/02/15
Country Pride Services Cooperative09/02/15
GNS Corporation d/b/a Discount City09/02/15
Thao Chen d/b/a Hong Kong Restaurant09/02/15
Khout, LLC09/02/15
Knights Quick Stop LLC09/02/15
Perley Industries, Inc. d/b/a LaPerle's IGA Supermarket09/02/15
Liquid Metal of Tampa Bay Inc. d/b/a Liquors09/02/15
MRMJ Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a Maple Valley Market09/02/15
Kelly Smith d/b/a Mateus Restaurant and Pub09/02/15
JS Palubicki, Inc.d/b/a Perham Tesoro09/02/15
Nebraska-Iowa Supply Company d/b/a Petro Mart Travel Plaza09/02/15
Pilot Travel Centers LLC d/b/a Pilot Travel Center 40209/02/15
Z and G Grocery Store LLC d/b/a Sharon Hill Deli09/02/15
Martins Petroleum, Inc. d/b/a Sunoco09/02/15
Western Spirits, Inc. d/b/a T-Joe's Steakhouse and Saloon09/02/15
Murrer's Cedar Chest, Inc. d/b/a The Cedar Chest09/02/15
CF Enterprises, LLC d/b/a The Corner Stop09/02/15
Carlton S. Spooner d/b/a The Food Mill09/02/15
R and A Sales, Inc. d/b/a TobacCorner09/02/15
Walgreen Co. d/b/a Walgreens 1044909/02/15
Wawa, Inc. d/b/a Wawa 609/02/15
Paul Tarantino Holdings, Inc. d/b/a Wine Centers Ridgeway09/02/15
Norwood AMPM LLC d/b/a Wow Flash Mart 303 / Phillips 6609/02/15
Workaferahu Habteyes d/b/a 7 Eleven Store 34905A09/08/15
K and J Petroleum, LLC d/b/a 76 / Food Mart09/08/15
Aramex, LLC d/b/a Ashe Street Convenience Store09/08/15
Lakehead Oil Company, Inc. d/b/a BP / Hawks Landing09/08/15
Chester Kelley and Alphna Kelley d/b/a Chewey Store09/08/15
Country Gas Mart, Inc.09/08/15
HJN Citgo, Inc. d/b/a Citgo09/08/15
J and J Distribution LLC d/b/a Duncan Corner Market09/08/15
Berrien County Farm Bureau Oil Company d/b/a Farm Bureau Oil Company09/08/15
The Kroger Co. d/b/a Fred Meyer 65809/08/15
Pop/Kab, LLC d/b/a Pops Grocery09/08/15
Tiger Express of South Carolina, Inc. d/b/a Tiger Express09/08/15
P and M Enterprise, Inc. d/b/a Willett Farms09/08/15
Downtown Corner 1 LLC09/08/15
Wadhah Alwaeli d/b/a Food Mart09/08/15
Get and Go Safe, LLC d/b/a Get and Go09/08/15
H and H Fuel, Inc. d/b/a Goreville H and H Fuel09/08/15
HNP, Inc. d/b/a Lucky's Liquor09/08/15
Scher-Cash Inc. d/b/a Maloney's Food Mart / The Loading Zone09/08/15
A and S Fuel 3 LLC d/b/a Marathon09/08/15
A-Z-A-H, LLC d/b/a Marathon09/08/15
Kevin Archie d/b/a Mary's Variety Store09/08/15
Quick Mart Pharmacy and Convenience LLC09/08/15
Safeway Inc. d/b/a Safeway 324709/08/15
Ibrahim Feras Jaber d/b/a Smoke City for Less09/08/15
Amigos Meat Market Inc.09/09/15
SSA Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a ampm / Woodinville Arco09/09/15
MMR Petro, Inc. d/b/a Belair Mart / Glenmore Tiger Mart09/09/15
Chesapeake Waugh Chapel Company, Inc. d/b/a Chesapeake Exxon09/09/15
China Moon of Collingdale, LLC d/b/a China Moon09/09/15
C.E. Taylor Oil, Inc. d/b/a Chuckles09/09/15
Resi Cigars LLC d/b/a Cigarette and Cigar Outlet09/09/15
TBJ's Enterprise LLC d/b/a Downtown Super Foods09/09/15
7-Eleven, Inc. d/b/a 7-Eleven 35912H09/09/15
Adel Labib Beshir Garss d/b/a Smoke Town09/09/15
Gill Group Enterprise Inc. d/b/a Georgetown Shell09/09/15
Leo A. Heineman d/b/a Gus's Party Store09/09/15
Lu-La of Seffner, Inc. d/b/a Kelly's Hideaway Lounge09/09/15
Rewal Thind d/b/a Mill Creek Gas09/09/15
Nancy E. Kuhlmann d/b/a Nancy's Ft. Lowell Pub09/09/15
TNT515 LLC d/b/a Pit Stop Liquor and Tobacco09/09/15
Secane Deli and Grill, Inc.09/09/15
Smoky's of Northville, LLC d/b/a Smoky's Fine Cigars09/09/15
Alcantar Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a Su Mercadito09/09/15
Cascardo Oil - Howell, Inc. d/b/a Sunoco09/09/15
Discount Den of Michigan, Inc. d/b/a The Den Party Store09/09/15
132 Third, LLC d/b/a Third Avenue Store09/09/15
Vasudevay LLC d/b/a Town News and Tobacco09/09/15
Village Market and Gas, LLC09/09/15
Z Mart Stores Corp. d/b/a Z Mart09/09/15
Akaal Investors, L.L.C. d/b/a 76 / Food Mart09/11/15
Top Gas and Mini Mart, LLC d/b/a Amin Gas and Mini Mart09/11/15
Aurora Cooperative Elevator Company d/b/a Aurora Cooperative09/11/15
Bootheel Petroleum Co., Inc. d/b/a B J's Kwik Shop09/11/15
Bayshore Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a Beck's Mini Mart09/11/15
Walgreen Co. d/b/a Walgreens 10449 (s/b BP) #47683509/11/15
Tudor Inns Management LLC d/b/a College Inn Easy Shoppe09/11/15
Family Dollar Stores of Indiana, L.P. d/b/a Family Dollar Store 374109/11/15
Shehadeh 2 LLC d/b/a Fruitville Shell09/11/15
Gunston Family Market, Inc.09/11/15
Johnson Petroleum Marketing, Inc. d/b/a Johnson's Amoco 109/11/15
Raj Shah, LLC d/b/a Kwik Mart09/11/15
Mac's Store, Inc09/11/15
J and B Redford Inc. d/b/a Mobil09/11/15
Moody Store, Inc.09/11/15
Pearl S and G, Inc. d/b/a Pearl S and G / Smoke and Gifts09/11/15
Ray and K Investment, LLC d/b/a Pit Stop / Riverview BP09/11/15
Witco, Incorporated d/b/a Quik-E Food Store 209/11/15
1417 Soho Investment, Inc. d/b/a Rainbow Food Mart09/11/15
NJ Fuel, L.L.C. d/b/a Shell09/11/15
C and B Warehouse Distributing, Inc. d/b/a Short Stop09/11/15
ANA Food and Beverage Inc. d/b/a Southside Food Mart,09/11/15
Fort Ripley Gas and Grocery LLC d/b/a Tesoro / Fort Ripley Gas and Grocery09/11/15
The Redzone Party Store LLC d/b/a The Red Zone09/11/15
Yogi Bear Enterprises Inc. d/b/a Yess! Convenience 4U09/11/15
7-Eleven Inc. d/b/a 7-Eleven 36533H / Exxon09/14/15
7-Eleven, Inc. d/b/a 7-Eleven 32579C09/14/15
J Ghuman Corporation d/b/a 7-Eleven Store 35289A09/14/15
W. Sheldon James d/b/a Angie's Quick Stop09/14/15
Bardin Grocery of Putnam County Inc. d/b/a Bardin Grocery09/14/15
SW Florida Petroleum, LLC d/b/a Beneva Mobil / On The Move09/14/15
Thomas M. Pevey d/b/a Big Country Bait Grocery and Cafe09/14/15
T and CM Family Partnership, LLLP d/b/a Boggy Creek Food Mart09/14/15
Routh 2 BP, LLC d/b/a BP09/14/15
Midway 55th Inc. d/b/a BP09/14/15
Kang Heui Yim d/b/a Cigar and Wine09/14/15
Kay and Dale's Kountry Korner, LLC d/b/a Country Store09/14/15
D's Liquor LLC d/b/a D's Liquors09/14/15
Nabhan Investment LLC d/b/a Davis and Son Food and Liquor09/14/15
Mo' Joe Coffee, Inc. d/b/a Epic Cafe09/14/15
George's Grocery USA, LLC d/b/a George's USA09/14/15
Jetts Food and Gas, Inc.09/14/15
B and B Gemini LLC d/b/a Kings Highway BP09/14/15
Kroger Limited Partnership d/b/a Kroger Fuel Center09/14/15
Datta C-Store, LLC d/b/a Raceway 99909/14/15
Clarksburg Hills, Inc. d/b/a Sheetz 50109/14/15
Stripes LLC d/b/a Stripes 216809/14/15
Big Bend Gas Inc. d/b/a Summerfield Chevron09/14/15
Walgreen Co. d/b/a Walgreens 0632009/14/15
Shri Nathji Food, Inc. d/b/a Yankee Food Mart09/14/15
A and D, Inc. d/b/a A and D Mini Mart09/15/15
Kolokithas and Sons, Inc. d/b/a Apollo II09/15/15
Border Sports Bar and Grill, LLC09/15/15
Niyati-Kundan Incorporated d/b/a Dairyland Foodmart09/15/15
2751, LLC d/b/a East Bay Citgo09/15/15
James R. Tavernia d/b/a Frechette's Grocery09/15/15
CL Crawford L.L.C. d/b/a Golden Tobacco09/15/15
ZZR 786 Corp. d/b/a Gulf09/15/15
Diane C. and Michael A. Bender LLC d/b/a Logan Supermart09/15/15
DMM, Inc. d/b/a Nick's Bar09/15/15
131-21 Stop One Deli and Grocery Corp. d/b/a One Stop Deli and Grocery09/15/15
2K Food Mart No2 , Inc. d/b/a Quikie Food Store09/15/15
Roundman's LLC d/b/a Roundman's Convenience Store09/15/15
Heer International Inc. d/b/a Simba Express09/15/15
Mara, Inc. d/b/a Speedy Select Citgo / Quick Mart09/15/15
Manito Super 1 Foods, Inc. d/b/a Super 1 Foods Sandpoint09/15/15
Robo Services, Inc. d/b/a Super C South / Exxon09/15/15
