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Chemistry and Design of Cigars and Related Products

Principal Investigator: Clifford Watson and Kenneth Taylor

Funding Mechanism: Interagency Agreement

ID number:  224-10-9022

Award Date: 7/8/2016

Institution: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Cigars are combusted tobacco products with filler, binder and wrapper all made from tobacco.  Compared to cigarettes, less information exists on the chemistry of cigar filler and smoke.  Cigars differ from cigarettes in tobacco type, tobacco processing and curing, product design, and manufacturing, all of which may cause them to have different chemical properties than cigarettes.  The goal of this research project is to survey the chemical and physical characteristics of cigars of different types and compare them with cigarettes.  Laboratory analyses will include the measurement of specific harmful and potentially harmful constituents (HPHCs) and other tobacco-related compounds in cigar tobacco filler, cigar smoke, cigarette tobacco filler, and cigarette smoke, using quantitative analytical methods and appropriate smoking regimens.  Findings will help inform how cigars may be distinguished from cigarettes and whether they present different public health impact concerns.


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