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Impact of Novel Heat-not-Burn Cigarettes on Pulmonary Inflammation and Immunity

Principal Investigator(s): Yasmin Thanavala

Funding Mechanism: NIH Grant

ID number: 1R01HL142511-01A1

Award Date: May 17, 2019

Institution: Roswell Park Cancer Institute Corp

More information about the impact of heat-not-burn (HnB) aerosols generated from a product called IQOS on pulmonary inflammation and immunity to pathogens that cause respiratory diseases would be useful. The goal of this project is to determine whether HnB aerosol inhalation results in pulmonary damage and suppresses the immune response to respiratory infection and vaccination. Researchers will compare the potential effects of HnB aerosol inhalation exposure to effects caused by cigarette smoke and e-cigarette aerosols in both male and female mice. Study aims are: (1) to evaluate whether chronic inhalation exposure to HnB aerosol has the potential to cause lung inflammation and prompt changes in inflammatory cell numbers and cytokine levels in the lung, thereby altering the innate immune response; (2) to evaluate whether chronic inhalation of HnB aerosol creates an environment in the lungs that has the potential to impair adaptive immune responses to a vaccine and reduce the ability to overcome infection in the lung; and (3) to evaluate whether transition to HnB use following tobacco smoke exposure hinders the reduction in pulmonary inflammation and immune suppression that could be achieved by true cessation. Findings will provide new insights on the health risks of HnB products.

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