Bourne Limited, Inc. d/b/a The Emporium Liquor Shoppe09/15/15
Parkway Center Inc. d/b/a 7 Days Beer / Parkway Market09/16/15
Jayantilal B. Mistry d/b/a 7-Eleven 11574A 254309/16/15
Chicagoland Oil Company LLC. d/b/a Citgo / Smart Shop09/16/15
White Dove Groceries, Inc. d/b/a Grafton Shop N Save Express09/16/15
Orow Hayes Market, Inc. d/b/a Hayes Troester Market09/16/15
Hornell Smoke Shop Inc. d/b/a Hornell Hookah and Smoke Shop09/16/15
Buck Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a I-29 Food N Fill09/16/15
Ashraf Rashid d/b/a Jiffy Mart of St. Croix09/16/15
Liquor Locker, Inc.09/16/15
21st Century Petroleum LLC d/b/a Lombard ampm09/16/15
The Patterson Oil Company d/b/a Patco Handy Stop 209/16/15
Peak Wine and Spirits LLC09/16/15
Safeway Inc. d/b/a Safeway 155509/16/15
Esfand Inc. d/b/a Shop and Go09/16/15
Smoker's Heaven, LLC09/16/15
Super Stop Inc. d/b/a Super Station / Marathon09/16/15
S and A Convenience Store, Inc. d/b/a The Konnect Convenience09/16/15
Kesha Real Estate LLC d/b/a The Old Vine09/16/15
Charles Ryan and Delinda Richards d/b/a Tobacco and More09/16/15
Doug Anthrop d/b/a Tower Corner Citgo09/16/15
Village Pantry, LLC d/b/a Village Pantry 47309/16/15
Walgreen Co. d/b/a Walgreens 745209/16/15
Jason Hargrave d/b/a Amo General Store09/21/15
Big D. Oil Co. d/b/a Big D 1109/21/15
RSR, LLC d/b/a Breaktime / Chevron09/21/15
Cape Groceries Inc.09/21/15
Carniceria Sonora 1, Inc. d/b/a Carniceria Sonora09/21/15
Casey's Retail Company d/b/a Casey's General Store 194309/21/15
15439 Express, Inc. d/b/a Citgo09/21/15
Tang Enterprises, LLC d/b/a City Center Market09/21/15
Good Guys Grocery, Inc. d/b/a Fat Boy09/21/15
Samona, Inc. d/b/a G and P Market09/21/15
Git N Go Food Mart Inc. d/b/a Git N Go09/21/15
Ayza Enterprises LLC d/b/a Hillsborough Marathon / GasKwick09/21/15
James Dean Raymond d/b/a Jim and Deb's Smoke Shack09/21/15
Ozark Supermarket, Inc. d/b/a Murfin's Market09/21/15
Sunyoung, Inc. d/b/a Nick's Grocery and Meat09/21/15
Mamoud M. Sarameh d/b/a Park N Pak09/21/15
S and B Fuel Inc. d/b/a Phillips 6609/21/15
Pilot Travel Centers LLC d/b/a Pilot Travel Center 33809/21/15
Publix Super Markets, Inc. d/b/a Publix Store 89009/21/15
Pump 4 Less, Inc.09/21/15
Global Business US, LLC d/b/a Quick Shop Minit Mart 4209/21/15
R. K. Food Store, Inc. d/b/a R K Food Store / Krauszer's Food Store09/21/15
Ruposhi Bangla Corporation d/b/a San Francisco Market09/21/15
N and N, Inc. d/b/a Southeast BP09/21/15
Bold Moves, Inc. d/b/a Squire Lounge09/21/15
Halfmoon Sunoco, LLC d/b/a Sunoco09/21/15
Mound Road Operating Co. d/b/a Sunoco09/21/15
The Liquor Locker, Inc.09/21/15
Wal-Mart Stores East, LP d/b/a Wal-Mart 587509/21/15
Wal-Mart Stores East, LP d/b/a Wal-Mart Supercenter 245909/21/15
Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc. d/b/a Winn-Dixie 61009/21/15
Jay Chandan Inc. d/b/a A and D Beverage Station09/22/15
Daniel D. Moore d/b/a A B C09/22/15
Mayper Corporation d/b/a Bayshore Chevron09/22/15
Bev Castle Inc. d/b/a Beverage Castle09/22/15
Lucky's Mini Mart, L.L.C. d/b/a BJ's Auto Truck Plaza Island Restaurant09/22/15
M and H Food Mart, Inc. d/b/a BP09/22/15
Buen Gusto Supermarket, Corp.09/22/15
Rancho Corp. d/b/a Carniceria El Rancho09/22/15
Country Pride Cooperative, Inc. d/b/a Cenex / Ampride09/22/15
Charlie's Food Store, Inc.09/22/15
S and N Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a Chevron09/22/15
Citgo 4449 Inc.09/22/15
Deuel County Farmers Union Oil Company d/b/a Deuel County Cenex09/22/15
T and B Stores, LLC d/b/a Dino Mart09/22/15
J and P Flash, Inc. d/b/a Flash Market 33209/22/15
Florida Avenue Liquors Inc.09/22/15
Leong Lai Wah d/b/a Good Luck Carryout09/22/15
Sam's Mini Mart 3, Inc. d/b/a Gulf09/22/15
Kroger Limited Partnership I d/b/a Kroger 79209/22/15
Hare Krishna Fuel LLC d/b/a Mobil09/22/15
North and Elston, Inc. d/b/a North and Elston BP09/22/15
Saba Oil, Inc. d/b/a On de' go / Midway Shell09/22/15
See Store 1, L.L.C. d/b/a Roadrunner Quick Mart09/22/15
Shilshole Bay Fuel Dock, LLC09/22/15
Hess Retail Operations LLC d/b/a Speedway 652109/22/15
Hess Retail Operations LLC d/b/a Speedway 688709/22/15
Sulaiman Metalwala and Habib Gilani d/b/a Starzz Gifts and Sundries09/22/15
TA Operating LLC d/b/a TA Jacksonville South Travel Center 24809/22/15
Tarpon Liquors LLC09/22/15
T. and K. Puls, Inc. d/b/a 7-Eleven 1795909/23/15
Merchant Petroleum Group, LLC d/b/a 76 / Food Mart09/23/15
Jesus Jaquez d/b/a B and C Grocery09/23/15
BFS Foods, Inc. d/b/a BFS Foods 1609/23/15
Blue Jay Detroit, Inc. d/b/a Blue Jay Market09/23/15
Troy Novak d/b/a Bottoms Up09/23/15
ISA Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a Campus Valero09/23/15
Circle K Stores Inc. d/b/a Circle K 602809/23/15
Brian's Gas and Go LLC d/b/a Colburn's Mart09/23/15
Vivian Fletcher d/b/a Country Stop09/23/15
Crossroads Convenience Store, LLC09/23/15
Sam Samarji d/b/a Dansville Village Mart09/23/15
Southern Oil Company Inc. d/b/a Fast Mart 809/23/15
Gregory Harris d/b/a Fredonia Corner Market09/23/15
Shawn and Devon, Inc. d/b/a Golden Star Food Center09/23/15
Dhun Guru Nanak Corporation d/b/a Greencastle Mini Mart / Phillips 6609/23/15
Jamal M. H. Al-Soudani, Inc. d/b/a Jamal's AMPM / ARCO09/23/15
Ken's Stop and Shop, Inc. d/b/a Ken's Stop and Shop / Phillips 6609/23/15
A and M Fuel Inc. d/b/a Marathon09/23/15
Manshi Food Limited Liability Company d/b/a One Stop Shoppe09/23/15
Abro P and L, Inc. d/b/a Robertson's Food Center09/23/15
East Side Enterprises, LLC d/b/a Seasons Corner Market / Shell09/23/15
Speedway LLC d/b/a Speedway 727209/23/15
Vansh Corp. d/b/a Stop 11 / Phillips 6609/23/15
Harold and Myrtle Young and Shelly McNew d/b/a Stop N Spot09/23/15
C and W Bros, Inc. d/b/a Temple Hill Shell09/23/15
Ja-Mel, Inc. d/b/a The Corner Store09/23/15
The Edge: Bar and Grill, LLC d/b/a The Edge Bar and Grill09/23/15
APCO Petroleum Corporation d/b/a Valero09/23/15
Bond Drug Company of Illinois, LLC d/b/a Walgreens 332209/23/15
Hillsdale Food and Fuel, LLC d/b/a 7609/25/15
Neekee LLC d/b/a Blue Fish Liquor and Cigars09/25/15
12 Petro, Inc. d/b/a BP09/25/15
Chula Vista, Inc. d/b/a Chula Vista Resort09/25/15
K and K Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a Corner Gas and Goodies09/25/15
CJ Unlimited LLC d/b/a County Line Convenience09/25/15
Wheels of CT, Inc. d/b/a Friendly Service 51 / Citgo09/25/15
Fort Ave Investments, LLC d/b/a Garden Restaurant and Lounge09/25/15
Bharat Enterprises Inc. d/b/a Garden Square Café09/25/15
Patricia McGinnis d/b/a Gas N More09/25/15
Sky Moon LLC d/b/a I Smoke09/25/15
Blue Star Market, Inc. d/b/a In ‘N’ Out Food Store09/25/15
Rick Jacobs d/b/a Jacobs Auto Repair09/25/15
Multnomah Deli, LTD. d/b/a John's Marketplace09/25/15
Leathers Enterprises, Incorporated d/b/a Leathers Fuels09/25/15
Stars Unlimited of Brandon L.L.C. d/b/a Lumsden BP09/25/15
Cube Ventures LLC d/b/a Marathon09/25/15
Hardee's of Southwest Missouri, Incorporated d/b/a Mule Express09/25/15
Neal, Inc. d/b/a One Stop 11 / Exxon09/25/15
Pavey's Grocery, Inc. d/b/a Phillips 6609/25/15
Ehlinger and Associates, Inc. d/b/a Quick Shop Minit Mart 9 / Shell09/25/15
RedBone's II LLC d/b/a RedBone's09/25/15
Florida Petroleum LLC d/b/a Ridge Road Sunoco09/25/15
Slippery Dock, Inc. d/b/a Slippery's09/25/15
K and G Riverside, LLC d/b/a Smoke Time and Olympus Vapor09/25/15
Smokers Choice, Inc.09/25/15
Jay Khodiyar Inc.d/b/a Smokers Express09/25/15
Canyon River LLC d/b/a Stayton Arco AM/PM09/25/15
