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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services


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Listing of Jurisdictions Enrolled in the Voluntary National Retail Food Regulatory Program Standards

July 2014

The links below provide information about jurisdictions that have enrolled in the Voluntary National Retail Food Regulatory Program Standards (Retail Program Standards). The information is updated on a quarterly basis to reflect new enrollments, as well as to recognize achievements made by current enrollees.

If you have questions about the enrollment information on this page, please contact retailfoodprotectionteam@fda.hhs.gov.

Listing of Jurisdictions
This listing identifies regulatory agencies that have enrolled in the Retail Program Standards. This listing includes the enrolled jurisdictions' contact information, enrollment dates, the self-reported status of each program standard, and where applicable, the status of each program standard as verified through an external independent audit.

Map of Retail Program Standards Enrollees - (PDF - 2.67 MB)
This document contains a map of the United States showing the distribution of jurisdictions currently enrolled in the Retail Program Standards.

Summary of Retail Program Standards Enrollments - (PDF - 99.3KB)
This table summarizes, by state and territory, how many jurisdictions at each level of government have enrolled in the Retail Program Standards. The table also shows the percentage of population in each State or territory that lives in a locality where the agency most directly responsible for the regulation of retail food establishments has enrolled in the Retail Program Standards.


State/Territory NameNumber of Enrolled JurisdictionsDate Last Updated
Alabama2April 2013
Alaska2July 2012
Arizona13January 2014
Arkansas1October 2010
California39July 2014
Colorado27July 2014
Connecticut7April 2014
Delaware1April 2014
Florida4July 2014
Georgia71April 2014
Guam1July 2009
Hawaii4October 2013
Idaho9January 2014
Illinois24January 2014
Indiana8July 2014
Iowa20July 2014
Kansas1April 2014
Kentucky1October 2013
Louisiana1April 2013
Maine2April 2014
Maryland7July 2013
Massachusetts38July 2014
Michigan15April 2014
Minnesota20April 2014
Mississippi1October 2012
Missouri31July 2014
Montana35April 2014
Nebraska5July 2014
Nevada4January 2014
New Hampshire3October 2013
New Jersey7October 2013
New Mexico4July 2014
New York2July 2011
North Carolina22July 2014
North Dakota2April 2014
Northern Mariana Islands1July 2009
Ohio20April 2014
Oklahoma3April 2014
Oregon9January 2014
Pennsylvania6April 2014
Puerto Rico1July 2014
Rhode Island1October 2012
South Carolina1October 2011
South Dakota1April 2013
Tennessee6October 2013
Texas60July 2014
Utah11July 2014
Vermont1January 2013
Virginia8January 2014
Virgin Islands1October 2012
Washington12April 2014
Washington, DC2July 2013
West Virginia6July 2014
Wisconsin8April 2014
Wyoming5July 2014