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Predictors of Smokeless Tobacco and Dual Use in the U.S. Military

Principal Investigator: Robert Klesges

Funding Mechanism: National Institutes of Health- Grant

ID number: D 3 R01 DA036510-05S1

Award Date: 9/1/2012

Institution: University of Tennessee Health Science Center

Prevalence rates for cigarette smoking and smokeless tobacco use are far greater in the U.S. military than in the civilian population. The goal of this study is to expand an ongoing longitudinal survey of cigarette smoking, smokeless tobacco use and dual use in 30,000 Air Force Airmen by recruiting a new cohort of 12,000; the investigators will also expand the existing survey by developing new questions to more fully characterize new and emerging product use. Study aims are: (1) to determine baseline and follow-up prevalence and predictors of use of smokeless products (i.e., snus and dissolvable orbs, sticks, and strips), electronic nicotine delivery devices, hookah tobacco, and roll-your-own cigarettes; (2) to determine perceptions of health benefits and harm reduction of these products relative to cigarettes; (3) to evaluate the natural history of behaviors related to harm reduction (e.g., quitting cigarette smoking by using a new and emerging product) and harm escalation (e.g., transitioning from nonsmoker to smoker); and (4) to assess the communication channels military personnel use to receive information and communicate about tobacco and related health issues. This project will provide comprehensive data on the changing prevalence and predictors of new and emerging tobacco product use by U.S. military members.

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