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Audit Criteria

Retail Food Level I Performance Audit Criteria For
State, Local & Tribal Food Safety Inspection Officers

Based on FDA’s Voluntary National Retail Food Program Standards
Standard 2, Trained Regulatory Staff

Posted: April 26, 2007

Demonstration of competency is required for each element for successful completion of the audit. Use the examples in the “Audit Failure Reference Guide” for assistance.

Part I General Inspection Practices

  1. Did the Food Safety Inspection Officer (FSIO) demonstrate the use of risk based inspection methodology to assess regulations related to practices essential to the safe storage, preparation and service of food, and obtain immediate corrective action for out of compliance practices?
  2. Did the FSIO demonstrate the use of necessary equipment and current applicable resource information?
  3. Did the FSIO demonstrate knowledge of good retail practices and other applicable statutes, regulations and ordinances?

Part II Sample Collection and Evidence Development

  1. Did the inspector demonstrate an ability to properly collect evidence as applicable in order to document violations and support potential regulatory actions?

Part III Oral Communication

  1. Did the FSIO demonstrate an ability to clearly and adequately engage in dialogue with the person in charge/employees to obtain information relevant to the inspection?
  2. Did the FSIO demonstrate an ability to communicate deficiencies and corrective actions with responsible persons?
  3. Did the FSIO respond appropriately to relevant questions and comments?

Part IV Written Communication

  1. Did the FSIO properly complete appropriate inspection forms?
  2. Did the FSIO present all proper forms to the appropriate person(s)?

Part V Professionalism

  1. Did the FSIO demonstrate the following attributes?
    1. open-mindedness
    2. ethical behavior
    3. diplomacy
    4. tactfulness
    5. consideration
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