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User Exposure to Toxicants from Vaporized Nicotine Products

Principal Investigator(s): K. Michael Cummings, Geoffrey T. Fong
Funding Mechanism: Intra-Departmental Delegation of Authority

ID number: 3P01CA200512-03S1

Award Date: 6/14/2018

Institution: Medical University of South Carolina

This study supplements the research objectives of a parent grant entitled, “Evaluating How Tobacco Control Policies are Shaping the Nicotine Delivery Market (P01CA200512).” In this supplemental study, researchers will evaluate the relative exposure profile of nicotine metabolites and tobacco-related carcinogens in ex-smokers using heated tobacco products (HTPs) products compared with ex-smokers using e-cigarettes, cigarette-only smokers, and never nicotine users. Using a web panel recruitment and mail-based urine sample collection strategy, researchers will examine attitudes, behaviors, and exposures in users and nonusers of HTPs and other tobacco products, including dual users of cigarettes and HTPs and/or e-cigarettes in Japan and Canada. Findings may inform future regulatory activities related to HTPs and other tobacco products. 

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