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Hispanic and Latino Youth and Tobacco Use: Foundational Research

Principal Investigator: Everly Marcario and Emily Sanders

Funding Mechanism: Contract

ID number: 75F40120A00002

Award Date: 7/27/2020

Institution: IQ Solutions

The goal of this research effort is to guide CTP audience segmentation and communications strategies to inform evidence-based decisions about communications activities designed to prevent initiation of tobacco use among Hispanic/Latino youth and young adults. The research includes three tasks: (1) a comprehensive literature review and environmental scan, (2) secondary data analysis and audience segmentation, and (3) primary data collection among high-risk audiences. The scope and approach of the primary data collection will be informed by the first two phases and will include at least one round of qualitative data collection (e.g., focus group discussions) and may also include quantitative data collection/survey research; the number of subjects and age ranges have yet to be determined. This research will inform future CTP communications activities that are targeted toward Hispanic/Latino youth.

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