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Social Normative Conditions and the Diffusion of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems

Principal Investigator: Craig Trumbo 

Funding Mechanism: National Institutes of Health- Grant

ID number: 1 R03 DA033578-01

Award Date: 9/15/2012

Institution: Colorado State University Fort Collins

Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) deliver nicotine through the vaporization of a liquid; they are becoming more commonly used in public spaces where tobacco smoking is otherwise prohibited. The purpose of this study is to provide insight into how e-cigarettes may affect the social norms for tobacco use among young adults, who are increasingly targeted in e-cigarette marketing efforts. The investigators will interview a random sample of young adults (400 students and 400 non-students aged 18-24) to examine the knowledge, acceptability, use, and potential uptake of e-cigarettes, as well as how they learned about e-cigarettes, how they associate or integrate e-cigarette use with other tobacco use behaviors, and whether they perceive e-cigarettes as an innovation. Study aims are: (1) to assess the degree to which young adults have become aware of and are using e-cigarettes; (2) to evaluate attitudes toward the use of e-cigarettes in public spaces, compared to attitudes toward tobacco smoking in public spaces; and (3) to assess the potential for more widespread uptake of e-cigarettes. The study will produce new information about how young people react to the introduction of a new nicotine delivery mode, and may inform the development of regulations related to nicotine-containing products.

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