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Tobacco Use Outcome Equalities and Tobacco Marketing Features

Principal Investigator:  Meghan B. Moran

Funding Mechanism: National Institutes of Health – Grant

ID number: 3K01DA037903-03S1

Award Date:  8/9/2016

Institution: Johns Hopkins University

Certain tobacco marketing features (e.g., colors, descriptors, branding, marketing claims) may appeal to specific ethnic groups and thus may result in tobacco use outcome inequalities. The aims of this study supplement are: (1) to describe key features of tobacco marketing that could contribute to these inequalities, and (2) to identify the features associated with liking and recall of advertisements. Researchers will content code tobacco marketing images and show those images to an ethnically diverse sample of 2,000 youths (12-17 years old) and 2,000 young adults (18-24 years old) who will be recruited using Facebook and Instagram. To achieve Aim 1, tobacco ads from 2016 will be content coded for key marketing tactics. To achieve Aim 2, participants will take an online survey in which they will be shown a random sample of 20 ads and asked whether they recalled seeing the ad in the past 12 months and whether they liked the ad. Researchers will use these data to calculate “recalled” and “liked” ratings for each ad, and will compare features to the ad features coded in the content analysis. Ultimately, the marketing features identified through this project will be integrated into future experimental studies to assess how they affect consumers’ cognitive and affective responses. This work will allow the key features of the ads most recalled and most liked by different ethnic groups to be identified.

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