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About the FVM Research Impact Work Group

Effective March 31, 2019, FDA will begin operational implementation of an agency reorganization. FDA’s reorganization reflects the agency’s commitment to modernizing its structure to advance its mission to protect and promote public health, and to meet the challenges of rapid innovation across the industries regulated by FDA. The FDA’s reorganization will realign several entities across the agency to promote strategic priorities, and will elevate the role of the centers, offices and field forces.

This organization chart reflects the new structure under which FDA will operate.

On this page:

A research impact workgroup (RIWG) was formed in October 2014 to address the concept of research impact within the FVM Science and Research Program and to highlight high impact success stories.

Membership of the RIWG is comprised of an Office of Foods and Veterinary Medicine (OFVM) Science and Research Team Chair and team members from each Center or Agency office represented on the SRSC, namely CFSAN, CVM, ORA, and OFVM.

Under the authority of the SRSC, the RIWG serves to:

  • Identify what research impact means to all stakeholders in the regulatory research pipeline within the FVM setting and clearly articulate the purpose and benefits of looking at research impact for a variety of internal and external stakeholders;
  • Create a systematic approach and/or methodology to characterize, demonstrate and communicate the scope, intended and unintended impacts on internal and external stakeholders of FVM regulatory research, and
  • Perform annual retrospective analyses and reporting on research initiatives to understand impact and strategic alignment to identify strategies to enhance the public health impact of FVM scientific research.

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What is Research Impact?

A diagram showing the five domains within the research impact framework: Advancing Regulatory Science, Disseminating Scientific Knowledge, Informing Regulatory Decision Making, Catalyzing Action, and Advancing Public Health.

The above graphic represents a working framework that was developed to define research impact within a regulatory setting. There are five domains within the framework, and each domain has three to eight metrics (potential indicators) of impact. The framework is intended to outline all potential outcomes and impacts of regulatory research, so not all research studies will demonstrate impact across all domains and metrics. While there tends to be a chronological progression of impact across domains, impact can be realized at different time points after a study is complete.

Domain Potential Indicators
Advanced Regulatory Science -Alignment with defined knowledge gap
-Alignment with regulatory priorities
-Adoption for the use in the field
Disseminating Scientific Knowledge -Scientific publications
-Impact factor of journals
-Citations in scientific publications
-Citations in grey literature
-Presentations at trade meetings
-Presentations at academic conferences
-Incorporation into training or educational curriculum
-Media coverage
Informing Regulatory Decision-Making

-Informing Regulatory Decision-Making
-Development or change in surveillance strategies
-Development or change in guidelines or regulations
-Development or change in compliance and enforcement strategies
-Development or change in inspection and sampling strategies
-Development or change in external communication strategies
-Policy decisions

Catalyzing Action -Adoption and adaptation of research findings by government
-Adoption and adaptation of research findings by industry
-Technology transfer from FDA to stakeholder groups
-Use of research findings in advocacy initiatives
-Subject of professional society meeting
-Creating or reorienting partnerships
-Removal of hazardous commodity from the marketplace
Advancing Public Health -Reduction in exposure time to hazardous commodities
-Reduced frequency and severity of outbreak events
-Improvements in consumer understanding of FVM-regulated products
-Reduced economic burden of illness attributable to FVM-regulated products
-Reduced morbidity and mortality attributable to FVM-regulated products

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Work Group Publicatons

Foods and Veterinary Medicine Research Impact: Advancing Public Health Through Regulatory Science
The FVM Research Impact Work Group

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Resources for More Information on Research Impact

For more information on the background literature that the impact workgroup used to inform the framework and other resources:

  • Banzi, R., Moja, L., Pistotti, V., Facchini, A., & Liberati, A. (2011). Conceptual frameworks and empirical approaches used to assess the impact of health research: an overview of reviews. Health Res Policy Syst, 9(1), 26.
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, E.coli
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Science Impact Project
  • NACMCF. 2016. Response to the questions posed by the Food Safety and Inspection Service, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Marine Fisheries Service, and the Defense Health Agency, Veterinary Services activity regarding control strategies for reduction foodborne norovirus infections. JFP 79: 843-889
  • Check out our presentation and the success stories we highlighted from the 5th Annual FDA foods and Veterinary Medicine Conference in August, 2015!

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