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Tobacco Consumer Studies (TCS) Panel: Brands and Purchasing Behaviors

Principal Investigators: Susan Kinsey and Sherry Liu

Funding Mechanism: Research Contract

ID number: HHSF223201510002B

Award Date: 9/29/2017

Institution: Research Triangle Institute, International

FDA-CTP has established the National Panel of Tobacco Consumer Studies (TCS), a high-quality national panel of approximately 4,000 adult tobacco users. Panel members have the opportunity to participate in up to eight studies over a three-year period that will assess consumers’ responses to tobacco marketing, warning statements, product labels, and other communications about tobacco products. The purpose of this study, “Brands and Purchasing Behaviors,” is to describe brand preferences of cigarette, cigar, and smokeless tobacco users; examine factors associated with brand loyalty; and assess purchasing patterns and consumption. Panel members will be invited to participate in the study by completing a questionnaire on the Web using their personal devices or a loaned tablet or via mail. The questionnaire includes questions about the frequency and intensity of cigarette, cigar, and smokeless tobacco use. Current users of cigarette, cigar, and/or smokeless tobacco are asked about their usual brand; reasons for using their usual brand or for trying other brands; use of promotions such as coupons and in-store promotions; where they purchase tobacco products; and how many they purchased in the past 30 days. Study findings will provide new information about tobacco product purchasing behavior.


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