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FDA Employees

OTED uses two Learning Management Systems (LMS) for its training programs: ComplianceWire LMS and the Pathlore LMS. Pathlore was the original OTED LMS for delivering Classroom based training, and has recently been rolled out for participant access. With the recent ability for FDA employees to access this LMS, OTED has also been adding newly developed online training to the LMS. ComplianceWire has historically been the LMS used for most of the online learning pre-requisites for the classroom training. Both systems require a separate username and Password.

You do not have to be logged in to the FDA network to access web-based courses on ComplianceWire or Pathlore.

If you already have log on information, you can access the courses using the links below:

Log into ComplianceWire

Log into Pathlore

If you do not have log on information:

  • For Pathlore, all ORA employees automatically have an account, and the Login ID is your EASE ID. You can reset your password using the link above.
  • For ComplianceWire, Personnel in ORA Program Areas should contact your Program Training Officer (PTO).
  • For both LMS’s, all Center personnel should email their request to appsdesk@fda.hhs.gov
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