Super Quik, Inc. d/b/a Super Quik 1509/25/15
JYM LLC d/b/a Top Tobacco09/25/15
U.S. Mini Mart LLC d/b/a U.S. Food Mart09/25/15
Farris Standard Service Incorporated d/b/a BP09/11/15
RetailerDate Issued
Amtul Companies Inc. d/b/a BP10/01/15
PH Shin Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a Capital Smoke and More10/01/15
Laconia LLC d/b/a Faunce Corner Mobil10/01/15
Fitterer Implement, Inc. d/b/a Fitterer's C-Store10/01/15
General Food Stores of Walterboro, Inc. d/b/a General IGA10/01/15
St. Paul Grocery, LLC d/b/a Hometown Market10/01/15
MWF Petroleum LLC d/b/a Hoosier Pete 224 / Shell10/01/15
Mace Town and Country, Inc. d/b/a Mace Supermarket10/01/15
Michael Food Market, Inc. d/b/a Michael's Grocery10/01/15
Orton Motor, Inc. d/b/a Orton's Bagley10/01/15
Sadina Mini Mart Inc. d/b/a BP10/02/15
Quick Fuel LLC d/b/a BP10/02/15
Circle K Stores Inc. d/b/a Circle K 977810/02/15
TBYS Corporation d/b/a Coney Island Tavern10/02/15
Judys Cafe, Inc. d/b/a Judy's Convenience Liquors10/02/15
J Triple B LLC d/b/a Kettering Liquors10/02/15
Mirak Inc. d/b/a King's Deli and Mart10/02/15
LMD Enterprises Inc. d/b/a Original Buscemi's10/02/15
Jolley Klein Enterprises, LLC d/b/a Swann Avenue Market10/02/15
Habibi Supermarket and Deli, Inc. d/b/a Ybor City Food Mart10/02/15
ARS Gas and Groceries, Inc. d/b/a Apple Bin Shell10/05/15
Neal Reynolds d/b/a Applegate Store and Cafe10/05/15
BAP Group, Inc. d/b/a Big Tree Trading Company Convenience Store10/05/15
The Cigar Hut Inc. d/b/a Cigar Hut10/05/15
G and D Quick Mart, LLC10/05/15
Karla, Inc. d/b/a KC's Food Store10/05/15
Lincoln Corners, LLC d/b/a Lincoln Store10/05/15
BJCN, Inc. d/b/a Liquor Plus10/05/15
Gild Corporation d/b/a Macadoodles10/05/15
Caro's Market, Inc. d/b/a Miramar Market10/05/15
Moscow Grocery, Inc.10/05/15
Pelican Larry's North LLC d/b/a Pelican Larry's Raw Bar and Grill10/05/15
Pitstop Market Corporation d/b/a Pit Stop Mobil10/05/15
C and K Market, Inc. d/b/a Ray's Food Place10/05/15
U.R.M. Stores, Inc. d/b/a URM Cash and Carry10/05/15
IM Woodmoor, Inc.d/b/a Woodmoor Shell10/05/15
Yeaman's Hall Amoco, LLC d/b/a Yeamans Hall Amoco / BP10/05/15
CSt. Boardwalk, Inc. d/b/a 7-Eleven Store 2529010/06/15
Boon Operations, LLC d/b/a Bannister Food Mart / Phillips 6610/06/15
Robert Lamprecht d/b/a Bob's Bar10/06/15
7 Mile and Coyle Fuels, Inc. d/b/a BP10/06/15
Farmers Union Oil Company of Glen Ullin and Hebron d/b/a Cenex10/06/15
Weban Enterprises, LLC d/b/a Chevron10/06/15
The Cold Spot, LLC d/b/a Cold Spot10/06/15
Afrin Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a Country Convenience10/06/15
Foodmart II, Inc. d/b/a Crete Foodmart10/06/15
Scott Thomas d/b/a Fastway 66 / Phillips 6610/06/15
Main and Mason, LLC d/b/a Pick ‘N Roll / Main Street BP10/06/15
Darlene Hudson d/b/a Produce and More10/06/15
Precise Investing, LLC d/b/a Quick Mart / ZX10/06/15
Krisha, LLC d/b/a Royal 7 Food and Deli10/06/15
Southwind Restaurants, L.L.C. d/b/a Southwind BP10/06/15
Western Convenience Stores, Inc. d/b/a Western Convenience10/06/15
Albertson's LLC10/07/15
BI-LO, LLC d/b/a BI-LO 562410/07/15
T and M United Corporation d/b/a BP Shop10/07/15
Crown Fish and Chicken, LLC10/07/15
Helena Dutra Marsh and Dennis Michael Marsh d/b/a DJ's Country Market10/07/15
Double T Truck Stop, LLC10/07/15
Family Dollar Stores of Florida, Inc. d/b/a Family Dollar Store 777910/07/15
Jomimi's, Inc. d/b/a Git-N-Go 210/07/15
Emily Peeler d/b/a Highway 150 Food Mart10/07/15
Bagley Foods, Inc. d/b/a Kubiak's Family Foods10/07/15
Lighthouse Market, LLC d/b/a Lighthouse Grocery10/07/15
Madison Gas Enterprise, Inc. d/b/a Madison Chevron10/07/15
Damaso Edmundo Gastelum d/b/a Mundo's Drive Thru10/07/15
Shirtcliff Oil Co. d/b/a Myrtle Creek Chevron10/07/15
Zuhair Jaouni d/b/a Sam's St. Louis Packing Company10/07/15
GPM Southeast, LLC d/b/a Scotchman 315910/07/15
Tiverton Convenience Point, Inc. d/b/a State Line Tobacco Convenience10/07/15
A and A Petro Mart Inc. d/b/a Sunoco10/07/15
Walnut C-Store LLC d/b/a Walnut C-Store / Marathon Food Center10/07/15
Blanchard Liquor, Inc.10/08/15
Layla K., Inc. d/b/a Chesterfield Market10/08/15
Kathy and Johnny, Inc. d/b/a Conoco at Brighton Blvd / Shell10/08/15
Costa De Oro Grocery LLC.10/08/15
E and J Grocery LLC d/b/a E and J Deli Grocery Store10/08/15
J J Stores, Inc. d/b/a Falcon Fuel10/08/15
Family Dollar Stores of Oklahoma, Inc. d/b/a Family Dollar 114910/08/15
George Freeman and Earnestine Freeman d/b/a Han-D-Sak10/08/15
Lee Oil Company d/b/a Lee's Food Mart10/08/15
Sisters Mainline Station, LLC d/b/a Mainline Station10/08/15
RS Sallan LLC d/b/a Marathon10/08/15
McCray's Country Cupboard, LLC10/08/15
McQuick Stop, LLC d/b/a McQuick's10/08/15
A and M Oil, Inc. d/b/a Mobil10/08/15
Melea, LLC d/b/a Progress Grocery and Deli10/08/15
Progress Liquor, LLC10/08/15
Corner Store, LLC d/b/a Quick Stop / Valero10/08/15
Krayem Inc. d/b/a Quick Stop Foods10/08/15
JM Murad, Inc. d/b/a West End Liquor Store10/08/15
Omar Farooq  d/b/a 7-Eleven 1841010/09/15
Nudrat Pasha d/b/a 76th Smoke Shop10/09/15
AI Murray Oil LLC d/b/a Arco Cornell / AM PM10/09/15
Claboe Investments Inc. d/b/a Bill's Shell10/09/15
Naples Meat and Produce Corp. d/b/a Bravo Supermarket10/09/15
Six Mile Investment Inc. d/b/a Eagle Creek Marathon10/09/15
A.B. Grocery Company d/b/a Harts Galaxy10/09/15
King Chevron Food Mart, Inc.10/09/15
2209 W. Lake Ave., Inc. d/b/a Lake Ave. Liquor10/09/15
B.P. Channelside, Inc. d/b/a Metro Marathon and Zelda's Cafe10/09/15
Four Seas Trading, Inc. d/b/a Oceanic Oriental Supermarket10/09/15
Emanuel Petroleum, Inc. d/b/a Quik Mart10/09/15
RaceTrac Petroleum, Inc. d/b/a RaceTrac 67610/09/15
Safeway Inc. d/b/a Safeway Fuel Store 440410/09/15
818 Market Place, Inc. d/b/a Sunoco / Food Mart10/09/15
Sunshine Foods of St. Petersburg, Inc.10/09/15
Super Petroleum, Inc10/09/15
Barbin Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a The Crawfish Nest and Market10/09/15
Collierco, Inc. d/b/a Timber Valley Tobaccos10/09/15
Village Pantry, LLC d/b/a Village Pantry 60610/09/15
Seven Star Stores I, LLC d/b/a 7 Stars Stores I10/13/15
Rama Corporation d/b/a 7-Eleven 17867C10/13/15
Arimes, Inc. d/b/a 7-Eleven 25550A10/13/15
Party Place Market, Inc. d/b/a Ash Market10/13/15
Gajanand, Inc. d/b/a Bob's Food and Fuel10/13/15
Mac's Convenience Stores LLC d/b/a Circle K 4810/13/15
Sylla Enterprises, LLC d/b/a Detox Bar and Grill10/13/15
Anthony J. Bonito d/b/a Irving Mini Mart10/13/15
Premier Enoteca Inc. d/b/a Jamie's Fine Wine and Spirits10/13/15
Lee and Wood, Inc. d/b/a Connolly's Market10/13/15
Dunya Food, Inc. d/b/a Mega Supermarket10/13/15
Pierson Service Station, LLC d/b/a Pierson Shell10/13/15
Raziela, Inc. d/b/a Plainville Liquors10/13/15
Ray Food Mart, Inc.10/13/15
Amin Enterprise Inc. d/b/a Smokey Shope10/13/15
Joseph R. Starr d/b/a Starrs Country Market10/13/15
Sundries Market LLC d/b/a Sundrie's Market10/13/15
Valley Head Market, Inc.10/13/15
Waheguru Gas LLC d/b/a Delta10/13/15
Joseph Palmeri d/b/a Westside Shell10/13/15
12 West, Inc. d/b/a 12 West Chevron10/14/15
Moksh Inc. d/b/a Albany Food Store / Pick N Pay10/14/15
Ney, LLC d/b/a Blue Shark10/14/15
Jack and Jina's Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a BP10/14/15
Douglas W. Rowe, Jr. d/b/a Carrolls Country Store10/14/15
Lucrative Business, Inc. d/b/a Cigar Plus10/14/15
Countryside Cooperative10/14/15
Darlington Food and Beverage Inc. d/b/a Darlington Food Store10/14/15
