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Gender Studies in Product Development: Acknowledgments

We would like to express our gratitude to the planners of the Gender Studies in Product Development: Scientific Issues and Approaches Workshop including: Dr. Elaine Esber, Ms. Mary Gross, Dr. Tom Ludden, Dr. Stella Machado, Ms. Theresa McGovern, Dr. Kimber Richter, Dr. Linda Sherman, Dr. Sol Sobel, Dr. Deborah Smith, Ms. Terry Toigo and Dr. Laura Kragie. Some of the core planning group also participated in the workshop as speakers or panelists including: Dr. Elaine Esber, Dr. Kimber Richter, Dr. Laura Kragie, Dr. Stella Machado, Ms. Terry McGovern, Dr. Sol Sobel, and Dr. Carol Trapnell.

We would also like to acknowledge speakers who participated in the workshop, including Dr. David A. Kessler, Dr. Ruth Merkatz, Dr. Janet Woodcock, Dr. Roger Williams, Dr. Robert J. Temple, Dr. Eugene G. Hayunga, Dr. Janice K. Bush, and Dr. Jeanne DeJoseph. Other workshop speakers whose contributions should be acknowledged include Dr. Janice B. Schwartz, Dr. Mei-Ling Chen, Dr. Raymond B. Woosley, Dr. Lewis B. Sheiner, Dr. Edward E. Wallach, Dr. David A. Flockhart, Dr. Paresh Dandona, Dr. Jean Hamilton, Dr. Scott Lucas, Dr. Richard Simon, Dr. Robert O'Neill, Dr. Jean-Louis Steimer, Ms. Sarah Kogut and Dr. Julie Swain. Our thanks also to the panelists at the workshop: Dr. Joy Cavagnaro, Dr. Neal Cutler, Dr. Victoria Hale and Dr. Louis Cantilena. Special recognition is given to panel moderators: Dr. Alan Sedman, Dr. Jean R Rowan and Dr. Murray Lumpkin. All of those mentioned previously also contributed greatly to this summary of the workshop. Special mention should also be given to Dr. Shiew Mei Huang, Dr. Mei-Ling Chen, Dr. Stella Machado, Ms. Bonnie Malkin and Dr. Robert Temple for special contributions made to the executive summary.

We would like to give special recognition of Ms. Claudette Bain who unfortunately died from AIDS complications earlier this year. Ms. Bain offered a stirring first-hand account from the patient's point of view that added much to the workshop discussion and her courage will long be remembered.

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