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State, Local, Tribal, and Territorial Regulatory Partners

In support of our common public health mission, FDA's Office of Regulatory Affairs' Office of Training Education and Development (OTED) provides free training to state, local and tribal regulatory partners. This page contains information and instructions that will be very helpful to you as you begin your learning experience with OTED.

FY21 National Retail Food Program Training Schedule and Registration Process

OTED uses two Learning Management Systems (LMS) for its training programs:  ComplianceWire LMS and the Pathlore LMS. Pathlore was the original OTED LMS for delivering Classroom based training, and has recently been rolled out for participant access. With the new ability for State, Local and Tribal Regulatory Partners to access this LMS, OTED has also been adding newly developed online training to the LMS. ComplianceWire has historically been the LMS used for most of the online learning pre-requisites for the classroom training. Both systems require a separate username and Password.

If you already have log on information, you can access the courses using the links below:

Log into ComplianceWire

Log into Pathlore

If you need additional information about logging into either LMS, please click on one of the links below:

Request a ComplianceWire Account

ComplianceWire Login Instructions

Request a Pathlore Account

Pathlore Login Instructions

OTED is able to offer continuous learning with a combination of online courses and classroom training. We are an authorized provider of continuing education units (CEUs). FDA/ORA collaborates with its stakeholders and organizations such as the Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO) and the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) to develop suggested curricula to meet the training needs of our regulatory partners.

Our vision is for OTED to serve you as a source of training, as well as, a provider of certification.

OTED Online Courses

We presently offer over 100 web based courses. Topics include food and drug law, public health principles, communication skills, food microbiology, HACCP, foodborne illness investigations among others.

OTED online courses are competency-based with mastery quizzes contained within each module. Once you have completed a course, you can print a Certificate of Completion for your records. If applicable, CEUs are awarded.

These courses are made possible as a result of a partnership between FDA and a private learning development company, UL EduNeering, Inc.

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