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Performance Audit

ORA U Level I Retail Food Performance Audit

Posted: April 26, 2007

Purpose of the Performance Audit –
The Level I Retail Food Performance Audit is designed to ensure that State, Local and Tribal Food Safety Inspection Officers (FSIO) have the knowledge and skills necessary to demonstrate their ability to apply the competencies required during an actual inspection. The audit mechanism provides each candidate an opportunity to demonstrate his or her expertise by successfully conducting a thorough and comprehensive audit. As part of ORA U’s voluntary Retail Food Level I Curriculum, the performance audit “tool” may be used by those jurisdictions choosing to use this field process to assess an individual’s newly acquired knowledge, skills and abilities.

Audit Criteria
This lists the 10 elements the Auditor uses to assess the candidate during the audit process.

Guide to the Performance Audit Process
This guide provides the background leading up to the audit, purpose of the audit, candidate’s role, auditor’s role, food establishment selection criteria, implementation and scoring system, steps to the audit process, and question & answers.

Audit Failure Reference Guide
This Reference Guide is designed to help clarify the competencies covered by each element of the Audit Criteria. Please note; this is only a “Guide” and the listed examples are not all inclusive.

Forms that you may find helpful:

Audit Worksheet Form [Word , 37 kb]
This document is available to the Performance Auditor to record notes or observations made during the audit. Completed worksheets are not “official” documents and we suggest the worksheets not be provided to the candidate. We suggest a copy of the Audit Results Summary Form be provided to the candidate.

Audit Results Summary form [Word , 36 kb]
This form is used by the Auditor upon completion of the audit to record pass/fail of the audit.

Auditor Feedback Form [Word , 36 kb]
This form is completed by the Auditor and may be used to share information with his/her management concerning the audit process.

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