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CDRH Management Directory by Organization

This information is current as of March 3, 2015 

Center Director:Jeffrey Shuren, M.D., J.D.301-796-5900
Deputy Center Director for Science and CDRH Chief ScientistWilliam Maisel, M.D., M.P.H.301-796-5900
Assistant Director for ScienceDiane Mitchell, M.D.301-796-5423
Deputy Center Director for PolicyVacant301-796-5900
Associate Director for PolicyPaul Gadiock, J.D. (Acting)301-796-5736
Assistant Director for Guidance ManagementDenise Huttenlocker240-402-6435
Associate Director for Management and Executive OfficerRuth E. Mckee301-796-5515
Associate Director for Technology and InnovationMurray Sheldon, M.D301-796-5443
Associate Director for International AffairsKim Trautman301-796-5515
Associate Director for External RelationsVacant301-796-5900
Associate Director for Digital HealthBakul Patel301-796-5528
Chief Pediatric Medical OfficerVacant301-796-5900
Director of Quality ManagementNancy Collazo-Braier, Ph.D.301-796-5676
OmbudsmanAbiya Desta301-796-0293
Deputy OmbudsmanMelissa Sage (Acting)301-796-6449
Business Information SolutionsPaul Fisher301-796-6176
Deputy DirectorScott McCall301-796-5304
External Expertise and PartnershipsAnindita Saha301-796-2537
Regulations StaffNancy Pirt, J.D., M.P.H.301-796-6248
Deputy DirectorErica Blake, J.D. (Acting)301-796-3999
Standards Management StaffLCDR Scott Colburn301-796-6287
Deputy DirectorSharon Lappalainen301-796-6322
Emergency Preparedness/Operations and
Medical Countermeasures Program
Suzanne Schwartz, M.D, MBA301-796-6937
Program Management OfficerJoanna King301-796-5929
Director:Lynne L. Rice301-796-5660
Deputy DirectorHeather D. Howell301-796-5718
Associate Director for Program OperationsClifford D. Evans301-796-6644
Associate Director for Internal CommunicationsJoyce Siwarski301-796-5422
Associate Director for Outreach and ReviewMark H. Barnett240-276-3970
Special Assistant to the DirectorSharon Davis301-796-5717
Digital Communication Media Staff
Chad Heupel240-276-0922
Division of Employee Training and Development
Jacqueline Woodard301-796-5670
Deputy DirectorLaura Stewart301-796-5673
Division of Health CommunicationLaurel S. Mendelson301-796-5764
Deputy DirectorKristine Butler301-796-5843
Strategic Communication BranchAlicia Witters301-796-5846
Web Communication BranchEdie Seligson301-796-5768
Division of Industry and Consumer Education Elias Mallis301-796-6216
Deputy DirectorWilliam Sutton301-796-5849
Postmarket and Consumer BranchJoseph Tatal301-796-5853
Premarket Programs BranchSergio de del Castillo (Acting)301-796-6419
Division of Information Disclosure
Bill Holzerland301-796-5897
Deputy DirectorAnastazia "Stacy" Taylor240-402-3737
Freedom of Information Branch AVacant 
Freedom of Information Branch BLatroy Tinch301-796-5952
Director:Jan Welch (Acting)301-796-5500
Deputy Director for Regulatory AffairsAnastacia Bilek (Acting)301-796-5500
Deputy Director for Medical AffairsKimber Richter301-796-5500
Program Management Office DirectorCherron Blakely301-796-6835
Division of Analysis and Program OperationsAnn Ferriter301-796-5530
Deputy DirectorMelissa Eakle301-796-5530
Deputy DirectorVacant301-796-5530
Registration and Risk BranchDave Gartner301-796-5530
Field Inspections Support BranchTony Slater301-796-5530
