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Health Effects of Adolescent Waterpipe Smoking With & Without Cigarette Smoking

Principal Investigator: Virginia Rice

Funding Mechanism: National Institutes of Health - Grant

ID Number: 1 R15 DA032822-01

Award Date: 8/15/2012

Institution: Wayne State University

The use of waterpipe is growing across the U.S. The goal of this study is to identify the respiratory health effects of waterpipe smoking in 684 waterpipe smokers aged 18-21. Specific aims are: (1) to evaluate the effects of waterpipe smoking on air capacity measures of lung function; and (2) to compare and contrast the patterns, predictors, and health consequences of waterpipe smoking with and without cigarette smoking and with never smoking. Participants will be classified into four groups -- cigarette-only smokers, waterpipe-only smokers, cigarette and waterpipe smokers (dual users), and nonsmokers. There will be a minimum of 100 participants in each of the three tobacco use groups and 300 in the nonsmoking group. Researchers will compare gender, ethnicity, education, and smoking history across groups. In addition, researchers will analyze the effects of smoking status on each of the spirometry outcomes (FEV1, FVC, FEV1/FVC, FEV25-75), and will determine the effects of cigarette smoking, waterpipe use, and dual use.  Participants will also provide information about coughing and health problems (wheezing, difficulty breathing, exercise, and ability to exercise without shortness of breath). Findings may inform regulatory activities related to waterpipe use. (Project completed in 2015.)


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