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Fresh Empire: Sample Social Media Content

Fresh Empire: Sample Social Media Content

Here are some sample tweets and Facebook posts you can use to help us promote the “Fresh Empire” campaign on social media. Questions about how else you can get involved with the campaign?

Email tobaccocampaigns@fda.hhs.gov

  • Learn more about the FDA's multicultural youth tobacco prevention campaign. www.fda.gov/tobaccocampaigns. #TobaccoFreeYouth
  • .@FDATobacco  launched its 1st multicultural public education campaign to address youth tobacco use: www.fda.gov/tobaccocampaigns. #TobaccoFreeYouth  
  • FDA’s “Fresh Empire” campaign uses an innovative approach to prevent tobacco use among multicultural youth www.fda.gov/tobaccocampaigns
  • FDA’s new campaign aims to prevent tobacco use among multicultural youth including African American & Hispanic www.fda.gov/tobaccocampaigns
  • FDA’s “Fresh Empire” campaign targets youth who identify with hip-hop culture & are at risk for tobacco use. www.fda.gov/tobaccocampaigns #TobaccoFreeYouth
  • Nearly 5 million multicultural youth are open to smoking or are experimenting with cigarettes. Learn about FDA’s tobacco prevention campaigns.1   www.fda.gov/tobaccocampaigns #TobaccoFreeYouth
  • Learn how @FDATobacco multicultural youth tobacco prevention campaign connects with teens. www.fda.gov/tobaccocampaigns #TobaccoFreeYouth
  • FDA’s “Fresh Empire” campaign promotes a tobacco-free lifestyle for multicultural youth. www.fda.gov/tobaccocampaigns #TobaccoFreeYouth

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