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Influence of Advertising and Product Type on E-Cigarette Demand among Smokers

Principal Investigator: Richard O'Connor

Funding Mechanism: National Institutes of Health- Grant

ID number: 1R21DA036476-01

Award Date: 9/30/2013

Institution: Roswell Park Cancer Institute

Some new and emerging tobacco products may be less harmful than cigarettes, but research is needed to examine the extent to which broader adoption of these products could impact the public health. In this project, investigators will use an experimental auction method to study willingness to pay for various e-cigarette products that offer different features and costs. Investigators will assess which smokers may be more likely to purchase reusable versus disposable e-cigarettes and how print and television advertising impacts each of these preferences. Investigators will follow auction participants for up to six months to examine whether they continue to independently purchase and use the products obtained in the auction and the extent of dual use with or substitution for cigarettes. Specific aims are: (1) to examine the influence of product composition and print and television advertising on willingness to pay for e-cigarettes and cigarettes in the context of an experimental auction; and (2) to examine the extent to which e-cigarettes obtained in the auction are used as a supplement to or substitute for cigarettes. This project will provide new information regarding the factors affecting consumer demand for e-cigarettes and will offer important insights into the adoption process underlying product switching.

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