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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services


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Reports Received and Reports Entered into FAERS by Year

(As of December 31, 2013)Back to FAERS Statistics Main Page

These data describe total numbers of reports we received for drugs and therapeutic biologic products and the number of reports we entered into the FAERS database. Not all of the reports that FDA receives for drug and therapeutic biologic products are entered into the FAERS database. At the present time, we are entering reports of the following types:


  • Reports submitted directly to FDA (not submitted through manufacturers)
  • Reports submitted on 3500A (or CIOMS) paper forms by manufacturers that are categorized as:
    • expedited reports
    • non-expedited reports of serious adverse events, or
    • non-expedited reports of non-serious adverse events, for new molecular entity (NME) products within the first 3 years following FDA approval
  • Reports submitted electronically by manufacturers regardless of category.

A manufacturer's expedited report is a report that contains at least one adverse event that is not currently described in the product labeling and for which the patient outcome is serious. A manufacturer's non-expedited report is a report that did not meet the criteria for an expedited report.  Manufacturers submit non-expedited reports to FDA quarterly for the first three years after approval, and annually thereafter.

This figure illustrates the number of reports received (solid bars) and entered (checkered bars) into FAERS by type of report since the year 2004 through 2013.

Number of reports received and entered into FAERS by type of report since the year 2004. Corresponding data appear in the accompanying table.

This table represents the number of reports received by FDA and entered into FAERS by type of report since the year 2004 through 2013. 

FAERS YEARExpeditedDIRECTNon Expedited
Total EnteredNon Expedited
Total Rcvd