Family Dollar Stores of Florida, Inc. d/b/a Family Dollar Store 863510/14/15
Gateway Service Station, LLC10/14/15
Gaugert Automotive, Inc. d/b/a Gaugert's Mobil Mart10/14/15
Harvey Couch d/b/a Golf Links Shell / Superstop10/14/15
Dillon Companies, Inc. d/b/a King Soopers Fuel Kiosk10/14/15
La Mexicana Latin, Inc. d/b/a La Mexicana Latin Store10/14/15
Rosevelt Swinton and Daisy Swinton d/b/a Lakeview Market10/14/15
MT Gas Inc. d/b/a Lukoil10/14/15
Darshan LLC d/b/a Quick Store10/14/15
Willie Smith d/b/a Rocky Bluff Grocery10/14/15
Gill Petroleum, Inc. d/b/a Sunoco10/14/15
Gilbert W. Feather III d/b/a Woody's Super Bargain10/14/15
Judith Kindle d/b/a Al's Place10/15/15
M. G. Oil Company  d/b/a Corner Pantry10/15/15
378 Hwy 155 LLC  d/b/a Fast Lane Superstore10/15/15
Jesse Brabham d/b/a Grocery Corner10/15/15
ZRN, LLC d/b/a Hardy Shell 110/15/15
Warsaw Oil Company, Incorporated d/b/a Hot Spot 210/15/15
Jason Zacher d/b/a Humm Dinger / Conoco10/15/15
Jeremiah B. Dunning d/b/a Jays Station / Gull10/15/15
Little General Store, Inc. d/b/a Little General Store 207510/15/15
McDonough's Market, Inc.10/15/15
Mountain Spirit Liquors, LLC d/b/a Mountain Spirit10/15/15
ESS EN CY, LLC d/b/a Oregon City Shell10/15/15
Jay Petroleum, Inc.  d/b/a Pak-A-Sak 3210/15/15
Pilot Travel Centers LLC d/b/a Pilot Travel Center 30810/15/15
SLB Raceway, Inc. d/b/a Rensselaer Food Mart10/15/15
South Main Street Pantry and Liquors of Darlington, LLC d/b/a South Main Pantry10/15/15
Sahi, Inc. d/b/a Stop N Save10/15/15
Sun Grocery, L.L.C10/15/15
WSCO Petroleum Corp. d/b/a Texaco / Astro 20310/15/15
Washington St. Liquor / Deb's Mixers, L.L.C.10/15/15
JR Davis Services Corp. d/b/a 7-Eleven Store 10202B10/16/15
Urban Markets, Inc. d/b/a Carnival Grocery10/16/15
K.B. Oil Corp. d/b/a Citgo10/16/15
Ginger's Citgo, Inc. d/b/a Citgo10/16/15
Damen, Inc. d/b/a Damen Food and Liquor10/16/15
Lynn Pederson d/b/a Gate City General10/16/15
Mansour Brothers Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a Hyde Park Food Mart / Metro Market10/16/15
Roopsons, Inc. d/b/a Marathon10/16/15
Fabulous Morans LLC d/b/a Moran's Bar and Liquor Store10/16/15
Panchshil Petroleum, Inc. d/b/a Norristown Amoco / BP10/16/15
Misbah Corporation d/b/a Norristown Food Mart10/16/15
On the Run 1, LLC d/b/a On the Run / Shell10/16/15
Heana Kim, Inc. d/b/a Quick Shop Minit Mart Food  Stores / A and S Mini Mart10/16/15
Armil LLC d/b/a Shell / Holgate Gas and Grocery10/16/15
Silver Seven Groceries, Inc. d/b/a Silver 7 Food Mart / Mobil Mart10/16/15
St. Johns Deli and Grocery Inc.10/16/15
Super Food and Liquors, Inc.10/16/15
D. Bhalala, Inc. d/b/a Trooper Sunoco10/16/15
Wymore Superfoods, Inc.10/16/15
MJ Mart, Inc. d/b/a 7-Eleven 2692310/19/15
Ahura Mazda, Inc. d/b/a 7-Eleven 3533510/19/15
REEM Inc. d/b/a 94 Convenience Food Mart10/19/15
Aro Systems, Inc. d/b/a Aro Mart / Phillips 6610/19/15
Bradley Petroleum, Inc. d/b/a Bradley 7110/19/15
Casey's General Stores, Inc. d/b/a Casey's General Store 171210/19/15
Smartington, Inc. d/b/a Casino Tavern10/19/15
Rahmania, LLC d/b/a Citgo Food Mart10/19/15
HBY Inc. d/b/a Crossroads Market / 7610/19/15
5561 Vineland Food Mart, Inc. d/b/a Food Mart10/19/15
Fuel One, Inc.,10/19/15
Main Stop Inc. d/b/a Main Stop Cigars and Tobacco10/19/15
Miladys Grocery Store LLC d/b/a Milady's Grocery10/19/15
Abbott Corp. d/b/a Mobil Mart10/19/15
Panther Cash and Carry, Inc.10/19/15
Paul and Bill's Service Center, Inc.10/19/15
Poplar Golf and Recreation, Inc. d/b/a Poplar Golf Course10/19/15
Bernabe Guzman d/b/a Supermercado Guzman10/19/15
Twin Liquors, Inc10/19/15
United Farmers Mercantile Cooperative10/19/15
New Start Operations Group, LLC d/b/a 139 Central Florida Parkway Chevron10/20/15
Baig Enterprises Inc. d/b/a 7-Eleven Store 33186A10/20/15
Pacific Northwest Petroleum, Inc. d/b/a 7610/20/15
P and H Service, Inc. d/b/a Dellwood Mobil Mart10/20/15
Reecha Heena Inc. d/b/a Eastern Ave Hess10/20/15
Unicus Inc. d/b/a Fastrax 210/20/15
GJ's, Inc. d/b/a GJ's Pizza10/20/15
Greek Village Inc.10/20/15
United HBA Corporation d/b/a Marathon Food Center10/20/15
AFI Petro, Inc. d/b/a Park Circle BP10/20/15
Jak Investments LLP d/b/a Pit Stop Beverages10/20/15
Biz, Inc. d/b/a Shell10/20/15
Theodore Bell d/b/a Siskiyou Market10/20/15
Super Choice Meat LLC d/b/a Super Choice Meat and Grocery10/20/15
AK, Inc. d/b/a Tesoro10/20/15
The Local Store and Gas L.L.C. d/b/a The Local Store10/20/15
MW Sales Incorporated d/b/a Tobacco To Go10/20/15
5108 Beverage, L.L.C. d/b/a Villa Liquor Store10/20/15
JBMD Corporation Inc. d/b/a Virginia Food Mart10/20/15
Walgreen Co. d/b/a Walgreens 1515410/20/15
Bay Center, Inc. d/b/a Bay Center Market10/21/15
Reynolds Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a Beehive Cafe10/21/15
Macee, LLC d/b/a BP Food Mart10/21/15
Brandon Spirits, LLC10/21/15
Cumberland Farms, Inc. d/b/a Cumberland Farms 120510/21/15
Dolgencorp, LLC d/b/a Dollar General Store 372510/21/15
Dundee 53 Shell LLC10/21/15
Shan Melbourne, Inc. d/b/a Farm Stores 190110/21/15
JSP Corporation d/b/a Grab N Go Food Center / Marathon10/21/15
Lily's Grocery, LLC10/21/15
Old Dutch Mill LLC10/21/15
Nick's Minimart LLC d/b/a Racine Supermarket and Nick's Deli10/21/15
V and V Enterprises Incorporated d/b/a Shell10/21/15
Shivji Corporation d/b/a Stop N Go10/21/15
MW Sales Incorporated d/b/a Vape Lounge / Tobacco Land10/21/15
Village Market, Inc.10/21/15
Wal-Mart Stores East, LP  d/b/a Wal-Mart Supercenter 385110/21/15
Village Pantry, LLC  d/b/a Village Pantry 56410/21/15
Walgreen Eastern Co. Inc. d/b/a Walgreens 1161910/21/15
Faiez, Inc. d/b/a Wassef Family Deli Mart10/21/15
Guam T and Y Corporation d/b/a Alice's Mart10/22/15
Dexter Investment, Inc. d/b/a Bailey's Liquor and Food Market10/22/15
Carpe Diem, Inc. d/b/a Bear Creek Country Store and Feed10/22/15
Larry Gates d/b/a Bear's Den10/22/15
BFB Service, Inc. d/b/a BP10/22/15
G and N Petroleum, Inc. d/b/a Bremen Food Mart / Marathon10/22/15
Nimrocks Oil Co., Inc. d/b/a Circle N Exxon (479934)10/22/15
ARS-Fresno LLC d/b/a Shell10/22/15
Yes Dear, Inc. d/b/a Express Mart Pit Stop10/22/15
Connie Gail Thomas d/b/a Flatwoods Grocery10/22/15
8 Mile Fuel, LLC  d/b/a Gulf10/22/15
Jewel Food Stores, Inc. d/b/a Jewel Osco 327210/22/15
Kadahl Corporation d/b/a Metro Food Mart10/22/15
Venture Dynamics, Inc. d/b/a Riverview Quick Mart10/22/15
Elsie A. Roberts and Milton S. Roberts d/b/a Rocky Point Market10/22/15
Rowden's Express LLC d/b/a Rowden's Express / Sinclair10/22/15
Semma Liquor Shop, Inc.10/22/15
Rocky Waters, Inc. d/b/a The Senate Smoke Shop10/22/15
Fiza LLC d/b/a Ultra Food and Fuel10/22/15
Linwood and Grand Blvd., Inc. d/b/a Valero10/22/15
L and A Petroleum LLC d/b/a Columbus Sunoco10/23/15
Mary Jane P. Devish d/b/a Express Market10/23/15
Freeborn County Cooperative Oil Company d/b/a Freeborn County Co-op Oil10/23/15
Fresh Start Convenience Stores, Inc. d/b/a Fresh Start10/23/15
Sarah Amir LLC d/b/a Gold Hill Shell / Adams Mart10/23/15
Kadoka Gas and Go Inc.10/23/15
GEO Plaza, LLC d/b/a Lake Geo Travel Plaza10/23/15
Las Gemelas, Inc. d/b/a Las Gemelas Food Store10/23/15
MJ Mart, LLC10/23/15
Gyani, Inc. d/b/a Moberly Mart / Xpress Mart10/23/15
New Chinese Gourmet Inc.10/23/15
Tribe of South Carolina, LLC d/b/a Polo Market10/23/15
Heong's Market, Inc. d/b/a Roch's Market10/23/15
Scorpion Colorado LLC d/b/a Sav On Cigarettes10/23/15
