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DNA Virus Vaccines and Vectors

Principal Investigator: Jerry P. Weir, PhD
Office / Division / Lab: OVRR / DVP / LDV

General Overview

The development of vaccines against viral diseases, such as smallpox, genital herpes, and avian influenza, is a high public health priority. However, in each case, there are issues associated with either safety or effectiveness of available vaccines or those under development for clinical use. To illustrate this point, a few examples: 1) the only licensed vaccine for smallpox is extremely effective, but its use is associated with rare, serious adverse events; 2) there are no licensed vaccines for genital herpes, a common sexually transmitted disease in the United States; and 3) development of effective vaccines for potential pandemic influenza viruses has been slowed by the difficulty in evaluating their efficacy because the number of people who contract this virus remains very low.

Developing safe and effective vaccines against high-priority viral diseases will require an understanding of how the immune system provides protection against such diseases and the development of tools to measure and evaluate vaccine immunogenicity.

This research program focuses on 1) identifying and evaluating viral antigens and vaccination strategies that are key to the development of protective immunity following vaccination; and 2) developing tools to measure and evaluate relevant biomarkers of vaccine immunogenicity.

Our laboratory is working to facilitate development and evaluation of pandemic influenza vaccines as part of the FDA effort in pandemic influenza preparedness. We are also working to identify and evaluate viral antigens and vaccination strategies that are important in the development of protective immunity against DNA viruses such as smallpox and genital herpes.

Both objectives are highly relevant to the CBER public health mission of regulating viral vaccines to ensure their safety and efficacy, and of facilitating development and evaluation of high priority vaccines that impact the public health.

Scientific Overview

The current research focus includes two major objectives: 1) to facilitate development and evaluation of pandemic influenza vaccines, and 2) to identify and evaluate viral antigens and vaccination strategies important for the development of protective immunity against DNA viruses. This research effort includes the development and evaluation of animal models, in vitro assays, and molecular tools necessary for such an evaluation. These studies will provide the tools and understanding necessary for evaluation of candidate vaccines. Major issues being addressed in the effort to facilitate evaluation of pandemic influenza vaccines include the development of new methods to prepare potency reagents, investigating vaccination strategies that can enhance protective immunity to pandemic influenza, development of new tools and methods for determination of potency and evaluation of vaccine responses, and the development of new methods for improving vaccine yields. Major issues being addressed in the effort to facilitate evaluation of DNA virus vaccines include determining the role of individual antigens in the protective response to smallpox vaccination and the development of new methods and assays to quantify the immune response to vaccination.


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