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Evaluation of the Fresh Empire Campaign on Tobacco (EFECT)

Principal Investigator: Leah Hoffman and Matthew Farrelly

Funding Mechanism: Research contract

ID Number: HHSF223201310001B

Award Date: 6/13/2013

Institution: RTI International

In order to assess FDA’s efforts to reduce and prevent youth tobacco use, CTP will conduct an evaluation of “Fresh Empire,” a multi-strategy public education campaign to reduce tobacco use among multicultural youth ages 12-17.  The target audience is youth who are: at risk for smoking cigarettes; are influenced by the hip hop peer crowd; and are predominantly non-Hispanic African American, Hispanic, non-Hispanic Asian/Pacific Islander, and/or multiracial. The specific aims are to evaluate the effectiveness of “Fresh Empire” in affecting specific cognitive outcomes related to tobacco use that are addressed by the campaign.  The study consists of six surveys, which can be taken online or in person: a baseline survey conducted prior to campaign launch, followed by five cross-sectional surveys with an embedded longitudinal cohort. Surveys will be conducted in campaign and control cities over the three years of the campaign. The results of the study will inform the development and enhancement of this and other tobacco public education campaigns targeting at-risk multicultural youth.

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