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OSU TCORS: Diversity of Tobacco Products Used and Purchased

Principal Investigator: Mary Ellen Wewers

Funding Mechanism: National Institutes of Health- TCORS Grant

ID number: 1P50CA180908-01

Award Date: 9/19/2013

Institution: Ohio State University

Dual use of cigarettes and smokeless tobacco (ST) products is becoming more common. However, stable estimates of dual use prevalence are difficult to ascertain, as studies have used differing operational definitions (i.e., frequency of use and type of tobacco product) to describe behavior. This project involves a longitudinal characterization of diverse product preferences among a cohort of 796 Ohio adults (aged 18 and older) who are exclusive smokers (using cigarettes, little cigars, and/or cigarillos), exclusive ST users (using chew, snuff, and/or snus), and dual users at baseline; participants will be interviewed at baseline and every six months over a three-year period. Specific aims are: 1) to compare tobacco product use (i.e. combustible, ST, new and emerging products) between rural and urban adults who are smokers, ST users, and dual tobacco users at baseline; 2) to compare associations between product use and various factors, including individual factors (i.e. dependence, previous quit attempts, stage of change, cessation interest/efficacy, household smoking, home and work indoor air policies), cognitive and affective factors (i.e., risk perceptions, risk-reduction beliefs), and purchasing factors (brand loyalty, price promotions); and 3) to determine the association between purchasing factors (i.e., exposure to coupons, multi-pack specials, special discounts at point-of-sale tobacco retail outlets, and brand loyalty) and product use among subsets of rural and urban users. This project will provide information about the prevalence of cigarette use, ST use and dual use in adults and the individual and environmental factors associated with product use.

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