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VCU TCORS: Evaluating Flavors in Novel Tobacco Products: A Transdisciplinary Approach

Principal Investigator: Thomas Eissenberg

Funding Mechanism:  National Institutes of Health - Grant

ID number: 3 P50 DA036105-02S1

Award Date: 1/22/2015

Institution: Virginia Commonwealth University

A model for predicting the harm or risk associated with potential modified risk tobacco products (tobacco products marketed with the claim that they reduce harm or risk associated with conventional products) is needed. This project, conducted by the Center for the Study of Tobacco Products (CSTP) at Virginia Commonwealth University, will extend CSTP’s evaluation model to examine the effects of tobacco product flavors and nicotine content on measures related to initiation and subsequent use in young adults. Specifically, the goal of this project is to evaluate the influence of e-cigarette flavor and nicotine content on user perceptions and measures of abuse liability. In one study, investigators will characterize the perceived effects of e-cigarette flavors by analyzing data gathered from 45 young adult e-cigarette users (ages 18-21) who report a history or preference for flavored (tobacco/menthol, fruit, and food/dessert) e-liquids; investigators will also examine the influence of preferred e-cigarette nicotine content. In a second study, investigators will examine the individual and combined effects of e-cigarette flavors and nicotine content on subjective measures of abuse liability among 28 young adult conventional tobacco cigarette smokers (ages 18-21). Results from the first study will inform the choice of specific flavors to be tested in the second study. Study findings may inform regulatory activities related to flavorings and nicotine content in e-cigarettes and other tobacco products.

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