Recall BranchRon Brown301-796-5530
Allegations of Regulatory Misconduct BranchDonna Engleman301-796-5530
Quality Management System and Executive Secretary StaffFrances Benedict301-796-5530
Division of Bioresearch MonitoringJim Saviola301-796-5490
Deputy DirectorLinda Godfrey301-796-5490
Bioresearch Compliance Branch IVeronica Calvin301-796-5490
Bioresearch Compliance Branch IIAdam Donat301-796-5316
Division of Premarket and Labeling ComplianceKeisha Thomas (Acting)301-796-5770
Deputy DirectorKeisha Thomas301-796-5770
Surveillance and Enforcement Branch ILaShanda Long301-796-5770
Surveillance and Enforcement Branch IIDebra Demeritt301-796-5770
Division of Manufacturing and QualityWilliam (Bill) MacFarland301-796-5540
Deputy DirectorValerie Flournoy301-796-5540
Cardiovascular Devices BranchJoshua Simms301-796-5540
Physical Medicine, Orthopedic, Neurology & Dental Device BranchMatthew Krueger301-796-5540
Abdominal and Surgical Device BranchRonald Swann301-796-5540
Respiratory, ENT, General Hospital, and Ophthalmic Device BranchFrancisco Vicenty301-796-5577
Division of International Compliance OperationsCarl Fischer301-796-5489
Deputy DirectorMarkus Yap301-796-7347
Foreign Enforcement BranchDaniel Walter301-796-5587
Imports BranchCarole Jones301-796-3194
Exports BranchLeila Lawrence301-796-5786
Medical Device Single Audit Program TeamRobert Ruff301-796-6556
Director:William Maisel, M.D., M.P.H. (Acting)301-796-5900
Deputy Director for ClinicalMarkham Luke, M.D., Ph.D.301-796-5550
Deputy Director for Engineering & Science ReviewJonette Foy, Ph.D.301-796-5550
Deputy Director for Premarket Program ManagementBarbara Zimmerman301-796-5550
Associate Director for Regulations and GuidanceAngela Kruger301-796-6341
Chief Medical OfficerRandall Brockman, M.D.301-796-6316
Clinical Trial DirectorOwen Faris, Ph.D. (Acting)301-796-6356
Advisory Panel CoordinatorJames Swink301-796-5550
Program Management Office DirectorKathryn K. Appler301-796-5560
Deputy Director, Program Management OfficeSharyn (Lesa) A. Dowtin301-796-5560
Premarket Approval SectionNicole Wolanski301-796-5640
Investigational Device Exemption SectionSoma Kalb, Ph.D.301-796-5640
Premarket Notification (510(k)) SectionMarjorie Shulman301-796-5640
Division of Anesthesiology, General Hospital, Respiratory,
Infection Control, and Dental Devices
Erin Keith301-796-5580
Clinical Deputy DirectorTejashri S. Purohit-Sheth, M.D.301-796-5580
Scientific Deputy DirectorTina Klang, Ph.D. (Acting)301-796-5580
Anesthesiology Devices BranchTodd Courtney301-796-5580
General Hospital Devices BranchRichard Chapman301-796-5580
Respiratory Devices BranchLydia Velazquez (Acting)301-796-1621
Infection Control Devices BranchElizabeth Claverie301-796-5580
Dental Devices BranchM. Susan Runner, D.D.S.301-796-6282
Division of Cardiovascular DevicesBram D. Zuckerman, M.D.301-796-7000
Deputy Director IMelissa Torres (Acting)301-796-7000
Deputy Director IIMatthew Hillebrenner301-796-7000
Associate DirectorKenneth Cavanaugh, Ph.D.301-796-7000
Cardiac Diagnostics Devices BranchShawn Forrest (Acting)301-796-7000
Cardiac Electrophysiology Devices BranchMark Fellman301-796-5630
Circulatory Support Devices BranchFernando Aguel301-796-7000
Interventional Cardiology Devices BranchKatharine Chowdhury (Acting)301-796-7000