Shaun-SEJ Corporation d/b/a Spot Food Store / Chester's10/23/15
A and TT Deal Inc. d/b/a Stop N Shop / Shell10/23/15
Warman's Party Store, L.L.C.10/23/15
Whitley Oil, L.L.C. d/b/a Whitley Oil 2 / Corner Exxon10/23/15
Williams Fast Stop LLC10/23/15
Abboud N. Safar d/b/a Zidal Food Store10/23/15
Grafika 23, Inc. d/b/a 7-Eleven Store 2283610/26/15
Blanding Food Mart Inc.10/26/15
BGAN Group, Inc. d/b/a Gas Kwick10/26/15
Vishal Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a King Party Store10/26/15
Taimur, Inc. d/b/a Laurel Exxon10/26/15
QuikTrip Corporation d/b/a QuikTrip 44310/26/15
Three Stars Spruces LLC d/b/a Radiant / Marathon10/26/15
Sav-O-Mat, Inc.10/26/15
Skeeter's Pub Inc. d/b/a Speedy Mart10/26/15
Checker's II Inc. d/b/a Spirit10/26/15
Noah Mart Inc. d/b/a Sunmart Marathon10/26/15
Washington Petroleum Group, Inc. d/b/a Time Saver Mart / Chevron10/26/15
Wooldridge Investments, L.L.C. d/b/a Affiliated Foods of Manson10/27/15
Kum Ju Lee d/b/a Alegeta Market10/27/15
SRVR Partners, LLC d/b/a Arco / AMPM10/27/15
Ma Shakti Inc. d/b/a Bravo Supermarket10/27/15
1030 Cleveland Drive, Inc. d/b/a Cleve-Hill Auto and Tire10/27/15
BVNH Solutions, Inc. d/b/a Columbus Marathon / GasKwick10/27/15
Family Dollar Stores, Inc. d/b/a Family Dollar Store 478710/27/15
Low Cost Supermarket, Inc.10/27/15
Ma. Joo Young d/b/a New Asan Beach Market10/27/15
QuikTrip Corporation d/b/a QuikTrip 46010/27/15
Two Farms, Inc. d/b/a Royal Farms Store 2510/27/15
Reliable Investment LLC d/b/a Sandy Acres Grocery10/27/15
North Cascade Petroleum, LLC d/b/a Spirit of Lynden / 76 Food Mart10/27/15
4601 Gulf Krasnosky LLC d/b/a St. Pete Beach Mobil10/27/15
Stripes LLC d/b/a Stripes 219010/27/15
Messelmani Bros Inc. d/b/a Nebraska Sunoco10/27/15
Tang Mart, LLC d/b/a Tang Mart / Chevron10/27/15
Packer Corporation d/b/a Tinder Box10/27/15
K and J Gantt LLC d/b/a Tobacco Outlet10/27/15
Edward Gary Blaszczyk d/b/a Village Market10/27/15
GAT, Inc. d/b/a 4-Seasons Quick Stop10/28/15
Goldsmith Services, Inc. d/b/a 7-Eleven Store 3242310/28/15
Lareau Inc. d/b/a Bad Habits Smoke Shop10/28/15
Circle K Stores Inc. d/b/a Circle K 82810/28/15
Nisreen Smoke Shop L.L.C. d/b/a City Smoker10/28/15
Family Dollar Stores of Florida, Inc. d/b/a Family Dollar 235610/28/15
Beryl Ming Yu You d/b/a Feng Cheng10/28/15
Molly In and Out LLC d/b/a In and Out Drive Thru10/28/15
Gulf Resources, Inc. d/b/a Joe's Gas10/28/15
Macau Casino, L.L.C.10/28/15
Mendon Ventures, Inc. d/b/a Panther Pause Quik Stop10/28/15
Petro Champ Inc.10/28/15
United Grocers Network Inc. d/b/a Safeco Food Store 510/28/15
Savory Deli and Market, Inc. d/b/a Savory Deli and Market10/28/15
Amnun Maksumov d/b/a Smoke Shop / We Buy Gold and Shoe Repair10/28/15
Superpumper, Inc.10/28/15
Doug Decker d/b/a The Pit Stop10/28/15
Brevard Tobacco Outlet, Inc. d/b/a Tobacco Outlet / Cigars Tobacco10/28/15
Walgreen Co. d/b/a Walgreens 580610/28/15
Soon Hui Hong d/b/a 2H Market10/29/15
GMSS Enterprises Inc. d/b/a AM/PM Mini Market 139910/29/15
Shree Satyam, Inc. d/b/a Chevron Food Mart10/29/15
Arav Investment, Inc. d/b/a Coastal Mart10/29/15
Northern Fuel, Inc. d/b/a College Way Chevron10/29/15
Rinne's Tire and Service, LLC d/b/a Fast and Friendly / Sinclair10/29/15
Pilot Travel Centers LLC d/b/a Flying J Travel Plaza / Pilot Travel Center 76810/29/15
Food Town of Fletcher USA Inc. d/b/a Food Town Supermarket10/29/15
Prometheus Business Enterprises Inc. d/b/a Friendly's 3 / Exxon10/29/15
Fisher Arizona LLC  d/b/a Laveen Chevron / Quick Stuff10/29/15
S and R Spokane Valley, LLC d/b/a McDonald Food Mart10/29/15
A.O.K. Liquors of Tampa Bay, Inc. d/b/a OK Liquors and Spirits10/29/15
Queen Anne Liquor and Wine, Inc. d/b/a Queen Anne Liquor and Wine10/29/15
Lhotse Co. d/b/a Sargent's Market10/29/15
J and N Top of 80's LLC d/b/a Shell Food Mart / J N Deli and Mini Mart10/29/15
Smoke N Save, LLC d/b/a Smoke N Save10/29/15
Tienda Super LLC d/b/a Tienda Super10/29/15
TKHM LLC d/b/a TKHM Market10/29/15
Ortiz Petroleum Developers, LLC d/b/a Valero10/29/15
K-Auto Care LLC d/b/a Walton-Livernois Sunoco10/29/15
HBJG Enterprises Limited d/b/a A L Goodies10/30/15
G1 Petro, Inc. d/b/a G1 BP Shop10/30/15
Capone's, Inc.10/30/15
Mac's Convenience Stores LLC d/b/a Circle K 236410/30/15
Corner Market LLC d/b/a Corner Market10/30/15
Deep Blue Liquors, "L.L.C."10/30/15
OHM Farm Store Inc. d/b/a Discount Drive Thru10/30/15
Erdman Supermarkets, Inc. d/b/a Erdman's County Market10/30/15
Go-Mart, Inc. d/b/a Go-Mart 8210/30/15
JY and SY, Inc. d/b/a Jim's Market and Gas / Chevron10/30/15
Marsh Supermarkets, LLC d/b/a Marsh 11610/30/15
Martin's Super Markets of Elkhart East LLC  d/b/a Martin's Gas Station10/30/15
Casa Castillo Soto, Corp. d/b/a Nuevo Emperador Supermarket10/30/15
Jota Incorporated d/b/a Rainier Chevron10/30/15
Riley's Market, LLC10/30/15
Two Farms, Inc. d/b/a Royal Farms Store 8210/30/15
Tariq M. Malik d/b/a Runnin' Red Food Store10/30/15
Claytongage, Inc. d/b/a Smoke Time Sam's 910/30/15
Landover Services, Inc. d/b/a US Fuel10/30/15
Drake Petroleum Company, Inc. d/b/a Xtra Mart10/30/15
RetailerDate Issued
Ankeny’s Mini Mart 1, Inc.11/02/15
SSA Enterprises Everett 1, Inc. d/b/a Arco AM / PM11/02/15
Denise Shumard-Dugan d/b/a Bement Stop-N-Go11/02/15
JDA Mini Mart Inc. d/b/a Exxon Food Mart / Sunshine 15311/02/15
Go-Mart, Inc. d/b/a Go Mart 5411/02/15
Yongkyu, Corp d/b/a Jiffy Mart11/02/15
Nikita Petro - Food Mart Inc d/b/a Lancaster Gas / Food Mart11/02/15
Joseph’s Venture’s LLC d/b/a Maxx Foods11/02/15
Joe L. Lias d/b/a Mr. Joe’s Soul Food Deli11/02/15
IR Liquors LLC d/b/a Mr. Rogers Liquor / Rogers Liquor on the Rocks11/02/15
Squire Road Station, Inc. d/b/a Nour Market / Shell11/02/15
Ol’ Country Store of West Virginia LLC d/b/a Ol’ Country Store11/02/15
MSJBS Inc. d/b/a Shamrock Irish Pub11/02/15
Kuntry Kubbard, Inc. d/b/a SR 31 Shell11/02/15
K and MN Development, LLC d/b/a Super K / 7611/02/15
Chaddher Imports Inc. d/b/a TI Mobil Mart11/02/15
Glenn J. Sayward and Yvonne S. Pierce d/b/a Village Meat Market11/02/15
Wal-Mart Stores East, LP d/b/a Wal-Mart 527811/02/15
Westminster Liquor, Inc. d/b/a Westminster Liquors11/02/15
Whitey’s South Beach Outfitter, LLC d/b/a Whitey’s Bait and Tackle11/02/15
K.T. Kanso LLC d/b/a AMPM / Arco11/03/15
Big D. Oil Co. d/b/a Big D / Mobil11/03/15
Pizza Guy, Inc. d/b/a Capone’s Hideout / Danenberger’s Country Market11/03/15
Cary Hill Discount Liquors, Inc.11/03/15
Farmers Union Oil Company of Ellendale d/b/a Cenex C-Store11/03/15
Circle K Stores Inc. d/b/a Circle K 190811/03/15
Heinz Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a Coffee Cup Fuel Stop11/03/15
Dunne Manning Stores LLC d/b/a Easton Uni Mart11/03/15
Ernie’s Fuel Stops, L.L.C. d/b/a Ernie’s Fuel Stop11/03/15
Kum and Go, L.C. d/b/a Kum and Go 83411/03/15
Lucky Texan 2 LLC d/b/a Lucky Texan 2 / Fox11/03/15
A K Bara Inc. d/b/a San Pablo Chevron / Food Mart11/03/15
SC of Mid-Hudson NY, Inc. d/b/a Smokers Choice11/03/15
Sona’s One Stop, Inc. d/b/a Sona’s One Stop11/03/15
Peter Jin Hwang d/b/a Tiger Mountain Country Store11/03/15
Walgreen Co. d/b/a Walgreens 763211/03/15
Roohi and Sons, Inc. d/b/a White Rock Food Market11/03/15
The Wild Bunch, Inc. d/b/a Wild Horse West11/03/15
Woody’s Enterprises, Ltd. d/b/a Woody’s 0010511/03/15
Chin Corporation d/b/a Yen Wor Village11/03/15
Amila, Inc. d/b/a 6 and Lodge Liquor11/04/15
Allsup’s Convenience Store, Inc. d/b/a Allsup’s 164 / Phillips 6611/04/15
