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VCU Center for the Study of Tobacco Products

Principal Investigator: Thomas Eissenberg / Robert Balster

Funding Mechanism: National Institutes of Health - TCORS Grant

ID number: 1P50DA036105-01

Award Date: 9/30/2013

Institution: Virginia Commonwealth University

The Center will create an integrated, iterative modified risk tobacco product evaluation model that incorporates analytic laboratory methods, toxicant exposure, abuse liability testing using human laboratory methods, longer-term effects using randomized control trial methods, and studies of attitudes, beliefs, and perceived effects using quantitative and qualitative methods to inform tobacco product regulation across all product types (combustible, oral, or vapor). The first product category to be studied will be e-cigarettes. Project 1 will examine factors (e.g., design features, topography, unorthodox use behaviors) that influence e-cigarette nicotine and toxicant yield.  Project 2 will determine the use behaviors, effects, and toxicant exposure associated with e-cigarette use and abuse liability. Project 3 will characterize the effects of real-world e-cigarette use in the natural environment via a randomized controlled trial. Project 4 will study user attitudes, beliefs, and perceived effects of e-cigarettes using qualitative and quantitative methods, and examine unorthodox e-cigarette use behaviors.

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