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CPG Sec. 550.400 Grenadine



Originally, grenadine was prepared from pomegranate juice and sugar, but for many years the name has been loosely applied to syrups and beverages consisting of other fruit juices and sugar syrup. The characteristic flavor can be obtained from a mixture of black currant juice and other fruit juices with the black currant juice predominating. It may be that the characteristic grenadine flavor can be obtained also by other combinations of fruit juices, with or without a minute amount of spice or similar natural flavoring. The characteristic color of grenadine is red which is derived either from the fruit juices used or by the use of artificial color.


No objection has been made, therefore, to the use of the name "Grenadine" on a syrup containing a mixture of fruit juices which has a characteristic grenadine flavor and color. Spice, natural flavoring or artificial color should be declared in accordance with 21 CFR 101.22.

Issued: 11/11/76
Revised: 10/1/80