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RE-Announcement - FREE Web Based Training For State, Local and Tribal Regulators

RE-Announcement - FREE Web Based Training For State, Local and Tribal Regulators

ACTION REQUESTED: Please circulate this re-announcement to all state, local and tribal officials engaged in the regulation of foods, drugs, and associated commodities AND encourage those officials to register for FREE web based training on "ORA U." NOTE: if you are already registered for ORA U web based training, you need not do anything additional.

BACKGROUND: The Food and Drug Administration's Division of Human Resource Development (DHRD), Office of Regulatory Affairs (ORA) continues its effort to expand "ORA U". Our ultimate vision for ORA U will be that it will serve as a one stop source for professional development for both FDA's field staff AND state ,local and tribal officials engaged in food and drug work. Our offerings will eventually include class room, web based and on-the-job training. We are developing suggested curricula (which we call certifications) covering officials engaged in regulation of retail foods, dairy products, manufactured foods (including seafood), shellfish, and animal feeds. We are collaborating with associations including the Association of Food and Drug Officials and the American Association of Feed Control Officials in these activities.

Over 3,000 state, local and tribal regulators are presently registered for ORA U. Up to this point we have been "spreading the word" via numerous presentations, newsletter articles and contact with state program managers. Now, via this re-announcement we are advising potential students of a new and easier mechanism to register via on-line registration.

ON-LINE REGISTRATION: If you are not yet registered for ORA U web based training, we invite you to do so by clicking on State Training Team Courses and Training Materials. You will find instructions there to self-register.

ABOUT OUR COURSES: We presently offer over 80 web based courses to state, local and tribal regulators. Topics include food and drug law, food microbiology, sanitation, HACCP, and investigation of foodborne illness. We will have materials from some of our national class room courses posted on our web site for sharing and use by others. We have draft curricula ready to be used while we seek additional comment from organizations and individuals. Some 40 additional web courses are in various stages of development. Standardized "courses in a box" to be used by associations and agencies in delivering on site class room courses are also in development.

NOTATION REGARDING AVAILABLITY OF WEB BASED COURSES: Please note the web based courses are developed via a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement between FDA and a private learning development company, EduNeering of Princeton New Jersey. The agreement provides for free web based courses to ONLY FDA, state, local and tribal officials engaged in the regulation of foods and drugs. Other governmental officials, industry, academia and the general public may access these courses for a fee by contacting EduNeering.

OTHER COMMENTS: This truly is a work in progress. While you are completing the courses already available we will continue our efforts to develop other courses. Questions, comments and suggestions regarding ORA U should be directed to the following email address: ORAU@ORA.FDA.GOV



Gary German, Director
Division of Human Resource Development
and ORA U
Office of Regulatory Affairs
Food and Drug Administration
US Department of Health and Human Services


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