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Development of Safe and Effective Tumor Vaccines and Gene Therapy Products

Principal Investigator: Raj K. Puri, MD, PhD
Office / Division / Lab: OTAT / DCGT / TVBB

General Overview

Cancer is a very complex public health problem. According to American Cancer Society more than one million Americans are diagnosed with cancer each year and about half of these cancer patients die from this dreadful disease. Despite enormous efforts to find a cure, overall survival of cancer patients remains dismal and new therapeutic approaches are urgently needed. Recent advances in cancer immunotherapy has shown a remarkable potential to make cancer cure a reality.

Our laboratory is engaged in research in the areas of cancer vaccines, immunotherapy, cellular and gene therapy. We also investigate how advanced medical technologies such as genomics can contribute to the study and development of those products. Genomics is the study of the expression and function of thousands of different genes and microRNAs.

The issues raised by cancer vaccines as well as cellular and gene therapy products are extraordinarily complex, multifaceted, and subject to rapid change as the technology progresses. These therapies are rapidly evolving and continue to pose regulatory challenges to the FDA. Our laboratory is addressing some of these challenges by evaluating complex, emerging medical products and facilitating development of safe and effective therapies based on those products.

The FDA is reviewing numerous investigational cancer vaccines, immunotherapy and gene therapy products for investigational use. However, there are limited numbers of licensed products of this nature for clinical use. The main barriers to successful product development are a limited understanding of the biology of tumors, limited knowledge on unique targets on cancer and the lack of appropriate tests to determine unique characteristics, purity and potency of potential products. There is also a lack of reliable animal models that scientists can utilize to evaluate and predict the safety and efficacy of these promising products and methods to monitor meaningful tumor responses in patients. In addition, there is a severe paucity of biomarkers that can help in early diagnosis, predict prognosis and response to cancer therapy.

Our group is currently addressing these issues by developing in vitro and in vivo research programs to increase our understanding of how these products work in the body. Such knowledge will help FDA regulatory scientists conduct informed scientific evaluation of products, develop effective policies, and write documents that provide valuable guidance for industry in these areas. We will also be able to share this new knowledge by organizing workshops and providing education and outreach to numerous stakeholders. Altogether, our work will bring recognition and trust to FDA and its regulatory mission.

Scientific Overview

The overall aims of our research projects are to develop a better comprehension of tumor characteristics through identification and characterization of potential tumor-associated cell surface proteins. These surface proteins will aid in establishing the identity and potency of tumor vaccines (e.g., receptors for IL-13 and IL-4), and potentially lead to methods that link product characteristics with clinical outcome.

In addition, we are studying the mechanism of regulation of over-expressed receptors and tumor antigens and their involvement in other cellular or molecular pathways, such as ontogenesis and signal transduction. This work includes in vitro studies and in vivo animal models of human cancer to elucidate mechanisms of tumor invasion and metastasis that may facilitate identification of additional novel targets or biomarkers for detecting cancer and evaluating therapeutic responses. Furthermore, this work may benefit in the development of new release tests based on the discovery of new biomarkers for identity, potency, and stability for different types of cancer vaccines.

We have established various animal models including orthotopic models of human cancer that are used to evaluate the safety and efficacy of cancer vaccines, cell and gene therapy products. In addition, we are using genomics technology to identify characteristics of cellular cancer vaccines, stem cells and cell substrates used to manufacture cellular and gene therapy products. This technology identifies unique sets of genes that are highly differentially expressed, thus providing a molecular signature of tumors, stem cells, cancer stem cells, or blood cells. This high throughput approach will helps us identifying biomarkers for product characterization, patient safety, and surrogate markers of tumor response.

Our research studies are being conducted under two main projects:

Project 1. Cancer Vaccines and Immunotherapy

The following aims are studied under this project:

Aim 1. Identification, characterization, signaling through novel tumor antigens/receptors and targeting of these receptors for cancer therapy. These studies will potentially help in establishing the identity, purity and potency of cancer vaccines and cancer immunotherapy products. In addition, animal models of human cancer will help assessing safety and efficacy of tumor-targeted agents, cancer vaccines, and immunotherapy products as monotherapy or in combination therapy.

Aim 2. Development of safe and effective cancer vaccines including DNA plasmid or recombinant vaccinia viral vectors expressing human IL-13R2. In addition, molecular characterization of human immature and mature dendritic cells and identification of biomarker of antigen presentation when
pulsed with antigens/peptides as cancer vaccine.

Aim 3. Adoptive Immunotherapy of cancer using CAR-T or engineered TCR cells targeting IL-13 receptor alpha 2

Project 2. Application of Genomics technology: Characterization of Cell and Gene therapy and cancer vaccines products

The following aims are studied under this project:

Aim 1. Characterization of cell banks, cancer vaccines and stem cells by genomics technology to identify markers of purity, identity, potency and targets for therapy

Aim 2. Analysis of IL-4 receptors and IL-13 receptors as potential biomarkers of disease, prognosis and monitoring of tumor response by analyzing publically available The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) database.


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