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Studies Using the Tobacco Consumer Studies Panel - Topical Study B

Principal Investigator(s): Caryn Nagler
Funding Mechanism: Research Contract

ID number: HHSF223201510002B

Award Date: 9/17/2018

Institution: Research Triangle Institute International

This study is part of a larger contract to conduct a series of studies using the Tobacco Consumer Studies (TCS) Panel to research consumer reactions to tobacco-related information/communications and perceptions of tobacco products and their association with product use, intention, and behaviors; and consumer reactions (such as purchasing behaviors) to anticipated or actual changes in tobacco product availability and in tobacco product constituents. This study focuses specifically on free samples of tobacco products and tobacco product coupons participants may have received, how they received them, and where they redeemed them for tobacco products. The full TCS panel of approximately 4,000 tobacco users will be invited to take part in this study via web or mail. Researchers will conduct analyses to assess the prevalence of coupon and free sample receipt and use as well as details surrounding the receipt and use context (e.g., demographics, product type/brands, locations). Further analyses may explore the relationships between receipt of free samples/coupons and use behaviors, quit intentions, and harm perceptions. 

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