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Predicting Consumer Interest in Using a Very Low Nicotine Cigarette

Principal Investigator: K. Michael Cummings

Funding Mechanism: National Institutes of Health- Grant

ID number: 3P01CA138389-06S2

Award Date: 9/19/2013

Institution: Medical University of South Carolina

While there are many published studies evaluating the use of very low nicotine content (VLNC) cigarettes as a cessation method, only a handful of studies have attempted to assess consumer interest and initial response to the commercial marketing of a VLNC cigarette. The specific aims of this study, which supplements a larger project examining the effectiveness of tobacco control policies in high versus low income countries, are: 1) to monitor the marketing (distribution channels and sales) and marketing claims for a new VLNC cigarette (Dutch Magic), which will be introduced into the marketplace in the Netherlands in August/September 2013; and 2) to conduct a consumer marketing study to assess interest and uptake of the product over a six-month period. The study includes three data collection elements: 1) a web-based prospective cohort survey of 2000 smokers and 1000 non-smokers designed to measure exposure, awareness, interest, and use of Dutch Magic tobacco products; 2) a conjoint experimental study to test how consumer interest in trying Dutch Magic is shaped by various product attributes and claims (i.e., style of product, nicotine levels, marketing claims, price); and 3) an environmental scan to track the marketing of Dutch Magic along with some limited product testing to compare Dutch Magic to other popular tobacco brands. This research will provide insight into how tobacco control policies and product marketing can influence tobacco use behaviors.

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