American Petro Inc. d/b/a AP Xpress11/04/15
Big Charlie’s Truck Plaza, Inc.11/04/15
S.A.M Muhseen Inc. d/b/a BP11/04/15
Trent Investments, Inc. d/b/a Chillerz11/04/15
A and A USA, LLC d/b/a Discount Smokes and Tobacco11/04/15
Grab N Go, LLC d/b/a Grab N Go11/04/15
Ronald Scott Malfait d/b/a Hi-Way Fuel / Shell11/04/15
W.B.P. Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a Holden’s Party Store11/04/15
Jeffrey Mini Market LLC d/b/a Jeffrey Mini Market11/04/15
AFV Enterprises, Corp d/b/a Marathon11/04/15
Longo’s Park Deli, Inc. d/b/a Park Deli11/04/15
Speedway LLC d/b/a Speedway 884811/04/15
A Silver, Inc. d/b/a Sprague Shell Mini Mart11/04/15
Aarav Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a Sunoco Energy Mart11/04/15
USA Food and Gas, Incorporated11/04/15
Village Pantry, LLC d/b/a Village Pantry 635 / Marathon11/04/15
Arlon W. Elmer, Jr. d/b/a Village Vendor No. 211/04/15
Walgreen Eastern Co., Inc. d/b/a Walgreens 297711/04/15
Bean’s Country Store South, LLC d/b/a Bean’s Country Store11/05/15
Balaji Dhulipati d/b/a BM Convenience Store11/05/15
Cash Money Mini Market Limited d/b/a Cash Money Mini Market11/05/15
Ceno Fuel Zone Inc. d/b/a Ceno Fuel Zone / Citgo11/05/15
Hai Petroleum Inc. d/b/a Country Mart11/05/15
Devon Pantry, Inc. d/b/a Devon Food and Liquor11/05/15
Garcia Grocery LLC d/b/a Garcia Grocery 211/05/15
Go-Mart, Inc. d/b/a Go Mart 4611/05/15
Sana Energy and Management Inc. d/b/a Harper Woods Shell11/05/15
Chicken Express, L.L.C. d/b/a Kennedy Fried Chicken and Pizza11/05/15
Guaroa Martinez d/b/a Martinez Mini Market11/05/15
R K City Food Mart Inc. d/b/a Phillips 6611/05/15
A and C Davis, Inc. d/b/a Phillips 66 / Evergreen 6611/05/15
Puff N Stuff LLC d/b/a Puff N Stuff11/05/15
Crawford Oil Company, Inc. d/b/a R and P Oil11/05/15
Santiago Dominican Supermarket Inc.11/05/15
Hess Retail Operations LLC d/b/a Speedway 785111/05/15
Swifty Oil, LLC d/b/a Swifty Gas11/05/15
Padda LLC d/b/a TAJ Grocery11/05/15
Val’s Fresh Market Inc.11/05/15
Parkway Hospitality, LLC d/b/a Americas Best Value Inn11/06/15
Bronson's Super Valu, Inc. d/b/a Bronson’s Marketplace11/06/15
Shrigiriraj, Inc. d/b/a Brookside Town and Country11/06/15
R.J.H., Incorporated d/b/a Brookville IGA11/06/15
Trent Investments, Inc. d/b/a Chillerz 811/06/15
Martin’s Foods of South Burlington, LLC d/b/a Clifton Park Hannaford Supermarket11/06/15
Fida Mohamed d/b/a Crown Fried Chicken11/06/15
J. Rutowski of Elma Inc. d/b/a Cy’s Elma Pharmacy11/06/15
Steve Reed d/b/a Forrest City Shell11/06/15
Cedar Market Inc. d/b/a Gateway 38 / Shell11/06/15
Guajaca Mini Market Corp d/b/a Guajaca Mini Market11/06/15
HR Puff N Stuff LLC d/b/a HR Puff N Stuff11/06/15
Village Pantry, LLC d/b/a Marathon / Village Pantry11/06/15
Oyster Bay Auto Care Inc. d/b/a Mobil11/06/15
Pak A Sak, Inc. d/b/a Northside Pak A Sak11/06/15
Jai Sikotar Maa, LLC d/b/a Road Runner11/06/15
Syed Sami d/b/a Sara Food Mart11/06/15
Springfield Market LLC d/b/a Springfield Market11/06/15
John Carter d/b/a Tobacco Shop11/06/15
Gar Swansea Liquors, Inc. d/b/a Vintage Barn Wine and Spirits11/06/15
UAA Family 2011, Inc. d/b/a 7-Eleven Store 2272011/09/15
Mathrusri Inc. d/b/a Conoco11/09/15
Stop ‘N’ Save, Inc. d/b/a El Cheapo 1111/09/15
Gokie Petroleum, Inc. d/b/a Fast Mart11/09/15
Good Follows Food Mart Inc d/b/a Good Follows Food Mart11/09/15
Keval Investment, LLC d/b/a K-Stop Food Mart11/09/15
Eileen L. Kinkelaar and Daniel A. Kinkelaar d/b/a Kink’s Korner11/09/15
Katracho Investment Corp d/b/a La Catrachita11/09/15
La Colmenita, Inc. d/b/a La Colmenita Deli and Grocery11/09/15
Jaquez Corporation Inc. d/b/a La Sierra Food Market11/09/15
Pulaski Food and Gas Inc. d/b/a Northbound Trail Convenience Center11/09/15
C Y G Inc. d/b/a Palomas Food Market11/09/15
Perring Auto Center, Inc. d/b/a Perring Sunoco11/09/15
Getnet Inc. d/b/a Rainbow Food Store 211/09/15
Scotty’s Convenience Center, Inc. d/b/a Scotty’s11/09/15
Three J Food Market Inc. d/b/a Three J Food Market11/09/15
Varsha Stationery Corporation d/b/a Toy and Party11/09/15
Trimark X, LLC d/b/a West Valley Shell11/09/15
7-Eleven, Inc. d/b/a 7-Eleven Store 1832411/10/15
NJ Investments Inc. d/b/a Bee Back Food Mart / Sunoco11/10/15
Bowie Garage, Inc. d/b/a Bowie Shell11/10/15
Glory Jax Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a BP11/10/15
Yashraj Inc. d/b/a Convenient Food Mart11/10/15
CSG Management Corp. d/b/a CSG Food Mart / Sunoco11/10/15
5 Yogi Convenience Store, Inc. d/b/a Gulf Express11/10/15
Phillips and Munzel Oil Co., Inc. d/b/a Hess Mart11/10/15
The Pantry, Inc. d/b/a Kangaroo Express11/10/15
Fiza Enterprise LLC d/b/a Mir Food Mart / Mobil Mart11/10/15
Rockledge Acquisitions, LLC d/b/a Mobil11/10/15
Admoun Safar d/b/a Norman’s Food Store 211/10/15
Pars Food Mart, Inc.11/10/15
RaceTrac Petroleum, Inc. d/b/a RaceTrac 63111/10/15
Nafea, Inc. d/b/a Rainbow Food Store11/10/15
Laxmi United Inc. d/b/a Shell11/10/15
Sunrise Boat Marina, Inc. d/b/a Sunrise Marina11/10/15
J and L Enterprises, LLC d/b/a Sunset Wine and Spirits11/10/15
Vjay Food Mart, Inc. d/b/a Winners Food Mart11/10/15
Tropical Food Mart of Jacksonville Inc. d/b/a Tropical Food Mart11/11/15
R and R Convenience, LLC d/b/a 76 / Mojo Mart11/12/15
Alba’s Grocery of Kew Gardens, Inc. d/b/a Alba’s Deli Grocery11/12/15
Alike Inc. d/b/a Beta C Store / Alex’s C-Store11/12/15
Nasser Investment Group Co. d/b/a BP11/12/15
Christopher Mini Market, Corp. d/b/a Christopher Mini Market11/12/15
Big Bend Fuel, Inc. d/b/a Circle K / Shell11/12/15
Circle R, Inc. d/b/a Circle R / Tesoro11/12/15
City Spirits and Wine, Inc. d/b/a City Spirits and Wine11/12/15
The Corner Market at Larkspur, Inc. d/b/a Corner Market11/12/15
D and A Grocery and Deli, LLC d/b/a D and A Deli and Grocery11/12/15
510 Washington, LLC d/b/a Dinkbee’s11/12/15
Juliana’s Groceries Inc. d/b/a El Mercado11/12/15
Sky Petroleum Inc. d/b/a Marathon / Grovertown Truck Plaza11/12/15
Aman Group LLC d/b/a Marathon / Stop and Shop11/12/15
Khawaja Trading Inc. d/b/a Meat Town Quick Stop Food Market11/12/15
PPT, Inc. d/b/a Riverside Grocery11/12/15
Rockhill Shell, Inc. d/b/a Rock Stop / Rockhill Shell11/12/15
Shyam, LLC d/b/a Suhani11/12/15
Travel Store Management Corporation d/b/a Travel Emporium11/12/15
Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc. d/b/a Winn-Dixie 68411/12/15
Convenience Store Estero, Inc. d/b/a 7-Eleven Store 3489411/13/15
Alpha Deli and Grocery Corp. d/b/a Alpha Deli and Grocery11/13/15
Fawaz Abdelhadi d/b/a Atlantic Grocery11/13/15
One Longview, Inc. d/b/a Cadillac Island Casino11/13/15
Clays Market Place, Inc. d/b/a Clay’s Market11/13/15
Darimar Deli Grocery Corp. d/b/a Darimar Deli Grocery11/13/15
Maher Masoud d/b/a Dollar Way Plus11/13/15
M, M and Y, Inc. d/b/a Garfield Market11/13/15
Kartar One LLC d/b/a Kartar Food Mart / Phillips 6611/13/15
Knoll’s Mobil North LLC d/b/a Knoll’s Mobil North11/13/15
3 R Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a Kwik Mart11/13/15
Deep Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a L and L 211/13/15
Suzzadul Chowdhury d/b/a Lincoln Dollar Store11/13/15
West Missouri Tobacco Alliance Inc. d/b/a Main Street Tobacco and Gifts11/13/15
QuikTrip Corporation d/b/a QuikTrip 44011/13/15
RMZ Travel Center LLC d/b/a RMZ Travel Center11/13/15
HP Fuels LLC d/b/a Shell / Bethany Food Corner11/13/15
State Liquor Exchange, Inc. d/b/a State Liquor Exchange11/13/15
