FDA Oral Culture Learner Project - Educational Materials for Retail Food Employees

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FDA's Oral Culture Learner Project provides materials and methods to help food employees understand the reasons why following proper food safety practices is important to prevent illnesses, deaths, and loss of income and reputation resulting from food-related outbreaks. The materials have been designed for oral culture learners, which research has shown most food employees to be.
Using the following link, scroll to the "Industry and Regulators" section to place an order for the  posters/storyboards
Available Materials

Educational Posters for Retail Food Employees 

A nine-panel photo storyboard poster that depicts the step-by-step progression of a foodborne illness outbreak. A food employee is experiencing vomiting at work. These posters/storyboards are designed to enhance food safety training efforts at the retail level by helping food employees understand the important role they play in protecting public health. They are available in nine different languages, including Arabic, English, Hindi, Korean, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

These materials are not copyrighted. You may post these materials on your website and distribute them freely. We kindly ask, however, that you credit FDA when using or posting the materials.

Materials will soon be available that address cooking, cold holding, date marking, approved sources, and chemical use and storage.

No Bare Hand Contact with Ready-to-Eat Food

Employee Health

Think to Yourself
(PDF, 4.05MB
Don't Let What Happened to
Me, Happen to You
(PDF, 2.86MB)
I Should Have Stayed Home
(PDF, 2.51MB)
Would You Want These People in Your Kitchen?
(PDF, 1.21MB)
My Story Could Change Your Life
(PDF, 1.51MB)
हिंदी (Hindi PDF, 2.48MB) हिंदी (Hindi PDF, 3.08MB) हिंदी (Hindi PDF, 2.76MB) हिंदी (Hindi PDF, 5.82MB) हिंदी (Hindi PDF, 1.48MB), )  
한국 (Korean PDF, 2.76MB)  한국 (Korean PDF, 3.26MB)  한국 (Korean PDF, 2.83MB)  한국 (Korean PDF, 6.10MB)  한국 (Korean PDF, 1.53MB 
руÑ�Ñ�кий Ñ�зык (Russian PDF, 2.31MB),   руÑ�Ñ�кий Ñ�зык (Russian PDF, 2.75MB)  руÑ�Ñ�кий Ñ�зык (Russian PDF, 2.27MB)  руÑ�Ñ�кий Ñ�зык (Russian PDF, 5.07MB)  руÑ�Ñ�кий Ñ�зык (Russian PDF, 1.02MB),  
简体中文 (Simplified Chinese PDF, 2.45MB),   简体中文 (Simplified Chinese PDF, 2.91MB)  简体中文 (Simplified Chinese PDF, 2.39MB)  简体中文 (Simplified Chinese PDF 5.71MB)  简体中文 (Simplified Chinese PDF, 1.11MB) 
Español (Spanish PDF, 2.76MB)  Español (Spanish PDF, 3.20MB)  Español (Spanish PDF, 2.70MB)  Español (Spanish PDF, 5.46MB)  Español (Spanish PDF, 1.49MB) 
ç¹ï¿½é«”中文 (Traditional Chinese PDF, 2.38MB)  ç¹ï¿½é«”中文 (Traditional Chinese PDF, 2.92MB)  ç¹ï¿½é«”中文 (Traditional Chinese PDF, 2.45MB)  ç¹ï¿½é«”中文 (Traditional Chinese PDF, 5.75MB)   ç¹ï¿½é«”中文 (Traditional Chinese PDF, 1.13MB) 
Việt (Vietnamese PDF, 2.33MB)  Việt (Vietnamese PDF, 2.79MB)  Việt (Vietnamese PDF, 2.34MB)    Việt (Vietnamese PDF, 5.70MB)  Việt (Vietnamese PDF, 1.078MB) 
 Ø§Ù„عربية (Arabic PDF, 2.7MB)  العربية (Arabic PDF, 1.8MB)  العربية (Arabic PDF, 9.9KB)  Ø§Ù„عربية (Arabic PDF, 8.7KB) العربية (Arabic PDF, 1MB)

Proper Handwashing

Prevention of Cross-Contamination

A Salad to Die For? (PDF, 0.51MB)  Do It Right (PDF, 0.57MB) (Version 1)   Do It Right (PDF, 0.59MB) (Version 2)  One Wrong Step Can Make Food Deadly (PDF, 0.56MB) 
한국 (Korean PDF, 7.69MB)  한국 (Korean PDF, 728MB)  한국 (Korean PDF, 1020KB)  한국 (Korean PDF, 1.20MB) 
руÑ�Ñ�кий Ñ�зык (Russian PDF, 511KB) руÑ�Ñ�кий Ñ�зык (Russian PDF, 692KB)  руÑ�Ñ�кий Ñ�зык (Russian PDF, 621KB)  руÑ�Ñ�кий Ñ�зык (Russian PDF, 586KB) 
简体中文 (Simplified Chinese PDF, 532KB) 简体中文 (Simplified Chinese PDF, 708KB)  简体中文 (Simplified Chinese PDF, 630KB)  简体中文 (Simplified Chinese PDF 567KB) 
Español (Spanish PDF, 504KB)  Español (Spanish PDF, 700KB)  Español (Spanish PDF, 625KB)  Español (Spanish PDF, 530KB) 
ç¹ï¿½é«”中文 (Traditional Chinese PDF, 1.58MB)  ç¹ï¿½é«”中文 (Traditional Chinese PDF, 1.85MB)  ç¹ï¿½é«”中文 (Traditional Chinese PDF, 648KB)  ç¹ï¿½é«”中文 (Traditional Chinese PDF, 1.86MB) 
Việt (Vietnamese PDF, 867KB)  Việt (Vietnamese PDF, 1.45MB)  Việt (Vietnamese PDF, 985KB)  Việt (Vietnamese PDF, 2.45MB) 
العربية (Arabic PDF, 2.8KB)  العربية (Arabic PDF, 8.8KB)  العربية (Arabic PDF, 8.6KB) العربية (Arabic PDF, 4.1KB) 
      हिंदी (Hindi PDF, 345KB)  

Proper Hot Holding of Time-Temperature Control for Safety Foods

Proper Cooling of Time-Temperature Control for Safety Foods

Proper Cooking

(Materials Coming Soon!)

Proper Cold Holding and Date Marking of Time-Temperature Control for Safety Foods

(Materials Coming Soon!)

Approved Food Sources

(Materials Coming Soon!)

Proper Use and Storage of Chemicals

(Materials Coming Soon!)

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