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Preliminary Study for Whole Smoke Acute Exposure in Lung Cells

Principal Investigator: Xi Yang and Arianne Motter

Funding Mechanism:  Internal FDA

ID number: E07553.01

Award Date: 8/20/2014

Institution: National Center for Toxicological Research (NCTR)

Tobacco use can cause toxic damage to cells that can be identified by in vitro models. Using these models in conjunction with "omics" technologies may lead to the identification of biomarkers of harm associated with tobacco product use. The goals of this study are: (1) to test smoking machine performance using Kentucky reference cigarettes that are smoked under different smoking conditions, and (2) to develop an exposure model using human bronchial epithelial cells. A general cell toxicity test (lactate dehydrogenase release) will be used to assess the adverse effects caused by whole tobacco smoke at different concentrations and over time. Researchers will measure total particulate matter, total carbon monoxide, and nicotine yield of Kentucky reference cigarettes. Study results may be used to design subsequent "omics" studies.

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