Super-Test Services Station of Indiana Inc. d/b/a Super-Test 311/13/15
Bargain Zone A, Inc. d/b/a Supermarket / Food Mart11/13/15
Albertson’s LLC d/b/a Albertson’s 34211/16/15
Arova, Inc. d/b/a Arova Dollar and More11/16/15
Yasmine Mini Mart, Inc. d/b/a BP11/16/15
7 Mile Express, Inc. d/b/a Detroit Wine and Liquor11/16/15
Heights BP Inc. d/b/a Heights BP Shop11/16/15
Kum and Go, L.C. d/b/a Kum and Go 96911/16/15
Love’s Travel Stops and Country Stores, Inc. d/b/a Love’s Travel Stop 30011/16/15
M and A American Petroleum, Inc. d/b/a M and A American Petroleum / Marathon11/16/15
Downtown Detroit Gas, Inc. d/b/a Marathon11/16/15
JHJ Marathon, Inc. d/b/a Marathon11/16/15
Messex One Stop Service, Inc. d/b/a Messex One Stop11/16/15
Firas Ibrahim d/b/a New Center Liquor Store11/16/15
Newbury Quick Stop LLC d/b/a Newbury Quick Stop11/16/15
Pier 98 Marina, Inc. d/b/a Pier 98 Convenience and Tackle11/16/15
Lynwood D. Gilbert Jr. d/b/a Porky’s Convenience Store11/16/15
Jagdish, Inc. d/b/a Quick Mart11/16/15
NG Washington II, LLC d/b/a Silver Dollar Casino11/16/15
M and K Food Mart Inc. d/b/a Sphinx11/16/15
Head to Head, Inc. d/b/a The Corner Store11/16/15
Steve West and Tracy West d/b/a The Way Station Saloon and Eatery11/16/15
Jeffrey Mini-Mart, Inc. d/b/a BP11/17/15
Bellevue Star Market, Inc. d/b/a Citgo11/17/15
S.N.C., Inc. d/b/a Collette’s Mobil11/17/15
Maladi MAA LLC d/b/a Discount Mini Mart11/17/15
Suis, Inc. d/b/a East Side Mini Mart11/17/15
J and W Corporation of Greenwood d/b/a Freeport General Store11/17/15
Sonia Investment L.L.C. d/b/a Gillis Food Mart11/17/15
Ruckey, LLC d/b/a Jan’s Wines and Boos II11/17/15
Jazzey, Inc. d/b/a Jazzey’s Food Mart / Conoco11/17/15
Twin Bridges Associates, Inc. d/b/a Jreck Subs11/17/15
Red Rose Enterprise, Inc. d/b/a Naples Petroleum11/17/15
Panama City Market Inc. d/b/a Panama City Market Place11/17/15
Yamama Inc. d/b/a Pontiac Food Market11/17/15
All American Gas Plus Inc. d/b/a Sam’s Grocery11/17/15
Speedway LLC d/b/a Speedway 609511/17/15
F Troop, Inc. d/b/a Texaco / Food Mart11/17/15
Karl Frei d/b/a Tidal Oil Co.11/17/15
6 B’s, Inc. d/b/a Victory Liquor and Food Market11/17/15
Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc. d/b/a Winn-Dixie 65811/17/15
DMZ Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a 7 Eleven11/18/15
Wesco, Inc. d/b/a Champlain Farms11/18/15
Islam Brothers International, Inc. d/b/a Chevron11/18/15
Family Dollar Stores of New York, Inc. d/b/a Family Dollar 473211/18/15
U Save Foods, Inc. d/b/a Family Fare Supermarkets11/18/15
Howell Food and News Corporation d/b/a Freewood Acres Convenience Store-Deli11/18/15
North Main Petroleum Service, Inc. d/b/a Gulf Express11/18/15
Coco Mart, lnc. d/b/a Jiffy Mart11/18/15
Junction Store and Deli, Inc d/b/a Junction Store and Deli11/18/15
Priya and Mohit Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a Mobil / Snack Shop11/18/15
Yong Kuk Yi and Chong Yom Yi d/b/a Nine Mile Falls Store11/18/15
QuikTrip Corporation d/b/a QuikTrip 43411/18/15
Safeway Inc. d/b/a Safeway 199311/18/15
Nouria Energy Retail, Inc. d/b/a Shell / Food Mart11/18/15
Smokies Smoke Shop LLC d/b/a Smokies Tobacco and More11/18/15
Thomas L. Tremblay d/b/a Temple St. Superette11/18/15
Fida, Inc. d/b/a Third Avenue Food Market11/18/15
Tradesville Grocery, LLC d/b/a Tradesville Grocery11/18/15
AARMS Enterprises, LLC d/b/a University Market and Deli11/18/15
Riyad H. Salem d/b/a Zara Foods11/18/15
Dalia Management, LLC d/b/a Ann’s Market / Pop’s Market11/19/15
L.P.T. Retail Management Services, LLC d/b/a Bar H Bar Travel Center11/19/15
D.N.I Petroleum Inc. d/b/a BP11/19/15
Step-A-Hoy Incorporated d/b/a Brownsville Marine and Deli11/19/15
MGA Gas Station, Inc. d/b/a Carniceria El Sol11/19/15
Lake Region Cooperative Oil Association of Maple Lake d/b/a Cenex Convenience Store11/19/15
Go-Mart, Inc. d/b/a Go Mart 8611/19/15
Truman C. Barrows d/b/a Hap’s Country Market11/19/15
Hy-Vee, Inc. d/b/a Hy-Vee 911/19/15
Nancy Sutherland d/b/a Jack’s Toys11/19/15
Morari LLC d/b/a Krauszers Food Store11/19/15
Trimark VIII, LLC d/b/a Mountain Highway Chevron / 7611/19/15
Ohm Sai, Inc. d/b/a New Mart11/19/15
Abdo Alghazali d/b/a One Stop11/19/15
Paddy Murphy’s, Inc. d/b/a Paddy Murphy’s Irish Pub11/19/15
Railer Grocery Inc d/b/a Railer’s IGA 117111/19/15
S and S Superstop, Inc. d/b/a S and S Super Stop11/19/15
Wananavu Group Inc. d/b/a South Seas Market and Deli11/19/15
Alkathi, Inc. d/b/a Spirit11/19/15
Alafia River Beer Shed and Mobile Home Park, Incorporated d/b/a Beer Shed11/20/15
Warren - Ann, Inc. d/b/a BP 11/20/15
Casper’s Conoco LLC d/b/a Casper’s Conoco11/20/15
MK Neighborhood Store Inc. d/b/a Citgo / Quick Mart11/20/15
L and D Enterprises 97 LTD. d/b/a Discount Tobacco Outlet11/20/15
Bluher’s Market, Inc. d/b/a Farmhouse Market11/20/15
Koetting Oil Corporation d/b/a Ferguson BP11/20/15
JGC Management, Inc. d/b/a Gaspar’s Patio Bar and Grille11/20/15
Little General Store, Inc. d/b/a Little General 218011/20/15
PSAC LLC d/b/a Lochsloy Grocery11/20/15
Nouria Energy Retail, Inc. d/b/a Main Dunstable Shell11/20/15
Goo Won Company d/b/a Midnite Mart11/20/15
Mount Vernon Chevron, L.L.C. d/b/a Mount Vernon Chevron11/20/15
MRP Investment LLC d/b/a Shell11/20/15
JMH Group, Inc. d/b/a Sunoco Mart11/20/15
Super Plus Inc. d/b/a Super Plus Chevron11/20/15
S and B Mini Mart, Inc. d/b/a Tiger Mart / Exxon11/20/15
Ajrouche Investment Inc. d/b/a Valero11/20/15
Walgreen Co. d/b/a Walgreens 1384211/20/15
Whitmire Food Mart, LLC d/b/a Whitmire Food Mart11/20/15
Joshua Ranjit Inc. d/b/a 7-Eleven 1032611/23/15
Short Stop of Indiana, Inc. d/b/a Best Price Dollar and Food11/23/15
Graybill and Associates, Inc. d/b/a Chelatchie Prairie General Store11/23/15
Zek, Inc. d/b/a Clark Gas and Food Mart11/23/15
Moo Nam An d/b/a Don’s EZ Mart11/23/15
Dunne Manning Stores LLC d/b/a Express Lane 4111/23/15
Amba Awais LLC d/b/a EZ Mart11/23/15
Arya Green Markets, Inc. d/b/a Fishermen’s Green Market and Deli11/23/15
Glenrock Super Foods, Inc. d/b/a Glenrock Super Foods11/23/15
Da Le Jiang d/b/a Golden Garden Restaurant11/23/15
Harry's Auto and Gas L.L.P. d/b/a Harry’s Auto Service11/23/15
Jimmy Houston d/b/a Jimmy Houston Outdoors Store11/23/15
Mr. S’s Deli, Inc. d/b/a Mr. S’s Deli11/23/15
Citi Gas Convenience, Inc. d/b/a Pal’s Pizza/Citi Gas11/23/15
Papa Dan’s Food, Inc. d/b/a Papa Dan’s Food Store11/23/15
Publix Super Markets, Inc. d/b/a Publix 117311/23/15
R W Mini Market LLC d/b/a R W Mini Market11/23/15
Ralph's Supermarket, LLC d/b/a Ralph’s Supermarket11/23/15
Shri Shalibhadra Inc. d/b/a Smok’s Tobacco Outlet11/23/15
Spencers Smoke Shop Incorporated d/b/a Spencer’s Discount Tobacco11/23/15
Spotlite Liquor, Inc. d/b/a Spotlite Liquor11/23/15
Lana 11 Has, Inc. d/b/a St. Andrews Mini Mart / Red Line11/23/15
R and H Petro, LLC d/b/a Sunoco11/23/15
Satelite Investments LLC d/b/a Sunshine Food Mart / Mobil11/23/15
Golden Smoke House I LLC d/b/a The Smoke House11/23/15
Mo Smokes, L.L.C. d/b/a The Tobacco House11/23/15
Shahid 2, LLC d/b/a Thomas Drive Mart / Mr. Mart11/23/15
Colette’s 6100 Inc. d/b/a Vine Noodle House11/23/15
P and L Enterprises of Tampa, Inc. d/b/a VIP Liquors and Lounge11/23/15
Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc. d/b/a Winn-Dixie 63911/23/15
K Parmar Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a 7-Eleven 2306-19648D11/24/15
Abarrotes La Herradura, LLC d/b/a Abarrotes La Herradura11/24/15