Implantable Electrophysiology Devices BranchMitchell Shein301-796-7000
Peripheral Interventional Devices BranchKenneth Cavanaugh, Ph.D. (Acting)301-796-7000
Structural Heart Device BranchNicole Ibrahim, Ph.D. (Acting)301-796-6940
Vascular Surgery Devices BranchBrian Pullin (Acting)301-796-6950
Division of Ophthalmic and Ear, Nose, and Throat DevicesMalvina Eydelman, M.D.301-796-5620
Scientific Deputy DirectorKesia Alexander, Ph.D.301-796-5620
Clinical Deputy DirectorEric Mann, M.D., Ph.D.301-796-5620
Associate DirectorDeborah Falls301-796-5620
Contact Lenses and Retinal DevicesDenise Hampton, Ph.D.301-796-6860
Diagnostic and Surgical Devices BranchBradley Cunningham301-796-6620
Intraocular and Corneal Implants BranchTieuvi Nguyen (Acting)301-796-7018
Ear, Nose, and Throat BranchSrinivas Nandkumar, Ph.D301-796-6620
Division of Neurological And Physical Medicine DevicesCarlos Pena, Ph.D.301-796-6610
Deputy Director IFelipe Aguel, Ph.D.301-796-6610
Neurostimulation Devices BranchTimothy Marjenin301-796-6610
Neurodiagnostic and Neurosurgical Devices BranchVacant301-796-6610
Physical Medicine and Neurotherapeutic Devices BranchMichael Hoffmann301-796-6610
Division of Orthopedic DevicesMark Melkerson301-796-5650
Deputy Director ILori Wiggins301-796-5650
Deputy Director IIVincent Devlin, M.D. (Acting)301-796-6414
Joint Fixation Devices Branch 1Casey Hanley, Ph.D.301-796-5650
Joint Fixation Devices Branch 2Elizabeth Kunkoski301-796-5650
Restorative and Repair Devices BranchLaurence Coyne, Ph.D301-796-5650
Anterior Spine Devices BranchCaroline Rhim, Ph.D.  (Acting)301-796-6432
Posterior Spine Devices BranchRonald Jean, Ph.D.301-796-5650
Division of Surgical DevicesBinita Ashar, M.D.301-796-6970
Deputy Director IDavid Krause, Ph.D.301-796-6970
Deputy Director IIJennifer Stevenson (Acting)301-769-5615
General Surgery Devices Branch 1Neil Ogden301-796-6970
General Surgery Devices Branch 2Joshua Nipper301-796-6970
Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery Devices Branch 1Peter Hudson, Ph.D.301-796-6970
Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery Devices Branch 2Jiyoung Dang, Ph.D.301-796-6970
Division of Reproductive, Gastro-Renal, and Urological DevicesBenjamin Fisher, Ph.D.301-796-7030
Clinical Deputy DirectorHerbert Lerner, M.D.301-796-7030
Scientific Deputy DirectorJoyce Whang, Ph.D.301-796-7030
Obstetrics/Gynecology Devices BranchElaine Blyskun301-796-7030
Urology and Lithotripsy Devices BranchGlenn Bell, Ph.D.301-796-7030
Renal Devices BranchCarolyn Neuland, Ph.D.301-796-7030
Gastroenterology Devices BranchJeffrey Cooper, DVM301-796-7030
Director:Alberto Gutierrez, Ph.D.301-796-5453
Deputy Director, New Product EvaluationDonald St. Pierre301-796-5454
Deputy Director, Patient Safety and Product QualityJames L. Woods301-796-6225
Deputy Director, Radiological HealthMary S. Pastel, Sc.D.301-796-6887
Chief Medical OfficerRobert L. Becker, Jr., M.D.301-796-5450
Chief Medical Officer for Radiological HealthDonald L. Miller, M.D.301-796-3299
Director, Personalized Medicine StaffElizabeth A. Mansfield, Ph.D.301-796-4664
Division of Program Operations and ManagementDavid (Duffy) Warren301-796-6223
Deputy DirectorBrendan O'Leary301-796-6898
Program Management Office DirectorDebra Cooper301-796-7553
