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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Science & Research

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About Science & Research at FDA


Scientist looking through a microscope

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Headline News

FDA's mission is to protect and advance public health by helping to speed innovations that provide our nation with safe and effective medical products and that keep our food safe. The Agency achieves this by applying the latest technology and science-based standards to the regulatory challenges presented by drugs, biologics (vaccines, blood products, cell and gene therapy products, and tissues), medical devices, food additives, and, since 2009, tobacco.  > Read more  


Research at FDA

  • Animal and Veterinary
    Research Areas, Publications
  • Biologics
    Research by FDA Staff to Evaluate and Enhance the Safety of Biologic Products
  • Drugs
    Research by FDA Staff to Evaluate and Enhance the Efficacy, Safety, and Quality of Drug Products
  • Food Safety and Applied Nutrition
    Biotechnology, laboratory methods and publications, research strategic plan, and research areas such as risk assessment and consumer behavior.
  • Medical Devices
    Biology, Physics, Chemistry & Materials Science, Solid & Fluid Machanics, Imaging & Applies Mathematics, Electrical & Software Engineering
  • Tobacco Products
    Research Priorities, Funded Research, Meetings and Conferences
  • Toxicological Research
    Bioinformatics, Biostatistics, Computational Toxicology, Food Protection, Imaging, Nanotechnology
  • Women's Health Research
    Funding available to researchers, Pregnancy intiatives, Outcomes of Science Program efforts
  • Minority Health Research
    Funds research on medical conditions that disproportionately affect minorities