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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

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Installing ArrayTrack™ — FDA Users


Option 1: Install and run ArrayTrack™disclaimer icon on your local machine

ArrayTrack™ requires Java 6. Install or update your version of Java with a Free Java Downloaddisclaimer icon.

Option 2: Run ArrayTrack™ remotely via Citrix

This is for those FDA employees outside NCTR who have low-bandwidth network connections that cause speed problems when running ArrayTrack™. However, you will need an account set up by someone at NCTR before running ArrayTrack™ remotely via Citrix. Send a brief e-mail request to NCTRBioinformaticsSupport@fda.hhs.gov to request that an account be created.


Please cite the following for publications that incorporate analysis using ArrayTrack™: 

Tong, W., Cao, X., Harris, S., Sun, H., Fang, H., Fuscoe, J., Harris, A., Hong, H., Xie, Q., Perkins, R., Shi, L., and Casciano, D. ArrayTrack™ - Supporting toxicogenomic research at the FDA's National Center for Toxicological Research (NCTR). EHP Toxicogenomics. 2003. 111(15):1819-1826. Abstractdisclaimer icon

Contact Information

Collaboration Information:Dr. Weida Tong (870-543-7142 or weida.tong@fda.hhs.gov)
Assistance Using ArrayTrack™:Feng Qian (870-543-7290 or feng.qian@fda.hhs.gov)
Submit Suggestions:Dr. Hong Fang (870-543-7538 or hong.fang@fda.hhs.gov)
Report Technical Problems:NCTRBioinformaticsSupport@fda.hhs.gov



ArrayTrack™ is a product designed and produced by the National Center for Toxicological Research (NCTR). FDA and NCTR retain ownership of this product. 
© Copyright 2004-2013, NCTR/FDA.



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