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Sandia Modeling Project

Principal Investigator: Nancy Brodsky and Antonio Paredes

Funding Mechanism: Interagency Agreement

ID number: 224-10-9011

Award Date: 5/31/2010

Institution: DOE/NNSA/SFO Sandia National Laboratories

This project – resulting from an Interagency Agreement between the FDA Center for Tobacco Products (CTP) and the Department of Energy/Sandia National Laboratories – involves the development of models to help understand the potential impact of various policies and other activities (such as public health campaigns) on tobacco-related disease and death in the United States. Several models are being developed to examine: (1) the short-term impact of policy actions on tobacco-related knowledge, attitudes, perceptions, and behavior; and (2) the long-term impact of changes in tobacco use behavior on prevalence, morbidity, and mortality in the U.S. population. These models may be used to help CTP prioritize policy options and identify potential synergies to reduce tobacco-related disease and death as quickly and sharply as possible.

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