Division of Chemistry and Toxicology DevicesKatherine M. Serrano, Ph.D. (Acting)301-796-6652
Deputy Director for ChemistryStacy E. Beck, Ph.D. (Acting)301-796-6514
Chemistry BranchYung W. Chan301-796-6138
Diabetes BranchLeslie Landree (Acting)301-796-6147
Toxicology BranchDenise N. Johnson-Lyles, Ph.D.301-796-6169
Cardio-renal Diagnostics BranchKellie Kelm, Ph.D.301-796-6145
Division of Immunology and Hematology DevicesLeonthena R. Carrington, M.S.MBA, MT, ASCP, (Acting)301-796-6184
Deputy DirectorVacant 
Hematology BranchClaudia Dollins, Ph.D. RAC, (Acting)301-796-4807
Immunology and Flow Cytometry BranchElizabeth A. Stafford, Ph.D.301-796-6184
Division of Molecular Genetics and PathologyReena Philip, Ph.D.301-796-6179
Deputy DirectorVacant 
Molecular Pathology and Cytology BranchYun-Fu Hu, Ph.D.301-796-6170
Molecular Genetics BranchdDonna Roscoe, Ph.D.301-796-6183
Division of Microbiology DevicesSally A. Hojvat, Ph.D.301-796-5455
Deputy DirectorUwe Scherf, Ph.D.301-796-5456
Viral Respiratory and HPV BranchTamara V. Feldblyum, Ph.D.301-796-6195
General Viral and Hepatitis BranchStephen J. Lovell, Ph.D.301-796-6968
General Bacterial and Antimicrobial Susceptibility BranchRibhi Shawar, Ph.D.301-796-6698
Bacterial Respiratory and Medical Countermeasures BranchKristian Roth (Acting)301-796-7024
Division of Radiological HealthRobert Ochs (Acting)301-796-6661
Deputy DirectorMichael O’Hara, Ph.D.301-796-0294
Deputy DirectorCAPT Sean M. Boyd, MPH, USPHS301-796-5895
Magnetic Resonance and Electronic Products BranchCAPT Patrick Hintz, MSIH, CIH, USPHS (Acting)301-796-6927
Diagnostic X-Ray Systems BranchThalia T. Mills, Ph.D.301-796-6641
Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Therapy BranchWilliam Jung, Ph.D.301-796-6228
Mammography, Ultrasound and Imaging Software BranchJeffrey Ballyns, Ph.D. (Acting)301-796-6661
Division of Mammography Quality StandardsHelen Barr. M.D.301-796-5713
Deputy DirectorTimothy J. Haran301-796-6625
Program Management BranchPreetham R. Sudhaker301-796-5911
Information Management BranchDennis L. Trammell301-796-5926
Associate Director For Management\Executive Director:Denise Huttenlocker301-796-5449
Assistant Director for OperationsDaniel Montgomery301-796-5987
Program Management Office DirectorJoanna King301-796-5929
Division of Ethics and Management OperationsStacey Wilson301-796-5970
Deputy DirectorDanyiel D'Antonio301-796-5967
Occupational Health and Safety OfficerJames Speckhart301-796-3366
Occupational Health and Safety OfficerAlexa Deptola301-796-5925
Administrative Management BranchDiana Rivi301-796-6124
Integrity, Committee and Conference Management BranchKathleen Walker301-796-5964
Division of Planning, Analysis, & FinanceCornell Hudson (Acting)301-796-5435
Deputy DirectorVacant 
Planning BranchNoni Buchanan301-766-5985
Financial Management BranchVacant301-796-7588
Director:Steven Pollack, Ph.D.301-796-2530
Deputy Director for Program Policy and EvaluationSubhas Malghan, Ph.D.301-796-2548
Deputy Director for Science Evaluation and CoordinationJoel Myklebust, P.E., Ph.D.301-796-2491
Associate Director for Regulatory Science Research ProgramsDonna Lochner301-796-6309
Associate Director for Clinical ScienceMarilyn Lightfoote, Ph.D.301-796-2556
Associate Director for Premarket Regulatory ScienceErica Takai301-796-6353
