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Systematic Identification of Cardiotoxic E-Cigarette Flavorants

Principal Investigators: Alex Carll and Matthew Nystoriak
Funding Mechanism: National Institutes of Health - Grant
ID Number: 1R01HL163818-01
Award Date: 4/15/2022
Institution: University of Louisville

The goal of this study is to examine how individual flavorants in e-cigarettes modify the effects of e-cigarette aerosol exposures on the electrical activities of the heart (i.e., cardiac electrophysiology), leading to heart arrhythmias and functional remodeling. Researchers will identify short-term and long-term effects of flavorant exposure on cardiac electrophysiology in mice by using various state-of-the-art analytical approaches. Study aims are: (1) to identify the short-term effects of flavored e-cigarette aerosol inhalation on cardiac electrophysiology; (2) to examine the direct impact of flavorants on cardiac electrophysiology by examining cardiac myocyte function; and (3) to clarify the impacts of individual flavorants on the short- and long-term impacts of e-cigarette aerosol exposures on cardiac electrophysiology, structure, and function. This study will provide new data on the cardiac toxicity of e-cigarette flavorants.

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