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The Effects of IQOS Use on Cigarette Smoking Behavior

Principal Investigator: Janet Audrain-McGovern
Funding Mechanism: National Institutes of Health - Grant
ID Number: 1R01CA260448-01
Award Date: 5/27/2021
Institution: University of Pennsylvania 

In 2019, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized the sale of IQOS, and more data on the impact of IQOS use on cigarette smoking behaviors would be useful. This study addresses two aims: (1) to evaluate the effects of IQOS use on cigarette smoking behaviors; and (2) to examine which subjective and objective effects of IQOS predict cigarette smoking. Researchers will recruit 100 combustible cigarette smokers ages (18-65) to a 21-day study. Baseline smoking rate will be established during days 1-5. After overnight cigarette smoking abstinence, laboratory visits on days 6 and 7 will assess IQOS-associated craving relief, withdrawal relief, risk perceptions, subjective reward, and the reinforcing value of IQOS relative to combustible cigarettes. Participants will switch from cigarette smoking to IQOS use for the following 14 days (days 8-21). Participants will collect their spent cigarette filters and their used IQOS HeatSticks daily to enable researchers to assess consumption of cigarettes and tobacco sticks per day. The primary outcome is the daily count of cigarettes from baseline to day 21, and the secondary outcome is changes in motivation to quit smoking from baseline to day 21. Findings may inform future regulatory activities related to heated tobacco products. 

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