Associate Director for Engineering and Quality ManagementAlford Taylor Jr.301-796-2583
Associate Director for Regulatory Science and Innovation OutreachDinesh Patwardhan, Ph.D.301-796-2622
Associate Office Directory for LaboratoriesCharles Warr301-796-2556
Division of Administrative and Laboratory SupportAngie Clingerman301-796-2569
Deputy DirectorRhonda Rhones301-796-2679
Deputy DirectorKevin Milne301-796-2516
Division of Biology, Chemistry and Material SciencesSubhas Malghan, Ph.D. (Acting)301-796-2548
Deputy DirectorBenita Dair-Chen, Ph.D.301-796-2614
Deputy DirectorPeter Goering, Ph.D. (Acting)301-796-0253
Division of Biomedical PhysicsVictor Krauthamer, Ph.D.301-796-2474
Deputy DirectorBrian Beard, Ph.D.301-796-2469
Deputy DirectorDaniel X. Hammer, Ph.D.301-796-9320
Division of Applied MechanicsAnton E. Dmitriev, Ph.D., M.Sc.301-796-2499
Deputy DirectorJon Casamento301-796-2499
Deputy DirectorVacant 
Division of Imaging Diagnostics and Software ReliabilityKyle Myers, Ph.D.301-796-2533
Deputy DirectorNicolas Petrick, Ph.D.301-796-2563
Deputy DirectorVacant 
Director:Thomas Gross, M.D.301-796-5997
Deputy Director of Clinical Affairs and Chief Medical OfficerAron Yustein, M.D.301-796-6006
Deputy Director for Policy and AdministrationTahseen Mirza, Ph.D.301-796-7645
Associate Director for Policy and CommunicationsAnita Rayner301-796-6002
Associate Director for National Devices SurveillanceGregory Pappas301-796-5701
Program Management Office DirectorCarolyn Bell301-796-5477
Director of Knowledge ManagementRamin Assa, MSME, MSBA301-796-6064
Associate Director Informatics SectionLinda Sigg, MS301-796-0625
Division of Patient Safety PartnershipsJill Marion (Acting)301-796-6118
Deputy DirectorJill Marion301-796-6118
Associate Director for SurveysTosia Hazlett301-796-6119
Clinical Outreach Branch IMichael El-Shammaa301-796-5302
Clinical Outreach Branch IIAnchal Kaushiva, MEng301-796-6330
Division of EpidemiologyDanica Marinac-Dabic, Ph.D., M.D.301-796-6689
Associate Director for Program OperationsNicole Jones301-796-6062
Associate DirectorNilsa Loyo-Berrios, Ph.D.301-796-6065
Associate DirectorDaniel Canos, Ph.D.,MPH301-796-6057
Epidemiology Evaluation and Research Branch IJoseph Su, PhD., MPH301-796-5288
Epidemiology Evaluation and Research Branch IIColin Anderson-Smits, MPH (Acting)301-796-0465 
Epidemiology Evaluation and Research Branch IIIMegan Gatski301-796-0342
Division of Postmarket SurveillanceIsaac Chang, Ph.D.301-796-2789
Deputy DirectorSteven Chasin, Ph.D.301-796-6053
Associate Clinical DirectorNancy Pressly301-796-5437
Associate Director,  Clinical AffairsJose Delgado240-402-5361
Product Evaluation Branch IGreg O'Connell301-796-6075
Product Evaluation Branch IICharles Kern301-796-6271
Product Evaluation Branch IIIAnn Myers301-796-2740
Information Analysis BranchJohn-William Declaris301-796-5437
MDR Policy BranchSharon Kapsch301-796-6104
Division of BiostatisticsGreg Campbell, Ph.D.301-796-5750
Deputy DirectorGerry Gray, Ph.D.301-796-6012
Deputy DirectorLilly Yue, Ph.D.301-796-6033
Cardiovascular and Ophthalmic Devices BranchYunling Xu, Ph.D.301-796-6033
Diagnostic Devices BranchLakshmi Vishnuvajjala, Ph.D.301-796-6042
General Surgical Devices BranchTelba Irony, Ph.D.301-796-6044

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