The Friendly Island Corporation d/b/a Anderson’s General Store and Restaurant11/24/15
Junaid, Inc. d/b/a Auth Road Shell11/24/15
Biltmore Automotive Center, Inc. d/b/a Biltmore Chevron11/24/15
Calumet Gas I Inc. d/b/a BP Shop11/24/15
Capital Beverages LLC d/b/a Capital Beverages11/24/15
Dodson’s Market, Inc. d/b/a Dodson’s IGA11/24/15
G and H Ventures, LLC d/b/a Eagle Stop / Phillips 6611/24/15
Grace NW Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a Express Mart11/24/15
AV Convenience Store Inc. d/b/a Freshie’s11/24/15
Greig Store LLC d/b/a Greig Store11/24/15
Habibi Cafe and Hookah Bar Inc. d/b/a Habibi Cafe and Hookah Bar11/24/15
AN-RA, LLC d/b/a Krauszer’s Food Market11/24/15
Shannon Restaurant, LLC d/b/a MacDinton’s Irish Pub and Restaurant11/24/15
BlueSky Corporation d/b/a On the Run 90311/24/15
Phillips 66 Brown Hen One Stop, Inc. d/b/a Phillips 6611/24/15
Pump ‘N’ Stuff Yankton, Inc. d/b/a Pump ‘N’ Stuff11/24/15
Baydoun Brothers, Inc. d/b/a Shell Food Mart11/24/15
Claytongage, Inc. d/b/a Smoke Time Sam’s 811/24/15
Suad Mustafa and Ibrahim Mustafa d/b/a Smoker’s World11/24/15
Laith and R Mini Mart, Inc. d/b/a Valero11/24/15
Village Pantry, LLC d/b/a Village Pantry 56311/24/15
Baldemiro Rodriguez d/b/a Wister Mini Market / Wister Mini Food Market11/24/15
Ybor City Supermarket Inc. d/b/a Ybor City Supermarket11/24/15
7-Eleven, Inc. d/b/a 7-Eleven 37068H11/25/15
Marouf Investment LLC d/b/a Ayesh Food Mart11/25/15
JK Gas and Convenience Store, Inc. d/b/a BP11/25/15
La Confianza 2, Inc. d/b/a Bravo Super Market11/25/15
Sotj Corporation d/b/a Cigar Land11/25/15
Community Grocery of Chas., Inc. d/b/a Community Grocery11/25/15
Rajan and Tanu Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a Denny Way Shell11/25/15
Main Street Gourmet Inc. d/b/a Fresh Grill and Gourmet Deli11/25/15
Keystone Country Store Inc. d/b/a Gas Grocery Country Store11/25/15
Haverford Mini Market Inc. d/b/a Haverford Mini Market11/25/15
Hooksett Gas and Market LLC d/b/a Hooksett Gas and Market11/25/15
Hometown Irving, LLC d/b/a Irving Hometown Market11/25/15
Devinder K. Mavi d/b/a Maggie’s Spot11/25/15
City Gate Retail Enterprises, LLC d/b/a Mill Village Country Store11/25/15
Ha Hoang d/b/a Mini Market11/25/15
Pilot Travel Centers LLC d/b/a Pilot Travel Center 32211/25/15
Leigh Enterprises Ltd. d/b/a Lakeside Shell11/25/15
Smoke Plus, Inc. d/b/a Smoke Plus11/25/15
Alcantar Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a Su Mercadito 211/25/15
Henry Barrette d/b/a The Store11/25/15
Alghrouz Grocery LLC d/b/a Three Brothers Plus11/25/15
Lucky Eight Grocery, Inc. d/b/a Victory Lane / Mobil11/25/15
Walgreen Co. d/b/a Walgreens 748511/25/15
Kang Nam Lee d/b/a West Edge Market11/25/15
Nemeh Company d/b/a Wimauma Supermarket11/25/15
Creighton 59, LLC d/b/a 59 Express Convenience Store / Pronto11/30/15
7749 Inc. d/b/a 7 Star11/30/15
7-Eleven Inc. d/b/a 7-Eleven 3482611/30/15
Charlie’s Billards LLC d/b/a Charlie’s Pub and Billiards11/30/15
Jack and Stacy Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a Circle K11/30/15
Merchant’s, Inc. d/b/a Diamond Shamrock11/30/15
El Grande Supermarket, Corporation d/b/a El Grande Supermarket11/30/15
Supermarket Inc. d/b/a El Loco Supermarket11/30/15
Martinez Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a Handi-Stop Grocery11/30/15
Ram Quick Change, Inc. d/b/a Holiday Market11/30/15
South Sheridan Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a Jewell Liquor11/30/15
Andres M. Cancio d/b/a Johns Road Drive-Thru11/30/15
Kwiki Mart LLC d/b/a Kwiki Mart11/30/15
Texoma Truck Center, Ltd. d/b/a Lake Country Store11/30/15
Janet Wragge d/b/a Mitch’s Food Center11/30/15
Champion’s Express Mart, L.L.C. d/b/a On The Run11/30/15
Riverside Convenience, Inc. d/b/a Riverside Convenience11/30/15
Soon Gil Cho and In Soon Cho d/b/a Rocky’s Mini Mart11/30/15
K BILG Corporation d/b/a Samish Way Chevron11/30/15
Martin Petroleum Inc. d/b/a Shell11/30/15

No-Tobacco-Sale Orders To Retailers

Under the law, the FDA may pursue a No-Tobacco-Sale Order (NTSO) against retailers that have a total of five or more repeated violations of certain restrictions within 36 months. Retailers are prohibited from selling regulated tobacco products at the specified location during the period of the NTSO.

Retailers who receive an NTSO complaint from the FDA may either enter into a settlement agreement with the agency that results in a final order issued by the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) or choose to go to a full hearing before an ALJ.

In determining the period of a No-Tobacco-Sale Order, the FDA takes into account the nature, circumstances, extent, and gravity of the violations and, with respect to the violator, ability to pay, effect on ability to continue to do business, any history of prior such violations, the degree of culpability, and such other matters as justice may require.

FDA plans to conduct unannounced compliance check inspections during the period of the NTSO for the limited purpose of confirming the retailer’s compliance with the NTSO Order and that they are not selling regulated tobacco products. Because the scope of these inspections is limited, their results are not included in the searchable inspection database.

For more information about NTSOs, view our guidance documents and webinars. 

All NTSO Complaints issued by FDA are listed below along with the dates of the orders issued by the ALJ as a result of settlements reached between retailers and FDA.

RetailerStateDate of ComplaintNTSO Start Date*NTSO End Date*
Admiral Petroleum Company/dba AdmiralIN 9/23/2016 12/1/2016 12/22/2016
Jazzo Group, Inc. d/b/a Citgo MI 09/26/2016 11/21/2016 12/10/2016
Mei Lan Liu, d/b/a Yin Hua Lou RestaurantPA08/19/1610/17/201611/16/2016
Yong Zhu d/b/a Foo Kwai InnPA08/03/1611/01/2016 11/28/2016 
Kum and Go L.C. d/b/a Kum and Go 0865OK08/02/1610/05/201610/28/2016
Citiport Fuel, Inc. d/b/a MobilMI08/02/16  
Mike Petroleum Inc. d/b/a Plaza BPMD07/28/1609/12/201610/02/2016
Jai Shree Ram, Corp., d/b/a Plaza LiquorsMA07/22/1610/05/201610/26/2016
Three Star Market, Inc. d/b/a Three Star MarketMI07/21/1610/31/201611/20/2016
J and P Flash, Inc. d/b/a Flash Market 385AR07/19/1610/31/201611/22/2016
Saab Petro Mart Inc. d/b/a BPMI07/13/1611/02/201611/22/2016
Vicente Cruz d/b/a ENR MarketCT07/05/1610/24/201611/19/2016
Al Zama LLC d/b/a Smoker’s Discount WorldCT07/05/16  
MFA Petroleum Company, d/b/a Break Time 3028MO07/01/16  
Noorie Enterprises Inc. d/b/a Bayside GroceryTX06/10/1608/08/201608/29/2016
Hari Krishna LLC d/b/a Campbell Deli and GroceryCT06/10/1608/08/201608/31/2016
E and S Oil CompanyOK05/09/1607/24/201608/14/2016
MFA Petroleum Company d/b/a Break Time 3028MO10/26/1512/22/201501/11/2016
Family Food Market, Inc.MI10/26/1512/23/201501/14/2016
Mon-Jan Corporation d/b/a Monaghan’s PubMD10/26/1512/24/201501/10/2016
C and C Supermarket, LLCNJ10/26/1501/02/201601/24/2016
Horizon Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a 95th Mobil and Food MartIL10/26/1507/15/201608/05/2016
Kat Party Store, Inc. d/b/a Mr. Grocer Liquor StoreMI10/26/15  
Thais Mini Market, LLC d/b/a I and S Grocery Inc.NJ10/26/15 03/25/2016 04/17/2016
Yemco Fuel, Inc. and Nakeeb Hassan d/b/a MarathonMI10/26/15 04/28/2016 05/21/2016

*Fields without information indicate that cases are still pending.


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