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WHO Engagements

CBER’s global collaborations, especially our collaborations with the World Health Organization (WHO), are rooted in the understanding that protection of global public health against infectious disease threats leads to improved public health in the U.S.  The changing global realities have emphasized the need for FDA to collaborate through global partnerships in order to ensure that the products used within our own borders are of the highest quality. Improving global public health through international collaboration is a CBER strategic priority.

By providing scientific and regulatory advice to facilitate development of vaccines and other biological products, CBER contributes to the reduction and spread of infectious diseases globally.  Strengthening regulatory systems is the key to ensuring increased access to safe and effective biological products, and CBER plays an important leadership role in this effort.

The World Health Organization is an important international, strategic partner for CBER.  CBER supports WHO programs through a range of mechanisms.  CBER is a Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)/World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Center for Biological Standardization, contributing technical and regulatory expertise to advance development and implementation of WHO international standards. CBER serves as a National Regulatory Authority (NRA) of reference in WHO’s Vaccine Prequalification Program.  Additionally, CBER contributes to global regulatory systems strengthening activities of mutual interest through Cooperative Agreement awards to WHO.

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