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GSU TCORS: Testing Tobacco Ad Restrictions and Counterads in a 3D Virtual Retail Store

Principal Investigator: Matthew Farrelly

Funding Mechanism: National Institutes of Health- TCORS Grant

ID number: 1P50DA036128-01

Award Date: 9/30/2013

Institution: RTI International

Exposure to point-of-sale (POS) cigarette advertising and promotions is associated with youth smoking experimentation, progression to regular smoking, unplanned tobacco purchases, and urges to smoke. This project will use a previously-developed virtual convenience store to compare policy options to curb and counter the influence of POS cigarette advertising and pack displays as well as increased visibility of other products such as electronic cigarettes. Studies will be conducted with youth (aged 13-17) current smokers and nonsmokers susceptible to smoking and adult (aged 18 and older) current smokers and recent quitters. Specific aims are: (1) to develop and pilot test virtual store conditions with POS tobacco advertising/product display restrictions, graphic health warnings, and product mix changes using 3D gaming software and eye tracking technology; and (2) to conduct randomized controlled experiments to test the impact of policy options to regulate POS tobacco ads and displays, promotions, graphic health warning signs, and product mix on purchase attempts, urges to smoke, and quit intentions. This study will provide policy-relevant data on the potential impact of restricting and countering tobacco marketing efforts at the POS on youth and adult smoking outcomes.

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